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Grenada Chuyen di Trinidad, Guyana, Suriname, French Guyana, Grenada, St Vincent va St Lucia. Toi du dinh di den vung Guyana tu lau vi day la vung dat con lai o South America ma toi chua dat chan den. Khong co chuyen bay di tu My den vung nay co le vi it nguoi di nen toi phai di tu My den Trinidad roi tu day di den Guyana. Di den day rat kho va dac. Trong sach ho chi de di den day phai di tu Brazil roi tu Brazil di den day. Toi tim ra duong di re hon duong di do la di tu Trinidad. Di den day dac ma vung nay cung dac do khong kem. Ve may bay di tu Trinidad den Guyana bang tien may bay bay tu My den ... read more

Bonjour à tous, La fin approche. Nous sommes présentement rendus à Grenade pour la sortie de l'eau de Grand Style qui se fera ce mercredi 08:00 am. La plus grande préparation se fait à l'eau car c'est beaucoup plus frais pour travailler. A terre c'est parfois intenable a cause de la chaleur et le manque de vent. Les derniers jours à terre avant notre retour à St-Jean (dimanche) nous les passerons à l'hôtel avec de l'air climatisé (yes). Depuis notre dernier blogue nous avons reçu en Martinique, notre fille Annie et son amie, ma sœur Sylvie ( sœur de Gilles) et son conjoint Luc et finalement en fin de saison notre grande fille Isabelle qui a fait pour la première fois de la route avec nous (Ste-Lucie, St-Vincent et les Grenadines et Grenade ). Ce fut ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Grenada March 14th 2015

This year’s choice for my spring break professor getaway was Grenada. In recent years I had read that the ‘Spice Island’ was one of the better all-around Caribbean destinations and one that wasn’t as yet over-touristed, particularly by Americans. My experience would confirm this. The nation of Grenada consists of the main island of Grenada and the two smaller islands of Carriacou and Petite Martinique. It is positioned in the southern Caribbean near Venezuela. I split my short one-week excursion between Grenada and Carriacou. I must admit that I knew nothing about Carriacou before going to Grenada but it is here where I would kick my feet up when returning to Grenada. I was off to Carriacou on the Osprey ferry after landing in Grenada the previous night. Departure was delayed a half-hour after a truckload ... read more
Paradise Beach, Carriacou
Union Island
Nutmeg with mace

Central America Caribbean » Grenada » Saint George February 13th 2015

Friday 13th February, 2015. St George's Grenada St George's is the capital of Grenada. The city is surrounded by a hillside of an old volcano crater and is on a horseshoe-shaped harbour called The Carenage. Grenada is known as the "Island of Spice" and its main exports are cocoa bean cacao, nutmeg and mace. It has a tropical climate that ensures the success of spice production. Nutmegs are the most plentiful crop, followed by an array of spices such as mace, cloves, vanilla, cinnamon and ginger. Pati and Roy were booked on a tour so D and I decided to go to Fort George which is something we had never done before. We walked into town, and after asking a friendly policeman, were directed to an ATM. The fort was at the top of a steep ... read more
16. M at Fort George
15. The Carenage from Fort George
23. Grand Anse Beach

Grenada Dogs, Warm Water, and Beaches! Ah Grenada! Some of you may have doctors or veterinarians who attended med school here. Can you imagine the dedication it would take to stick to the books when beautiful beaches are calling. For us, when the sirens of the beaches called, we went running ;-) Or more correctly, we leisurely headed down the long dock to shore, then down the beach to the rickety wood pier, where “The Viking” told us to “come aboard” his small ferry boat to Great Anse Beach. There were already 6 people on board, all German. The “Aida” had docked next to our Ruby Princess with a couple of thousand Germans who had flown in from Germany to the Dominican Republic, to pick up the ship. They were on a 7 day cruise to ... read more
Cope paying The Viking
Cope and a Pup Friend
Floating the afternoon away

