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Hello everyone, HAPPY Cinco de Mayo! I just can not seem to stop smiling! This is the best idea I have ever had. Living here is just HEAVEN! So much to see, so much to do. I actually am having trouble sitting still. It's just hard to realize that I really don't have to do some each and everyday. I mean seriously when I'm watching TV or just sitting on the balcony I think I should be out doing something lol! But I'm learning and just so so relaxed its fantastic! For those of you not on Facebook the below link will give you a good idea of what my life is like down here. ... read more
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So each and every day I try to do something new. Explore areas for the first time. Go in new and different shops. And of course meet people! I've had friends/family say " aren't you lonely by yourself". Hell no lol! You are only alone as you wana be. Those of you that know me well. Know I'm a very outgoing person when I wana be. I meet people quite easily. All it takes is a smile and a hello. I've already met several new people and made a couple new friends. Last night I went to Danny's Sports Bar and had a GREAT burger and a few beers. The bartender was a new girl from Spain. Pretty young lady and friendly. Her English is a lil weak but we managed to have a great conversation ... read more
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Arrived safely around 1:30pm from a some what bumpy flight but otherwise smooth. As I was clearing customs my bag was pulled aside and I was asked to open it. They wanted to know why I had SO many precription drugs and other bottles of pills lmao!!! Well I take at least five types of daily pills for various health reasons plus vitamins and a couple others. Of course I brought six months worth so yes lol it was a lot! Luckily I brought a copy of all my drugs from the VA which seemed to satisfy them they were intended for personal use. Clearing customs I was met by guide and friend Yves. We stopped by the local super market for a few groceries and needed items(beer). Of course not everything I wanted but enough ... read more
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So have you ever heard or read on dating sites or a person's media profile. Under things they like to do? Walks on the beach. Well down here its down right fun lol! One of the many things you can do or see are the types of people there. The young old skinny fat you name you"all see it. Topless ladies including many that shouldn't be lol. And that speedo guy you wish you hadn't seen! Of course you will run into the sales guy trying to sign you up for an excursion. Or to take you to his store. Sometimes its hard to be nice o these people when you really don't want to listen to their pitch. Then there are the massage ladies. Where in a span of three minutes you can go from ... read more

Resumo: Mochilas Pequenas para 1ano e meio fora (arrasei); Punta Cana é lugar para casais (o que estou fazendo aqui?); Quero mergulhar (vou tentar amanhã); Fui de ‘executiva’ da Gol (sortuda pra KCT!), Já passei fome (2004); conheci uma pessoa especial (na fila da alfândega); Estou bem =) !! Dormi bem mal esta noite. O fato de eu ter fechado as mochilas somente as 2h30am e acordado as 6h30 me deixou um pouco cansada. Colocar ‘tudo’ o que você precisa para 18 meses de viagem em uma mochila de 34 litros não é fácil!! Rs. Ok, tenho também mais uma mochila para equipamentos (câmera fotográfica + notebook). Como sempre, cheguei no aeroporto de Guarulhos do meu jeito tradicional. Metro + Ônibus (R$7,30). Obrigada aos que oferecerem uma possível carona, mas gosto mesmo deste jeito. Rápido e ... read more

We left the Bahamas! On March 23rd we left the safe harbor of Georgetown with 2 other buddy boats, “Happy Times” and “Sea Yawl Later” for a 35 hour “cruise” to Betsy Bay, Mayaguana. This is an island in the eastern part of the Bahamas that we needed to get to in order to make our jump off for the Turks and Caicos. So what is a buddy boat you ask? It means different things to different people, in our case we arranged to call each other every hour on the VHF radio to exchange coordinates (latitude & longitude). We did this for a couple of reasons, first it's a safety issue, because we can't see each other at night knowing someone's longitude and latitude could be helpful in case of an emergency. Secondly we create ... read more
The pink government buildings
Georgetown Primary School
Peace & Plenty

We spend a week in Punta Cana around New Year's. Most of our time was spent on the beach enjoying the warm weather. We did two day trips though... 4-wheeling and speed boating. Both great trips. ... read more
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We went to the RIU Naiboa for one week. We were there just last month in March of 2009, and it wasn't all that great. The staff at the RIu was wonderful. The problems with the RIU was that it is so far away from anywhere else that it is terrible. I guess that I may have got spoiled being in places like the Turks and Caicos Islands, Guyana, and Aruba, where we could just walk outside of our hotel/resort and walk around the city or town and see some sites or go to a souvenir shop, have a drink, or anything else. Here in Bavaro, we were stuck. There really wasn't anywhere else to walk to. All of the shopping was to be done at the resort, they had their own little street called Caribbean ... read more
Punta Cana
Punta Cana

Well, last night we stayed up waaay late...(we were free to say the least, wink!) Sleeping in was our plan...then at 10am we took a bus to town for some shopping!! We had a snack at Hard Rock Cafe Punta Cana and bused back to the resort at 1ish. We changed and plopped ourselves back in our spot by the pool and ocean and read and slept for 2 hours!! I sleep soooo hard here! We had the loud Spaniards next to us again...not sure what that means. Then, it was time for my massage that Chris booked for me....OMGOODNESS! It was was a massage UNDER THE STARS and by the pool. So relaxing. Chris said I did not move for an hour and half. We went right to the awards thing and Denver got ... read more what did we do today? We slept in ´til 9 and meandered down to the Hibiscus restaurant for a very yummy breakfast...they had fried bananas with onions--not sure about that! Then we checked out the gift shops on the beach--yikes! Waaay expensive...we´ll stick with the local´s prices. Hey, forgot to tell you about a spanish missionary that I met yesterday! She gave me a track in spanish and we tried to talk about the Lord, but the language barrier got in the way. At the end of our conversation she said, ¨I see you are from far away, but I see the Jesus in your face.¨ It was so sweet I almost cried... After the gift shop, we found ourselves a nice bed on the beach. Aaaaaa...crashing waves, the smell of sunscreen, and my man ... read more

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