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Thursday July 25 - I got up at 5:00, after a poor night of sleep. I was pretty exhausted yesterday from the time in the sun, and went to bed early. At 10:30pm, my neighbor came home and I could hear her on the phone, packing, etc. The walls are so thin, and it was just me and her on that floor. Shame we happened to be in rooms next to each other and not more spread out. There was also a crash around 1:00 that woke me up and scared the crap out of me, and I thought it was her, but in the morning I realized that my laptop had fallen off the chair it was on. Probably not good. I did my packing, watched some clips from last night’s late shows, ate my ... read more
Union Island
Ashton, Union Island
Lady JJ, my boat to Carriacou

Central America Caribbean » Grenada » Carriacou February 27th 2017

The Carriacou Carnival is currently taking place. Carriacou is one of the Grenadian Islands, and strangely a bastion of Shakespearean theatre... of sorts. Pierrot, or Shakespearean Mas, is a tradition celebrated on Shrove Tuesday (I know I'm a day early, but I've got pancakes to make tomorrow), as part of the carnival that stretches over a long weekend. The Mas is performed by wandering actors who walk around the island performing Shakespeare's Julius Ceasar and beating each other with sticks when they make a mistake It is a carryover from the plantation era, when slaves were forced to perform for their owners and were hit when they made any errors. One site descibes it as 'an annual opportunity to mock the mannerisms and cruelties of the past. To celebrate this strange carnival, I challenged my friends ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Grenada » Carriacou December 8th 2016

Geo: 12.4768, -61.4534We made it to Carriacou....beating into the wind. Not such a pleasant journey...but happy to be here. ... read more
Grand Mal, Grenada
Watching the sunset...and it was an amazing one!

Geo: 12.4768, -61.4534With our haul out date approaching, we sailed through the Grenadines much faster than we would have liked, but it was reassuring to know that our next cruising season would start in this area. We jumped from Bequia to Canouan to Carriacou. Canouan was only an overnight anchoring stop. Once in Carriacou, which is part of Grenada, we checked in feeling a sense of relief that we only had one final leg to get us to our 2016 cruising goal: The island of Grenada.We stayed in Carriacou for a few days at two different anchorages. We checked in at the larger town of Hillsborough, not realizing that the more popular cruiser's bay, Tyrell Bay, was also a check-in point. Apparently this was new, and our 2016 guide was not up-to-date! Anyways, in my opinion, ... read more
I spy, with my little eye...

Central America Caribbean » Grenada » Carriacou December 15th 2015

Geo: 12.4768, -61.4534 "Who has seen the wind? Neither you nor I." This is a stanza from one of Christina Rossetti's famous poems, but given these weeks living on a boat, I would add two lines to it: But when the waters ripple through, The wind is passing by. Apologies to Ms. Rossetti. Has anyone ever seen the wind? It is impossible, of course, but then how is it that sailors are able to see wind shadows? Since I was taught what to look for, I have also seen these, what are called wind shadows. When you are looking out at the ocean, either sailing or already anchored, if you watch carefully you can sometimes see a rippling across the water that is not a wave; it is heading for your boat. When it finally gets ... read more

15thMarch Sailed to Carriacou – well motored anyway, We tried sailing and could for a little bit, but the wind, tide, current were all against us so had to motor most of the way. We had to stay out of an exclusion zone for Kick-em Jenny Volcano – and active underwater volcano. When she is 'working' the exclusion zone is much larger. Today however she was sleeping so all was fine. Quite a choppy, bumpy ride. We arrived in the afternoon, and Tinopai were already there – they invited us over for drinks and dinner – Lasagne...and a great one at that!! As we were there for the weekend we had to wait for Monday to clear out, so had Sunday there as well. A very wet day. Wasn't cold though so getting caught in the ... read more
Kick-em Jenny Underwater Volcano
Kick-em Jenny Rock
Oil Down - a local meal

Central America Caribbean » Grenada » Carriacou February 21st 2014

Kingstown, St. Vincent was once a major port - our hotel was once a warehouse for sugar and then for arrowroot. Now the town is just an administration centre with dusty streets full of stalls selling everyting from fruit and pirate DVDs to handbags and bootleg rum. We only stayed the night. The supply and mail boat leaves at either eleven or noon, it depends who you ask. In reality, it left at one thirty. By then we have loaded three lorries, all full of sand; pallets of breeze blocks, cement, biscuits and tissues; a septic tank; about 100 plastic pipes; maybe 40 reinforcing rods; a stack of timber of various sizes; two cars; a refrigerated meat van; a lorry load of water in various size bottles, laboriously taken off the lorry and stacked; and then ... read more
Unloading at Canouan
Fruit shop
Lady J J ferry

Central America Caribbean » Grenada » Carriacou December 28th 2011

When we were traveling south we moved quickly through many of the islands as we needed to get below 12 degrees latitude for the hurricane season. One of the islands we did stop at was Carriacou. This 13 square mile island with approximately 7,000 people is the southern-most island in the Grenadines. The Grenadines are a group of small islands found between St. Vincent and Grenada. The northern portion of the Grenadines are part of St. Vincent and the southern portion of the islands are part of Grenada. We had been told it was a good anchorage on the way south and it enabled us to check into Grenada so if we wanted to stop anywhere along the coast of Grenada we could legally. We took their advice – it was an easy check in process... read more
A nice surprise
Back to blue water

Central America Caribbean » Grenada » Carriacou December 25th 2011

Just found out that people could not see the video that we talked about in our Manamo blog entry. We could see it when we put it up so figured you could as well. The best way to find any of our videos that we put up on You Tube is as follows: 1) go to 2) at the top in the search box , type in janicew13 3) you should see any video that was posted by us If anyone still has a problem, please let us know as we will try to post any video we have this way Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!... read more

Central America Caribbean » Grenada » Carriacou December 22nd 2011

What degrees am I talking about? It is degrees of latitude. As a reminder latitude are those “lines” around the earth that are parallel to the equator. There is an equal distance between these lines, and there are 60 minutes to a degree, with 1 minute of latitude equaling 1 nautical mile (this one’s for you Cyndie). With this information it easy to tell how many miles you travel north as the crow flies. For those of you who loved the SAT word problems, if a boat left point A traveling at … sorry I couldn’t help myself. Why am I telling you this? When we left Trinidad we were at latitude 10 degrees 40 minutes N and in Carriacou we are now at 12 degrees 28 minutes N. With the above information you can calculate ... read more
Another sunrise
One of the people who helped us

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