Being lazy in Placencia

Published: January 25th 2017
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Being lazy in Placencia, on beach and blue, is fulltime work. You get up before it gets too hot, twaddle off to Merl's beachside breakfast bar. Nice veggie omelet, fried jacks'n beans, fruit and coffee, all embibed under coconut shade with morning sea breeze. The sea is very calm today, the water's clear close to shore, so today's exercise is a couple of hours of snorkeling over grassy channel banks to the odd bit of coral, where Jacks the size of tunas wizz by, and green parrot-sized fish hide themselves as they worm their way through the grass.

If you're so inclined there are luncheon promos at beach bars like the Pickled Parrot and the Tipsey Tuna, but that could be a bit like hard work for me today.

If you're not out for the siesta, you can always be out sailing for the afternoon to a really nice snorkeling spot along the reefs; cool off for a couple of hours floating above the coral, watching formations of young squid (really hard to photograph) and several kinds of rays. Back before sunset. Yes there's some really neat late night music and bars, but I'm pretty well ready to curl up after some excellent creole fish dish. Sad, but unfortunately true.

Another day, if you're not in the mood for more sea, you can always head inland on a river skiff tour, up a tropical murky river called Monkey River, to some 'jungle' looking for monkeys, manatees and other wild things. Wildest of all was our local guide, Percy Gordon from Monkey River village, who kept insisting he wasn't giving us a "leg pull" (his words) with all his creole story-telling about village life and nature (5 years since they first got electricity, water and school). He did show us some great bird life, iguanas and crocodiles......they sell crocodile teeth jewelery in the village...and had us over to a creole lunch of chicken/fish, rice'n beans at his sister's place; he also found us some manatees in the mangroves on the way home. Not bad.

Well that's probably it for Belize. Next communication from Nicaragua. Cheers. Pete.

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26th January 2017

In punts cana
Not quite Belise but warm. Arrived today so we are tired. The customs took over 2 hours - really pissed, just a lot of people arriving at the same time. Room and pool are nice and food seems good. So we will forge on suffering under the service which seems good. Phil says things are good at YOO and had lunch with Connexient today. Keeps sending the trip updates.

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