BARBADOS THURSDAY Bridgetown is below the hurricane belt so its buildings are fairly well intact, its population around 286,000. Another early docking and headed out to Kensington Oval where Bridgetown hosted the 2007 World Cup, a cricket crazy town, a very impressive stadium for a run down, poor sort of town. Then our main focus was to get out to the Mount Gay Rum Distillery, quite a nice walk out along the beach for about half an hour, took a tour of the distillery and then free samples, they were very generous and for the $10 tour cost, I think we drank more rum than that. They are very proud of their association with sponsoring a lot of sailing regattas, giving the winning team one of their famous red hats. They have one regatta they sponsor ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Grenada » Grenada December 10th 2014

We had decided to take the overnight bus to Gatwick as we had to be there 4hrs before the flight ie 5.45am and it didn’t seem worth getting a hotel for half a nights sleep! Arrived at Gatwick at the unearthly hour of 4.10am and after checking our bags in, were rewarded with window seats on Thomson’s new Dreamliner plane! It was about an hour late leaving as it needed de-icing but we made up time on the way and arrived in Barbados (8 1/4hrs flight) at 2.00pm. Barbados is 4hrs ahead of UK! Off the plane, onto coaches to the Port, a very easy check-in and onto the ship, Ventura (P & O Cruises!) Went to our cabin (B311) but as our cases hadn’t caught up with us yet decided to have a little wander ... read more
Grand Anse
Nutmeg Factory

Central America Caribbean » Grenada March 24th 2014

Geo: 12.0648, -61.7445Monday, March 24thGrenadaWe arrived in St. George's, Grenada at 7 am this morning after traveling passed the Windward Islands of Martinique, St. Lucia and St. Vincent. The high today is supposed to be 82 degrees...yesterday it was (supposedly only 79 and it was HOT)This is the Spice Island and you may recall that we were on the wait list for the tour of the nutmeg processing place, but are going to the rum distillery/tasting instead. I'm sure it will be fine.We decide to have a healthy breakfast in our room and go upstairs to get coffee, etc. There are tour tickets in our mailbox so it looks like we got into the tour we wanted on Bonaire tomorrow. Yeah!Get back to our cabin with breakfast, check tomorrow's tour tickets and Oh My God they ... read more
Cocoa beans drying
Big roller trays for drying
Opened nutmeg pod - the red is the spice 'mace'

15thMarch Sailed to Carriacou – well motored anyway, We tried sailing and could for a little bit, but the wind, tide, current were all against us so had to motor most of the way. We had to stay out of an exclusion zone for Kick-em Jenny Volcano – and active underwater volcano. When she is 'working' the exclusion zone is much larger. Today however she was sleeping so all was fine. Quite a choppy, bumpy ride. We arrived in the afternoon, and Tinopai were already there – they invited us over for drinks and dinner – Lasagne...and a great one at that!! As we were there for the weekend we had to wait for Monday to clear out, so had Sunday there as well. A very wet day. Wasn't cold though so getting caught in the ... read more
Kick-em Jenny Underwater Volcano
Kick-em Jenny Rock
Oil Down - a local meal

Central America Caribbean » Grenada » Grenada March 9th 2014

9thMarch 1600 Depart Tobago and did an overnight sail, arrived Grenada 0830 on 10th. Anchored in Prickly Bay and need to do some work on our watermaker ( is leaking) and anchor winch (the spacer tube is broken in half and needs replacing.) Fixed watermaker by replacing o-rings and local guy welded our spacer tube back together until a spare part can be flown from NZ. Boomerang also in Prickly bay so had dinner and sundowners with them. Nice to be spending some time on boat – fixing, working and relaxing!! 13th March Moved to St Georges to the marina. Looking forward to hot showers, doing some laundry, being flat on the water, and being able to step off the boat without a wet and sandy Zodi ride. Boy was I disappointed!! Showers looked amazing. Had ... read more
St George
Massive boats

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