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Good morning everyone! I am going to try something new by posting a "weekly" review instead of the occasional daily post. I have some friends and family who don't use FB so I need to at least post for them. I will continue to post daily pictures on FB though. What a GREAT week! Highlighted of course by Yari's week long visit! It is always a pleasure having her company, although we do have our occasional "bumps" in the road lol! But for the most part we really enjoy each others company. Of course if one of us would learn the others language the "bumps" would be far and in between. Defining our relationship is best described by the Facebook status "its complicated" lol! We care for each other deeply and at some point we will ... read more
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Hello everyone! Well the pool construction has started! Having a construction background I find it very entertaining lol! Everything is done with just BASIC tools. No air, no generators, just good old fashion hard work! NO WONDER IT"S GONNA TAKE TWO MONTHS LOL!!!! But they seem to work hard and all day long. I notice most of the workers seem to know their individual jobs well. For sure this is a plus for speed. Anyway, it is underway and 6-8 weeks before I get to swim in it. I hear it is even going to have a waterfalls! Yari is arriving today for her second visit. I've missed the squirt lol! It will be fun having her back! I am in a full blown routine here with 10x more friends and social interaction then I have ... read more
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Another great adventure in paradise! Decided to take a deep sea fishing excursion with my Swiss friends Yvonne, Michael and Patrick and American pal Isiah! We met at a place next to the Jelly Fish around 9:30am and ordered some take out breakfast sandwhichs to go and we were onboard and heading out to sea around 10:15am. We bargined the price down to $300 for the four hour excursion. There were five of us so it came out to $60 each...good deal! Nice weather but the ocean was rough and choppy with 5-7 foot sweels. Unfortunately Michael got sick(most of the day, poor guy) but he was the only one. Plenty of drinks to go around and our Captain Eddie and First Mate George were very accomodating. I keep telling everyone the fish were at church ... read more
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Hola everyone!! It's been awhile since posting and I do apologize! However, I've really become adjusted to staying somewhat busy but still sorry for not posting. Maybe because I have gotten into a really "normal" everyday routine. And haven't been to a lot of new places yet. Anyway, here it is! As you know Yari stayed with me all last week and we had some good times together. She was missing family after eight days and went back home on the Dominican Mother's Day. She will be back soon I'm sure lol! Meantime I have developed a little bit of a routine as to what you might consider your everyday way of life here. Along with the many new friends I have to do things with. I usually start my day at Danny's with an espresso, ... read more
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WOW what an amazing day! We ended up with only seven going and managed to get everyone into one car but wow what a GREAT day of friends and fun! We met at the bakery next to Danny's around 10:30am. Loaded up and headed west first stopping to get gas and supplies. On to a place called Cap Cana which is just one HUGE park like area. Our first advenure began at Scape Park "blue hole" swimming area. Amazing! A short little walk over a not so smooth path and you are there. Crystal clear blue water with seemingly no bottom. When you first jump in it's REALLY cold but your body soon adapts. We spent about an hour there so enjoy the pictures. Then on to Juanillo Beach. Another beautiful beach paradise. There we swam, ... read more
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Good morning! It's been a few days so I thought I would catch everyone up! As in the title I have slowly been "blending in" as an official expat here in the DR. I am meeting more and more people, making friends and beginning to "scoot" around like a pro lol! I have made several longer trips on my scooter and feel extremely comfortable in traffic now. Yesterday morning I rode to Fruisa some 4 miles away and believe me when I say it is an "experience" not for the faint hearted or timid rider. You've seen the movies of third world nations or even like in China where there are 10,000 bikes, scooters and cars converging in one intersection lol?? Well thats Fruisa! I needed gas for my scooter so I had to make the ... read more
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An absolutely beautiful blue sky day today! Best day so far with constant sun. Went to the bakery this morning for my espresso seeing how Danny's doesn't open until 5pm on Sundays. Then it was beach time. I have a favorite spot which is almost always open. A lounge for just tanning on, one for sitting and people watching and the third one for "guest". I settled in my "beach bunker" around 11:30 am and didn't leave until 3:30 or so. Danny the owner of Sharkey's was making his rounds on the beach and I ordered up a "cheeseburger in paradise" along with an ice cold Presidente for lunch. Mmmmm good! Something about lunch on the beach hits the spot. The activity was a little less today around the pier. But on Sunday's the Dominicans come ... read more
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Good morning everyone! This blog is about someone very special in my life. And because he is so special he could be an important part of your life as well. I am talking about my good friend Yves! He is a Belgian living here in the Bavaro area of the Dominican Republic. He is married to the lovely Jaimy a Dominican and they have an adorable son Cedric. He currently runs his own business providing services to numerous to count. Mainly he manages apartments/condo's for out of country owners. When he does this he typically picks up the clients at the airport. Drives them to a grocery store first then on to where they rented a place at. He pretty much then takes care of your every need until you leave. I seriously mean he is ... read more

Sorry I have not blogged lately but the site seemed to have some technical issues the past two days. Haven't been able to log in. Well life continues to put a smile on my face everyday down here. I'm a routine kinda guy and have already developed a few daily habits. I love getting up early and sitting on the patio balcony drinking my flavored coffee. Usually catching up online with ESPN, FB, Emails, Banking and The Chronicle. A lite breakfast followed by my morning workout. Then its my first shower of the day. Off to Danny's where every morning I have been having my large expresso, sometimes a coke and talk to my good friend Viviana for about and hour. i consider her a great friend and she has taught me so much already! Maybe ... read more
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Well today marks the end of my first week here in Punta Cana. Twenty one (21) more to go lol!!! I must say it is above and beyond what I anticipated. Everything seems to be running smoothly then some. Overall I'm very happy with my condo selection. You never know what you are actually getting until you get here. Its just the right size for me yet big enough to accomodate a few guests. Its furnished well and has pretty much all the essentials you need in the kitchen. Although I think I will buy the owner a new toaster as it only toasts one side lol! I originally thought there was a washer/dryer inside the condo but turns out there is not. But thats ok because the complex has a really nice laundry room with ... read more
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