Published: March 22nd 2014
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Sailed to Carriacou – well motored anyway, We tried sailing and could for a little bit, but the wind, tide, current were all against us so had to motor most of the way. We had to stay out of an exclusion zone for Kick-em Jenny Volcano – and active underwater volcano. When she is 'working' the exclusion zone is much larger. Today however she was sleeping so all was fine. Quite a choppy, bumpy ride. We arrived in the afternoon, and Tinopai were already there – they invited us over for drinks and dinner – Lasagne...and a great one at that!! As we were there for the weekend we had to wait for Monday to clear out, so had Sunday there as well. A very wet day. Wasn't cold though so getting caught in the rain wasn't a problem. We worked on board in the morning (watermaker leaking again, but can't fix it this time) and then went ashore after lunch. Caught up on internet using free wifi and then went to explore. Watched a local cricket game until it was abandonded due to rain and then took shelter ourselves in another little cafe using their free wifi. Cafe was called Lambi Queen and I noticed a big pot cooking on a fire out the back. I asked the guy cooking if I could take a photo. He explained that he was making an 'Oil Down' a local traditional food – consisting of breadfruit, veggies, dumplings, fish, chicken, coconut milk, saffron, curry, a local veggie similar to spinach called coollacul ??? and salty meat (pig tails). I watched him make it and then left it to cook for an hour or so. Later that night we came back to a catamaran moored just out from the cafe where it was being served (and also had a bar). It didn't look all that special so we just ordered one meal intending to zip across to the pizza place ashore for our main dinner later on. However it tasted AMAZING and we ended up ordering another plate to share. The breadfruit was delicious and all combined was stunning. LOVED our first oil down. Oh, and the rum punch was quite great too.

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