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Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Puntarenas » Jaco January 7th 2016

I presented on the medicinal use of horseshoe crabs today in class. I first learned about them and interacted with them at the New York Aquarium. They kinda look like stingrays. Fun facts: they pre-date dinosaurs by about 200 million years and they're not really crabs. They are more related to spiders and scorpions. My main focus of the presentation was on their highly valuable blue, copper blood. Their blood is highly desired in the biomedical industry because it can be used to test for toxins in antibiotics and vaccinations. It clots in the presence of the toxins so that's how one can detect if there's something wrong with the medicine. It's actually required by law that it be used as a standard in testing drugs and medical devices before it gets approved and administered to ... read more
little surfboard souvenirs
cute dolphin bench

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Puntarenas » Jaco September 25th 2015

It's been exactly three weeks since we've arrived here in Jaco and yet it feels like only a few days have gone by. We've had a great experience living the Costa Rican lifestyle and meeting some new friends during our stay. Since we've arrived our jobs have ranged from cleaning rooms to painting them, fixing and replacing screens, some gardening and yard work and some general maintence around the hotel. We met a couple from Holland Netherlands, Roscoe and Femke, and had our first double date of the trip. We're hoping to meet back up with them towards the end of our trip and spending time with them in their hometown and around Amsterdam. During another night out after a tough eagles loss we made some friends from Austrailia, Dean and Gemma, who were on their ... read more
Taste of home
Sitting in our front yard
Lovely Costa Rican Bus Stop

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Puntarenas » Jaco September 14th 2015

This is my first attempt to blog. Kevin and I were just talking about how it's not us to post pictures and talk about ourselves for everyone to see. We both feel more than fortunate to be living the lives we are living for the next year and hope by writing this it will perhaps open the eyes to someone out there to travel or do something that is out of the "norm". We decided to treat this blog as if it is a diary that is open to everyone that wants to read so you can experience this journey with us. We are sure to have some ups and downs and will be sure to post it all. It's only been 10 days and we've had them both. I was just rambling to Kevin the ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Puntarenas » Jaco September 14th 2015

here are some pictures from our first week in Costa Rica... read more
View from our room
Our beachfront view
Our front yard

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Puntarenas » Jaco February 1st 2014

Le Costa Rica reste parmi tous mes voyages, celui qui me reste le plus dans le cœur.... Peut-être par sa durée, qui fut de 5 mois ou alors pour les vagues qui furent au rendez-vous.... Je décolle de Paris, passage à Londre, puis Miami pour enfin arriver à San José.... Un ami déjà sur place m'attend à l'aéroport... J'arrive les joues bien rouges, les hôtesses d'american airlines m'ayant fait boire pas mal de "French Wine" à l'écoute de mon accent français quelque peu prononcé en Anglais :) Direction Jaco pour un mois, ce sera en quelque sorte notre pied à terre. Les bars et les filles sont eu rendez-vous, malheureusement, nombre d'entres elles sont un peu entreprenantes à la vue des dollars... Nous profitons des vagues de Playa hermosa, gros beachbreak de 6 km de long... ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Puntarenas » Jaco August 25th 2013

Costa Rica. Just saying the name conjures up images of lush, tropical forest, of pristine, palm-lined beaches, of cheeky monkeys and big, blue butterflies. Ever since the first time I visited Costa Rica over nine years ago, I’ve loved every inch of its natural beauty. There was only one place in the entire country that I avoided like the plague, a tiny black spot on its map of greens and blues. This place was Jacó. In 2004, halfway through my first stroll in downtown Jacó, I could already feel an overwhelming contempt creeping into my system. What I saw disgusted me. I saw an Americanized, hedonistic cesspool; a place for college spring-breakers to get f**ked up without fear of the law; a place for perverted pensioners to find cheap sex, a place of feces-filled waterways, robber-filled ... read more
Hitchin' Down to Jaco
Jaco Beach

Back in Costa Rica, on our way to Nicaragua. The return journey ended with us getting off the bus after 9 hours at the first place they would stop after crossing the Cost Rican border, in a little highway town called Uvita. We really wanted to explore the Osa Pennisula, this was the closest we could get. We stayed at the Toucan Hostel, which was quite funky. Lots if retro, hippy type art, and very "tranquilly" peeps. The rooms were small but comfy until our air/ con broke and no one seemed to really care...except us. They did however supply us with a fan which pushed the +35 air around a lot faster but it does make you feel cooler. That was home base and from there we rented a car and drove for an overnight ... read more
Playa Ventanas
Playa Ventanas

I finally hauled myself out of my beach chair around one o'clock, got ready and headed out for an adventure. I was not expecting a private tour of this location but that's what I got because as it turned out, I was the only one there. The guide was a little bit too touchy for my liking BUT he did take some awesome pictures for me and showed me a couple of features on my camera that I knew nothing about. All of the pictures are not captioned but basically all the frogs are poison dart frogs of one kind or another and them and the snakes which are also poisonous reside on the Caribbean side of CR. Enjoy...... read more
Poison Dart Frog
You can't even see this dam thing on the leaf

Yesterday Francisco and his family and I went to see some property aways south of here. This American has a large block of land that he is developing. It looks like quite an ambitious effort and I hope he has the money to see it through to the end because by the looks of it, it is going to take a lot. Beautiful lots though with ocean views in the distance and nice valleys to look at. I'm posting a picture of a beautiful meal I had at OBJ, Outback Jack's, a couple of nights ago, for you to salivate over. I spent a very quiet day by the pool trying to finish all the fruit I had left and catching as many rays as possible. There are about four boats out on the ocean, the ... read more

Today, is the day after returning from San Jose; and as the title intimates, I don't care to know the way to San Jose. I just really wanted to get the hell out of there safely. Clive went home yesterday morning very early so we thought it best to go into the city the day before and stay over, which was a great idea as there really is only one good highway into the city. (You can take the old highway but it is very windy with steep curves and only used if necessary, at least by the people I know here.) As there is only the one highway, and with all the large semi trucks sharing the road, traffic can easily get backed up and it can take a considerable amount of time to go ... read more
National Theatre

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