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Central America Caribbean » Grenada » Grenada February 28th 2014

Grenada is a bigger island, a full 21 miles long. Our ferry docks on time, a first on the trip, but there is no sign of our hire car. A quick phone call and we discover we have been forgotten. Half an hour later the boss turns up to lend us his wife's car for the night - he'll sort out our jeep in the morning. Our house is very comfortable, set in a lush garden on a hillside. Dining and lazing on its large and shady verandah have become favourite pastimes. We have a good kitchen, so are back into cooking. This week's discoveries include pigeon peas - peas that grow on a tree - and sapodilla - a fruit that looks like a very fat kiwi and tastes very sweet. Grenada's tourism, we discover, ... read more
Volcanic beach
View of the hills

Central America Caribbean » Grenada » Carriacou February 21st 2014

Kingstown, St. Vincent was once a major port - our hotel was once a warehouse for sugar and then for arrowroot. Now the town is just an administration centre with dusty streets full of stalls selling everyting from fruit and pirate DVDs to handbags and bootleg rum. We only stayed the night. The supply and mail boat leaves at either eleven or noon, it depends who you ask. In reality, it left at one thirty. By then we have loaded three lorries, all full of sand; pallets of breeze blocks, cement, biscuits and tissues; a septic tank; about 100 plastic pipes; maybe 40 reinforcing rods; a stack of timber of various sizes; two cars; a refrigerated meat van; a lorry load of water in various size bottles, laboriously taken off the lorry and stacked; and then ... read more
Unloading at Canouan
Fruit shop
Lady J J ferry

Central America Caribbean » Grenada » Woburn Bay December 28th 2013

Bonjour à tous de la Grenade, Après 3 vols depuis Burlington nous sommes arrivés à Grenade le 11 décembre dernier. Comme à chaque année au début d’une saison de voile c’est la mise en forme du bateau. Une belle semaine de dur labeur dans le ‘’Boatyard’’ avec la chaleur et l’humidité de Grenade. Une chance que nous avons une chambre dans un petit hôtel juste à côté de la marina comme ça nous pouvons nous doucher et dormir au frais. Pour Grand Style cette année était son année d’inspection demandée par notre assureur. Une autre dépense importante de plus….., par contre il s’en est très bien tiré avec un ‘’Hi Average Condition’’ comme note, ce qui est excellent. Cet endroit est réputé pour son resto (le proprio est boucher) et nous avons eu droit a un ... read more
L'épicerie livrée à domicile
Premier dîner sur l'eau
Un Corbin pour mon frère

Central America Caribbean » Grenada » Saint George February 17th 2013

Grenada After a longish sail we arrived just as night was falling into Prickly Bay, Grenada. Yet did we know this would be our home for nearly three weeks! As we manoeuvred through the many boats we set the anchor and took our first glimpse of "The Bensons" Tina, Nick, Ollie and Ted a Devon based family who we met a few years ago while watching our boys play rugby in a cold wet Topsham. The Bensons had rented a villa nearby for one week and were then due to join us for one week whilst we explore the neighbouring islands. Once on land and cuddles all around we went back to their villa and enjoyed a delicious curry and the first of three nights in a bed that doesn't move! How funny what ... read more
"The Gun Show"

Central America Caribbean » Grenada » Saint David October 16th 2012

I know this one may be getting you wondering - are the Waller's giving up sailing? Have they moved quickly back to Grenada in the Caribbean? The answer is no - definitely not!! What is happening is friends of ours that we made while in the Caribbean have gone back to Sweden to work and they have decided to sell their sailboat, Snowbird. The boat is currently located in Grenada. They are trying to get the word out about her as many ways as possible and they asked us if we would post information about it in our blog. We told them we would - we know that many of you are not sailors, but if you know anyone that might be interested in buying a sailboat, please check out the details at the following location: ... read more

25.4.2012 Dinner last night in Cosmopolitan Restaurant, fantastic, john had steak and I had osso bucco – dined alone as Blake and Suzi had early dive so went to dinner very early. We went to the in the theatre and that was very colourful and music was great, the shows have been a lot of fun. Docked in St Georges 8.00a.m. – very mountainous – the streets go straight up the mountain from the port – the beaches are very white and the waters blue. Had a two hour walk around this fishing port and then spent a couple of hours by the pool. Very sunny down in the port but clouds cover the tops of the mountains. Our anniversary today in Aus but not here – so joined Blake and Suzi around 5.30p.m., they ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Grenada January 29th 2012

Geo: 12.1279, -61.68Saturday 21/01/12 At sea 24c hot and sunnyI've just overheard a conversation between a couple of passengers one of which is having to leave the ship at Barbados because she's unable to have the Yellow Fever vaccination for medical reasons, so she's flying back to the UK for 10 days and then flying back to connect up with the ship when we leave Amazonia. I would have thought a better option would have been to fly out to Barbados first (if she specifically wanted to go there) have as long as she wanted there and then join the ship after we leave Amazonia that would have been significantly cheaper and still achieved the same thing, or alternatively get off in Barbados and stay there until she can join the ship after we leave Amazonia. ... read more
Fishing Local Style 2
Tropical night
Harrisons Cave

Central America Caribbean » Grenada » Carriacou December 28th 2011

When we were traveling south we moved quickly through many of the islands as we needed to get below 12 degrees latitude for the hurricane season. One of the islands we did stop at was Carriacou. This 13 square mile island with approximately 7,000 people is the southern-most island in the Grenadines. The Grenadines are a group of small islands found between St. Vincent and Grenada. The northern portion of the Grenadines are part of St. Vincent and the southern portion of the islands are part of Grenada. We had been told it was a good anchorage on the way south and it enabled us to check into Grenada so if we wanted to stop anywhere along the coast of Grenada we could legally. We took their advice – it was an easy check in process... read more
A nice surprise
Back to blue water

Central America Caribbean » Grenada » Carriacou December 25th 2011

Just found out that people could not see the video that we talked about in our Manamo blog entry. We could see it when we put it up so figured you could as well. The best way to find any of our videos that we put up on You Tube is as follows: 1) go to 2) at the top in the search box , type in janicew13 3) you should see any video that was posted by us If anyone still has a problem, please let us know as we will try to post any video we have this way Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!... read more

Central America Caribbean » Grenada » Carriacou December 22nd 2011

What degrees am I talking about? It is degrees of latitude. As a reminder latitude are those “lines” around the earth that are parallel to the equator. There is an equal distance between these lines, and there are 60 minutes to a degree, with 1 minute of latitude equaling 1 nautical mile (this one’s for you Cyndie). With this information it easy to tell how many miles you travel north as the crow flies. For those of you who loved the SAT word problems, if a boat left point A traveling at … sorry I couldn’t help myself. Why am I telling you this? When we left Trinidad we were at latitude 10 degrees 40 minutes N and in Carriacou we are now at 12 degrees 28 minutes N. With the above information you can calculate ... read more
Another sunrise
One of the people who helped us

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