Sunny Lazy days at Hopkins Beach

Published: January 9th 2016
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It’s been very lazy over the last 3 days. The perfect vege-out weather -- cloudless skies, still waters, long walks along a long beach, catching lots of rays, chatting with fellow travelers and lots of locals, both indigenous and expats (lots of Canadians and Europeans) , and reading a book….like really lazy!!!! Last night was a special treat. Amongst the expats there’s lots of musicians, and group of them put on an amazing Southern Blues music concert, quite professional, more than just a jam session. It helps that restaurants here support these groups and that their food and tropical atmosphere is great.

So much for loafing around. Today was a bit of a local shopping expedition to be better equipped and resourced (per local advice) for the next week out on Glovers Atoll Resort, one of 3 separate island resorts on a huge circular parabolic shaped coral reef, enclosing an equally large lagoon. The resort is a very traditional, diving/snorkeling/kayaking/fishing operation. You can tour and participate in activities as much or as little as you want, cook or mess hall as much as little as you want. Fresh $5 fish at the wharf every night at 5pm and as many free coconuts as you can eat.

We leave tomorrow morning 8:00am for a 90 minute (on a good day) boat ride out to the reef. I’m told that out on the reef the wifi service is very limited, works sporadically and only in the evenings when the generator is on. So… I’m signing off, in-communicado, for the next seven days and will pick-up any messages, send a new blog, on my return January 16. Best wishes and have a great week. Pete

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9th January 2016

Great that you are having such a great time. Rain and 8 degrees here! E
10th January 2016

Wonderful shots!
Sounds like you have an awe-inspiring week lined up. Can't wait to hear about your experience on the whart when you get back in a week. So happy you'r having such a nice and festive time! Love, Sofie
10th January 2016

Hi Naturefree
Hi Pete, Just had a good look at Google Maps to get a better idea of your exact location and guess what - I have it. Also took a look at the CIA World Fact Book on Belize. Always find this very interesting and a good source of information on absolutely everything. Here's the link if you get your WiFi . One item they seem to have omitted is the fact that there is a topless bar (as noted in a photo) in your previous entry. Could just be a shortage of space. Hope you continue to enjoy your experience and looking forward to your next blog. Cheers, Alan

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