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Hi... Life is good here in Guat. Im restoring computers and helping the kids with their homework... Sorry to cut it so short but the internet is about to close,,, I would write a good entry very soon when I am off for 8 days!... read more

I can{t talk much or post my new pics and vids yet but I will on saturday........ read more

From time to time some doctors will plan visits to do checks on all the kids from the orphanage and anyone from the surrounding jungle villages or Aldeas. So when Xavier the volunteer doctor heard that a dentist and a dermotologist were coming he planned a trip into the jungle to tell some people from the Aldeas to come visit for various skin and mouth problems he knew of. He asked me if I wanted to join him so we set out at 8am on a warm monday morning, passing through Aldea Rio Frio at about 9am, at the base of the mountain and Rio Frio (the cold river). We started up the mountain following a dirt road that was made for access to a petrol line and a pumping station, and missing our turn off ... read more
A Road that ran Part of the Way to Nuevo Rio Frio
View from the Top of the Mountain
The Jungle Path

Recently, various cousins from both Steve and my families came down to give us a visit. We had invited as many kids as were able to make it, and 5 came in all; four from my family's side (Courtny, Grahm, Heather and Hannah) and one from Steve's side (Heather, whom we called HeatherL which sounds like "HeatherEarl"). Lucas and Grace were SO EXCITED to have their cousins come to visit them all the way down here! They arrived late Saturday night, which also happened to be Sabado Gloria of Holy Week, so they were able to catch a late-night procession as they were driving into town from the airport. Great luck, really. On Sunday we took them to the Easter Sunday mass and then over to see the ruins of Santa Clara, followed by lunch at ... read more
The hot waterfall of Aqua Caliente
All of us at Agua Caliente
Our lodge Tortugal

Apologies again, we had a problem with the internet back at the orphanage so haven't got online in a while. Quite a lot has happened since the last blog, mostly fiestas (parties or celebrations). First one up was Carnival, its basically like a kids version of the carnival that they have in Brazil and every other Latin American country, except it was a month after Guatemala's Carnival due to the school term starting around the same time. All the volunteers painted their faces green and wore little antennas, we were supposed to be martians in case you cant guess from the photos. So basically each class did a wee performance, the younger kids did group poems and songs, and a few of the older kids did dances, some were pretty funny. One girl from each class ... read more
All the Volunteers ready for the Carnival
The Girls
The Boys

I´m BACK! So the last few days have been interesting. Four tourists from Denmark were abducted by a local farming militia and are being held hostage for trade. They want one of their leaders released ASAP, this happened an hour and a half from where I am staying. Right now we are in "Semana Santa" which is the holy week for Guatemala, really it´s a party week but tourists have left for the most part and the busiest week of the year is somewhat quieter now. One of the children from the orphanage broke his arm on Friday but there was no Doctor on site so he went through the night with a broken arm, he then took a boat ride to where I am staying and working at the hotel. His arm was visibly broken ... read more
Island 2

So let´s see, where to start? Well my flight went well from Dulles to Miami. While I was waiting in miami, guess who I see? Mr. Don King himself and he waved at me :) I met this girl, well two ladies, Mr. Ill and Nina. Nina was from Brazil and she was really helpful and friendly and Mr. Ill was very friendly and spoke about her travels to Rio Dulce and Puerto Rico I believe it was... Hmm then I flew from Miami to Guatemala where I cruised throuhgh baggage claim, "reclamo de eqipaje" and then out into the street where many people where standing gazing at the people coming out of the airport. I saw Aura and her friend the taxi driver and we went for a ride, exchange money at the bank or ... read more
Hotel Backpackers
Another View of Hotel Backpackers
My first shower

We are in a restaurant on Rio Dulce about to board our sailboat for 7 days. Just wanted to say goodbye and let you all know we´ve added a bunch of new pictures as a gallery. They´re not very well organized because you can only upload them one at a time, at a speed of about 3 minutes a picture. But hopefully they will give you a better idea of what we´ve been up to. Talk to you all in a week or so!... read more

So I have all my ducks in a row and am ready to fly out. I leave on Monday, 10th at 5am in the morning from Dulles, land in Miami for a 4 hour layover and then an hour and a half flight to Guat City. I'll stay the night with a friend of a friend named Oswaldo and then on to Rio Dulce/Backpackers the next day after a 6 hour trip by car (la coche or el carro). Voy a Guatemala! ... read more

This is my first video entry on my trip to Guatemala... Needless to say I did not realize how LONG it takes to upload these suckers! I may have to stick with writing and pictures over video in the future.... read more

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