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After leaving Honduras we were traveling to El Peten, the northernmost region of Guatemala. Our first stop (just south of the Peten) was the Lago Izabal and Rio Dulce area. We had been in the rain for four days and at least two more rainy days were forecasted to come. We decided that if we were going to be stuck in a hotel, it should be a nice hotel with internet, comfortable bed, hot water, bar and restaurant. We splurged and checked into the resort hotel, Mansion del Rio on Saturday the 17th of January for two nights. Mansion del Rio charges $120 per night for a room with a view of the garden and ten dollars more for a view of the river. We opted for the garden view room to save the ten dollars, ... read more
Mansion del Rio
Mansion del Rio
Only one bird per barrel!

Got into Rio Dulce yesterday not too late, got a bit for late lunch and then waited a while as the heavens opened before we moved. Had a quick wander around, but not much to see, bit of a market. Got the water taxi over to Tijax where we were staying. It was a group of huts, joined together via boardwarks, separate showers and loo :-( Thouhg not as bad as the long drops at Trek Stop. I think if we´d arrived when it was light we may not of been so judgemental, but it was dark, the boardwarks were slippery and I think we just wanted to crash in our little huts (with mosquito nets!) Had dinner and the best mojitos so far (brownie points!!) before retiring a little early to bed. Got up for ... read more

Some of the guys went to the zoo just outside Flores this morning, Aimee, Amy, Heather and I had a lazy morning, late breakfast (tried somewhere new, not good - should have stuck with the pancake place!!) and are just waiting for Michael and Carol to turn up and then we have a long trip to Rio Dulce. Hot springs here we come! Aimee is doing the 2nd half of the trip with GAP which will be good. Nice not having to split up... read more

Tim Version: * Double bussed again to Rio Dulce, found the main side to be hectic and dodgy so stayed on the more beautiful quiet side at an incredible hostel. * Visited the local fort, but didn't feel like river voyaging so was done and ready for Antigua quick. The water loving version: An apparently very beautiful place, I made Rio Dulce my destination and headed off. Upon reaching it, it feels like an end of the line port town, which I guess is partially because it used to be! Along the main street are loads of people trying to hawk lifts to Livingston and up the river, as well as many guys on bikes trying to get you to go to various hotels. This is all on the busier side of the bridge as Rio ... read more
The River from the bridge
Ready, aim...
The reconstructed fort

Hola, My trip is over with now but I have so many videos to post! This video collection is from my trip through Guatemala from Rio Dulce to Tikal. It was a long trek but it was fun! I went to Finca Ixobel which is a town located about halfway to Tikal. Then I travel another 4 hours to El Remate which is just outside of Tikal. Then of course there is the day I spent at Tikal which was fantastic. I hope you enjoy the videos! They are short but it's something ;) Cheers... read more
The "Mountain top"

German then English: Endlich schreiben wir mal wieder und haben damit eine ordentliche Aufgabe fuer die ganze Woche, die wir jetzt hier in Merida verbringen, einen Spanischkurs besuchen und Salsa lernen. Nun gut, nach einer nicht ganz unstrapazioesen, doch noch gut ertraeglichen Reise sind wir in Rio Dulce, am groessten Fluss Guatemalas angekommen. Nachdem wir uns ein bisschen mit Knabbereien eingedeckt hatten, sind wir mit dem Boot auf eine kleine Insel uebergesetzt. Wer weiss was es da fuer Viechzeug gibt! Die Insel ist sehr morastig, von einem Gebaeude zum anderen kommt man mittels eines Weges aus Holzplanken und unsere Huetten stehen z.T. auf Stelzen und sind natuerlich aus Holz. Neben den Huetten und entlang der Wege finden sich kleine Tuempel, in ihnen Fische, Froesche, Caimane und unzaehlige andere Tierchen - natuerlich ist das ein Paradies fuer ... read more

This is where i am at the moment... read more

Hoy el dia ha comenzado muy temprano. A las 6.45 ya estaba despierto. Normalmente me hubiera dado la vuelta en la cama, pero hoy espero visita en el hotel. Desde ayer estoy en mi hotel favorito en la capital de Guatemala, el hotel Colonial. Es un sitio que os recomiendo no es caro y desde luego es mucho mas económico que los de su clase. Siendo como es de los mismos dueños del “Spring”, a mi me resulta mas confortable, mas tranquilo y con menos extranjeros. Giovanni uno de sus recepcionistas, habitualmente trabajando en la tarde se ha convertido en amigo. Podemos pasar las tardes tomando café y platicando en el jardín del hotel siempre que sus obligaciones se lo permiten. He dejado Ak´tenamit, la Ong con la que trabajaba como asesor técnico de area de ... read more

I was a bit apprehensive of this particular stop before I reached Rio Dulce due to news of murders and the like of both tourists and locals in the weeks before. The area is known as a point of entry/departure for the drug trade coming through the Caribbean via Livingston. However, I emerged unscathed and this area (and Livingston) is probably one of my favourite places in Guatemala. Rio Dulce is a unique area with Carribean influence and American ex-pats living in their yachts. Post-Hurricaine Katrina, Rio Dulce and its Lago Izabal are one of the few areas that yachts can be insured during hurricane season. As a result, local shipyards and carpentry have flourished to support this new influx of people. Our accomodation was a cute hacienda complete with boardwalks leading to cabins on the ... read more
Spot the Howler monkey in the picture
paddling towards Islas de Pajaros

So, my new job offer... I was asked by a couple of Dutch people I know that run the Sundog Café in Rio Dulce town, if I wanted to help them out taking care of their new hostal about 5 minutes up river. As there are only two of them, if they took one business each they would never get a day off, so the idea was that I would stay with the hostal, they can run the café between them and cover for me on my days off as well. Having already checked out the new hostal (paradise!), I agreed to move in and get started ASAP. So for the last month or more I've been working at Nutria Ecolodge and Marina, and also why I never got a chance to do a blog, I've ... read more
My New Breakfast Table
My New Bedroom
Babette Working Hard

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