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Published: May 10th 2013
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Sorry I have not blogged lately but the site seemed to have some technical issues the past two days. Haven't been able to log in. Well life continues to put a smile on my face everyday down here. I'm a routine kinda guy and have already developed a few daily habits. I love getting up early and sitting on the patio balcony drinking my flavored coffee. Usually catching up online with ESPN, FB, Emails, Banking and The Chronicle. A lite breakfast followed by my morning workout. Then its my first shower of the day. Off to Danny's where every morning I have been having my large expresso, sometimes a coke and talk to my good friend Viviana for about and hour. i consider her a great friend and she has taught me so much already! Maybe some shopping next door then back to the condo. From there its usually the beach or pool for most of the day. Alternating days Im out and about during that time running errands or getting things done. Early evening online time followed by my second shower of the day. Then it's either out to eat or cooking something at home. Evenings are walks on the
DR Pix May 10th 008DR Pix May 10th 008DR Pix May 10th 008

Yamaha Axis 100
beach, a little TV and basically laying on the couch lol!

Most of you know I bought a scooter yesterday! For you non facebookers I've added a photo here. Its a used Yahama Axis 100 in great shape. This opens up an entire new world of exploration for me. Increases my radius of places I can hangout etc. Getting insurance and a helmet tomorrow then look out DR lol!

After eight days we also got a pretty heavy rain shower too! Was kinda like a Florida thing though. Passed through and the sun came out again. I posted a picture of a milk container also. Weird buying it off the shelf warm lol! And added a few more construction pix. Economy seems to be picking up a tad here.

Today on the beach I saw this guy kite surfing. What a lot of work for such a short ride lol! My luck a gust of wind would pick me up out of the water and drop me on an apartment somewhere a mile away lol! Well seeing how this site seems to be working I will cut this short and start my regular posting tomorrow maybe. Have
DR Pix May 10th 004DR Pix May 10th 004DR Pix May 10th 004

Construction everywhere!
a great night everyone!

Additional photos below
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DR Pix May 10th 003DR Pix May 10th 003
DR Pix May 10th 003

This is how you buy milk down here. Buy right off the shelf. Once you open you refrigerate.
DR Pix May 10th 012DR Pix May 10th 012
DR Pix May 10th 012

After 8 days finally got a little rain shower

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