Rio Dulce

Published: April 17th 2008
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We headed back up the Rio Dulce and Javier jumped out at the orphanage, I decided to head back to the Hotel for a couple of days to chill out before going back to work, since really after working 7 weeks I was entitled to 2 weeks off. On Tuesday morning I planned to head to Finca el Paraiso, a natural paradise where to river join, one cold and the other hot. The hot one comes along above the cold one and falls in as a steaming hot waterfall, mixing the two into a lukewarm set of pools and baths. As I didn´t want to go alone I decided to invite one of the girls from the Hotel to come along, Aracely. We had a lovely day jumping off rocks and swimming about in my first hot baths in ages. We headed back to the hotel around 4pm and headed over to the fair ground for a dander and had some corn on a stick smothered in chile, mustard and ketchup, scrumptious!

I spent another day or two hanging around with some lads I know in the town, a lot of it spent on Pierre´s (French guy) boat he´s trying to fix up, not a lot of craic, just chilling out really, needed it though. Back to work on Thursday! After the party on Wednesday of course! Next stop, Casa Guatemala... again. To be honest I was kind of missing the kids and all the volunteer craic, more to come soon!

P.S. Thanks for all the birthday greetings, I had a good one, I´ll fill you in on the next blog! Adios!

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17th April 2008

Thats it Matt!! Shhhhhh..... ive changed my mind, i dont want to know any more!! I dont want to look at your gorgeous photos OR hear about all the lovely things you've been doing! Theres just no need for this torture! :) Hope you are well.....(ish).....! lol
18th April 2008

Hey Mateo!
This is great, I remember you saying you have a blog, but I never got the chance to look it up. This is great, This way I can still keep in touch with what's going even after leaving. Thanks. Make the most of your time there, as hard as you can imagine it is to leave the casa- it's much much worse. Enjoy it as much as you can, and please say hi from me to Darryl!!! Eli

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