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We got up early again for another beautiful sunrise. The plan for the day was to head to one of the national parks we had driven past on our way from Belize City the first day of our trip. We were not sure how far away it was, but we left early so we could get there early enough to book the rappelling tour. We got there about 0845 and the tour was scheduled to leave at 0900. We grabbed some donuts and fruit at the restaurant and booked the tour. We were in a group of 8 total with 2 guides. The guide was very informative about the plants and jungle and gave extensive information at our rest stops on the hike up the Antelope Trail. We stopped to take a look at an overlook ... read more
Pedro Rappelling
Rappelling Down the Falls
Mayflower Bocawina National Park

Another great day in Belize. Sriracha got up early to get photos of the sunrise. Not sure if there is something wrong with her? Up early! Breakfast was delicious and we discovered "fry jacks". Delicious triangle fluffy puffs of dough. After breakfast we drove to the end of the peninsula. We walked around and looked in some shops. We decided to book a snorkeling tour for tomorrow. Stopped at the "Supa Maket" to get some snacks. Anyone in Wisconsin or the U.S. that needs toilet paper needs to take a trip here. There is not a shortage of toilet paper at the stores. We spent the remainder of the day at our resort. Lots of activities. One round of bocce ball. Sriracha and Pedro played the supersized Jenga. Sriracha and Lori tried the stand up paddle ... read more
The Black Pearl
Swinging the time away in Belize
Placencia sunrise

Travel from Chicago to Belize went well today. We didn't have any issues in Chicago and the airport did seem busy with spring break travelers. Our flight was on time and really no issues. We arrived in Belize and made our way into the beautiful sunshine and warmth of Belize. The disembarking of the plane was down the steps and a short walk across to the airport building. Before entering the building we were sent through a line with a short interview with the "health department". "What state did you originate from prior to boarding the plane in Chicago?" and "Have you traveled to any other countries in the last 30 days?". Without too much delay they shuffled us into the building. It seemed that they were doing more extensive interviews on some of the passengers. ... read more
Belize countryside
Welcome to Belize
Chicago Airport

One week in Belize! One week of yoga, nature, and adventures! The yoga retreat was organized by Maya Valley Yoga Retreats and was held at Toucan Ridge Ecological and Education Society (TREES) in the Stann Creek District of Belize. I had my own cabin, with our yoga space a few steps away, and meals in a shared space prepared by a vegetarian chef! Each day we ate amazing food and practiced yoga morning and late afternoon. The yoga teachers were lovely and all of the other yogis were a special group! Each day a different optional excursion was offered. My favorites by far were: snorkeling in Tobacco Caye (pronounced "key"), the Belize Zoo, and St. Herman's Cave. Our snorkeling day was a beautiful blue sky day. On our boat, on the way to Tobacco Caye, we ... read more
TREES yoga space
Jaguar at Belize Zoo
Stork at Belize Zoo

Eat, sleep, sunbathe,, sleep, sunbathe, repeat..........sounds like a Fatboy slim tune. The last couple of days has been exactly that but it really makes a change to the relentless, sometimes brutal but always adventurous travelling we do. A good example of one of our tiring but very enjoyable travelling days has to be the journey from San Cristobal (Mexico) to Huehue in Guatemala. The long day started with a 20 minute walk to a collectivo station, where we waited 30 minutes while all 15 seats in the van were eventually taken. The van then drove at a safe and relaxing speed that allowed us to enjoy the sceanary go by. After 1 1/2 hours we arrived at the next collectivo station where we changed into the next van that left minutes later as we were ... read more
view from bungalow Belize
directions Placencia
on the dock looking back at bungalow

Chuck and I went to Placencia last year to celebrate our friend Sarah’s 50thbirthday with her and her husband, Chris. This year we decided to end our trip with Cheryl by spending the last week there like beach bums. With Chris and Sarah we lived like beach bums. For two weeks we shared meals and drinks, went for daily walks, and read several books while soaking up the sun or lounging in the shade. With Cheryl we didn’t live like beach bums, because there was nearly no sun. We spent less time walking the beach and soaking up the sun, but still enjoyed our time being lazy and immersing ourselves in some good books. Both last year and this, we stayed at Trade Winds, located at the very end of the peninsula. Rent for a beachfront ... read more
boats on a calm bay
Placencia Pier

Being lazy in Placencia, on beach and blue, is fulltime work. You get up before it gets too hot, twaddle off to Merl's beachside breakfast bar. Nice veggie omelet, fried jacks'n beans, fruit and coffee, all embibed under coconut shade with morning sea breeze. The sea is very calm today, the water's clear close to shore, so today's exercise is a couple of hours of snorkeling over grassy channel banks to the odd bit of coral, where Jacks the size of tunas wizz by, and green parrot-sized fish hide themselves as they worm their way through the grass. If you're so inclined there are luncheon promos at beach bars like the Pickled Parrot and the Tipsey Tuna, but that could be a bit like hard work for me today. If you're not out for the siesta, ... read more

Placencia is a long peninsula in southern Belize with a seaside beach on the Caribbean side and marina studded, mangrove shore on the inside (lot’s of 40 footers; catamarans and single keelers). Located at its southern tip is Placentia village. Running through this village is a 3km-long concrete boardwalk; it runs from a fishing wharf and marina through the tourist end of town, and all through all the hotels, shops, beach paths, restaurant/bars – carrying names like “The Pickled Parrot”, “Tipsy Tuna”, “Barefoot Bar”, “D’Tatch Bar”…. sort of captures the feeling of, “A little drinking village with a fishing problem”. Actually fishing is not a problem – all sorts of lobster, Wahoo, Tuna, Snapper, Conch and ‘Cuda are available fresh at wharfside O’Mars or at any of the restaurants, especially as luncheon promotional treats -- “If ... read more

The week out on the ‘water’ at Glovers was an out-of today’s-world experience. Starting Sunday a week ago, we headed out from Sitee River, a mangrove-lined, crocodile-shy estuary, across the bar into open ‘water’; then for 180 mins through minor inner cays to the outer reaches of the coastal shelf, ultimately to the last 4 cays strung along the Caribbean side of a 6mi wide, 12mi long coral reef. The largest of these cays is Glovers Atoll Resort, a 10 acre coconut shaded island lined by either white sands or coral reef rock. The place is run by3 generations of Lamonts – a bit of history: Marsha-Jo, the matriarch and her late husband started the original resort on Lamont Cay in the late 60’s; this cay and resort was completely wiped off the map by Hurricane ... read more

It’s been very lazy over the last 3 days. The perfect vege-out weather -- cloudless skies, still waters, long walks along a long beach, catching lots of rays, chatting with fellow travelers and lots of locals, both indigenous and expats (lots of Canadians and Europeans) , and reading a book….like really lazy!!!! Last night was a special treat. Amongst the expats there’s lots of musicians, and group of them put on an amazing Southern Blues music concert, quite professional, more than just a jam session. It helps that restaurants here support these groups and that their food and tropical atmosphere is great. So much for loafing around. Today was a bit of a local shopping expedition to be better equipped and resourced (per local advice) for the next week out on Glovers Atoll Resort, one of ... read more

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