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Being lazy in Placencia, on beach and blue, is fulltime work. You get up before it gets too hot, twaddle off to Merl's beachside breakfast bar. Nice veggie omelet, fried jacks'n beans, fruit and coffee, all embibed under coconut shade with morning sea breeze. The sea is very calm today, the water's clear close to shore, so today's exercise is a couple of hours of snorkeling over grassy channel banks to the odd bit of coral, where Jacks the size of tunas wizz by, and green parrot-sized fish hide themselves as they worm their way through the grass. If you're so inclined there are luncheon promos at beach bars like the Pickled Parrot and the Tipsey Tuna, but that could be a bit like hard work for me today. If you're not out for the siesta, ... read more

It's been a busy couple of days! Tuesday we went on a dive trip (two tank) with Splash Dive Shop, and I cannot say enough good things about the dive operation. The boat was a 52' cabin cruiser set up for divers, with several crew members. We had about a 2:1 dive master to diver ratio which is unheard of! They did everything for us including setting up our BC's on our tanks, to helping put our fins on (nice but not necessary), assisted us in and out of the water, and took our fins off before we climbed back in the boat. We went to South Silk Caye which looked similar to something you would see on a postcard that says "Wish You Were Here". The entire island was maybe an acre with a few ... read more
Diving with Splash Dive
Middle Silk Caye
Jim catching a yellow tail jack.

Today was a quiet day, one more day to shake the jet lag, and adjust to the heat and humidity. We drove to Splash Dive Shop today and set up our first dive trip for tomorrow, 2 tank boat dive, lunch and a snorkeling out on the Barrier Reef. We are all looking forward to the trip, me with trepidation because I don't like boats and our trip will start with a 40 - 60 minute boat ride to the reef. I've already started eating ginger pills to ward of sea sickness. I hope they work not only for my sake but for everyone else on the boat. We did do a little snorkeling today on our way back from the dive shop as it was hot and there is no air conditioning in the vehicle ... read more
Dave and Donna enjoying sunset.
Lagoon Side of Condo

We arrived in Placencia yesterday at 5:00 after a 2 hour wait on the tarmac in Houston, thank you United Airlines. It seems the oxygen bottle for the flight crew was empty, and we waited for maintenance to bring the new bottle for an hour and a half, and another half hour for them to install. United Airlines pilot repeatedly came on and apologized for this seemingly ridiculous oversight, with phrases such as "we are very sorry for the delay, and we are highly embarrassed", which did nothing for the mood of the passengers. Even worse was the announcement for "the flight attendants please take your seats" when after another 1/2 hour we still hadn't pulled away from the gate. When we arrived in Placencia, at 3:45 p.m. it was a totally different story. We were ... read more
Dave and Donna Rink
Dave and Donna Rink

Our neighbours offered to let us use their kayak, so we set out to explore the lagoon around Placencia. Basically it's salt water canals, our townhouse for example is on a man made island in it. We head inland towards downtown. Our road looks a little different from the water. I haven't been in a kayak since I was a kid, I am not too nervous because this one's a double and Ian is sitting in the back doing the steering. Sorry I couldn't bring a camera along on the ride but the kayak was way to wet for our iphone, so I've posted a couple of pictures of the lagoon taken from land. The lagoon is mud bottom and not very deep, in some places only maybe a foot or two, in others we can't ... read more

Everyone is a little different in terms of their expectations for a vacation. We picked Belize to rest, relax and rejuvenate after a very busy year of work and here are our top picks about the place: At the top of the list is the two little Islands we visited by boat tour, Laughing Bird Caye and Ranguana Island. Both are nothing short of spectacular right from the time you approach them by boat, white sand beaches, palm trees waving in the wind, pelicans fishing, beautiful warm clear ocean water, great snorkelling - basically these were just post card perfect for a tropical vacation expectation and something not to be missed. In a close second is our accomodations. Without really knowing anything about the place, somehow we ended up in the nicest neighbourhood in Placencia. Sure ... read more
Kids Helping with Yard Work
Sexyberry Smoothie

We head out early about 8:30 am with Sonny and Leo from Ocean Motion Tours - desination Ranguana Private Island just over an hour from Placencia by boat. It is a stellar day, hot, sunny and calm, can't get any better. We pick up two other couples from Ontario and off we go. About 15 minutes into the trip we spot a pod of dolphins, bottlenose and spotted. We slow down and they play alongside the boat for a few minutes. Seeing dolphins is a sign of luck we are told, cool. After about another hour we arrive at Ranguana Island. It is postcard beautiful, just gorgeous. White sandy beaches, palm trees, pelicans. There is one family living there caretaking the place. There are a few simple cabins where you can stay the night, we are ... read more
Ian's Torn Shorts

I always say it takes the first two weeks of any vacation to get things turned off and really figure out the new place you find yourself in. As far as this trip goes - we have fully accomplished both. It was a really busy year for our business back home, working steady right up until the day we left. But after a couple of weeks in Belize, I have never seen Ian more rested and relaxed, he's almost finished reading his fourth book. As for figuring things here out, we really know our way around now, see many of the same people every day. We've tried all the restaurants, like anywhere, some are very good while others aren't great but overall the food here is really good and we can drink the water right from ... read more
Yollis Bar & Grill

We get on our bikes and start riding north, it's hot today, hot and sunny. We're riding and riding, seems harder than usual, we turn the corner and ahhh, a nice breeze from off the ocean starts to cool me down. Like usual Ian is about 1/4 mile ahead of me. I still can't figure out why it seems like I have to pedal twice as many times to keep up with him. Oh well, I breathe in the cool breeze, my clothes are starting to stick to my hot and sweaty body. How much further? My god, it seems like we've been going for miles and miles and just then I spot a building up ahead with a large thatch roof, I hope that's it. It is! Yay, we made it to the Turtle Inn. ... read more
Cabana Accomodations
Interior Courtyard

It must be about 20 years since I last rode a bike and I can't recall ever seeing Ian ride one, but it's like they say, something you never forget how once you've learned how. The tires are flat but otherwise the bikes here in the condo are in really good shape. After we borrow the hand pump from the caretaker, our first stop is the Road Kill Tire Shop to get them a little more pumped up. It's maybe half a mile. After that - we're ready to go. There's only one road in Placencia and so we head North along the Penninsula towards the airport (I use that term loosely, more like an airstrip.) We pass by lots of residences and notice tons and tons are for sale. There's also lots of developments or ... read more
Security at Turtle Inn
Maria and Carmen's Taco Stand

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