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We get on our bikes and start riding north, it's hot today, hot and sunny. We're riding and riding, seems harder than usual, we turn the corner and ahhh, a nice breeze from off the ocean starts to cool me down. Like usual Ian is about 1/4 mile ahead of me. I still can't figure out why it seems like I have to pedal twice as many times to keep up with him. Oh well, I breathe in the cool breeze, my clothes are starting to stick to my hot and sweaty body. How much further? My god, it seems like we've been going for miles and miles and just then I spot a building up ahead with a large thatch roof, I hope that's it. It is! Yay, we made it to the Turtle Inn. ... read more
Cabana Accomodations
Interior Courtyard

It must be about 20 years since I last rode a bike and I can't recall ever seeing Ian ride one, but it's like they say, something you never forget how once you've learned how. The tires are flat but otherwise the bikes here in the condo are in really good shape. After we borrow the hand pump from the caretaker, our first stop is the Road Kill Tire Shop to get them a little more pumped up. It's maybe half a mile. After that - we're ready to go. There's only one road in Placencia and so we head North along the Penninsula towards the airport (I use that term loosely, more like an airstrip.) We pass by lots of residences and notice tons and tons are for sale. There's also lots of developments or ... read more
Security at Turtle Inn
Maria and Carmen's Taco Stand

It was one of the busiest travel days of the year when we leave Spokane at 8:30 pm on Sunday, after changing planes in Phoenix, then Miami, we are pretty much bags of dirt by time we arrive in Belize City at noon the following day. We always said we would never fly on United or Amerian Airlines, but there we were for 8.5 hours in the air with our knees cramped up on the seats in front of us seated in one of the last rows on all three planes - needless to say that getting here was less than pleasant. Good thing that all turned around once we transferred onto Maya Air in Belize City. We loaded onto a small single engine plane heading towards Placencia, our final destination. The plane could hold 12 ... read more
Belize Coastline

After the slightly stressful plane ticket episode at Fort Lauderdale, we finally arrived in Cancun around midday. However there was going to be no hanging around in Cancun with the 'Spring breakers', as we were heading straight down to Belize that day. We booked two bus tickets for 10pm that evening which would take us from Cancun to Belize City. It was a pleasant surprise when it suddenly occurred to us that Belize is an English speaking nation which meant we didn't have to struggle with our pathetic Spanish vocabulary. In the meantime, we had about nine hours to kill and nowhere to go. Hungry, phone batteries getting low and in need of wifi to do some planning for the week ahead, we did what anyone would do...headed straight for Maccy D's! Before we knew it, ... read more
Gem & Rich on Silk Caye
Gem giving diving a go
Laughing Bird Caye's incredible waters

After a seemingly extra-long and dreary Winter in the Great White North, and a month straight of painting the house we decided it was time for a break and quick one week escape to warmer climes...islands in the Caribbean are typically the easiest/warmest spots to get to from where we are, but as we are not all that keen on the whole "all-inclusive" scene we turned our gaze a little further south to Central America...and after a bit of research discovered this little town on a peninsula in southern Belize called Placencia...okay! So away we went...both the Lovely K and I had been to CA before and really liked it, so a great opportunity to check out another experiences had mostly been on the Pacific side and interior (Nicaragua/Costa Rica) so was looking forward to ... read more
Self Portrait!
Sunrise from our porch

After staying in Placencia for more than an hour we decided that it was by far not one of our favorite spots! Our one and only night in Placencia, Belize was very eventful so I thought I'd write a blog dedicated to that night only!To start off with we found everyone there quite rude, most of our travelling all the locals have been very friendly, we assumed that it was because it seem to be a regular American holiday spot so they were used to seeing foreign faces. There was only 2 hostels there that were awful but the only thing in our price range so after picking between buggy old smelly and dirty or a bit less buggy old no running water and a bit ... read more

Relaxed... is an understatement after being submerged into the 'go slow' jamaican atmosphere in Caye Caulker.. ! We spent most of our days in a hammock or searching for one whilst enjoying the local rum!!! Caye caulker was a tiny island that we could walk around easily in about an hour. There were no cars allowed on the island so it consisted of walkers and golf carts! We actually stayed by the local school so everyday we saw the children in their pretty school uniforms head to school, they actually get a break at noon for an hour to go home for lunch which i thought was quite lucky! Everyone was very relaxed and welcoming on Caye Caulker, we met a few couples, one canadian, 2 english couples and our neighbours Nick and Morgan who we ... read more
What our rainy days consisted of! plus our neighbours, yatzee and cards!
The boat that took us snorkeling.
Snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef!

Friday 20th Jan - Placencia to San Pedro Sula, Honduras Todays boat ride was most definitely not for the faint hearted or for those susceptible to sea sickness. Imagine dropping your washing machine into a bath and it managing to float whilst still functioning properly and repeatedly bouncing up and down on it for 2 hours and you go a small way to getting the feel for it. Having arrived in Honduras shaken and stirred we jumped onto our 1st air conditioned bus and headed to the industrial capital of the country, San Pedro Sula. Our hotel, La Posada, was extremely nice as were our hosts Alex and his wife, for the brief time we were there. Saturday 21st Jan - SPS to Managua, Nicaragua A 3.45am alarm call and who thought that travelling was all ... read more

Rain: My best purchase of the month, maybe the year (oh no, I bought my Kindle this year) is my shiny new, plastic rain gauge. I’m so curious about the amount of rain falling here nightly. During rainy season, we get the most incredible storms after dark and sometimes wake up to a village under water! I happen to live in a house that is surrounded my low area that likes to flood….. I call this The Moat. It’s at this time I don’t even feel the need lock up my bike because NO one’s coming through that swamp! We’ve been averaging about 13mm of rain each night (little over a half inch) but we had two nights in a row that had 80mm and 82mm, respectively…over 6.5 inches in two nights! And now I sit ... read more
...that will never be forgotten!
A great moat in my backyard
And to the north

The somewhat inconvenient thing about living in Guatemala is that every 90 days my visa expires. So that meant that I had to leave the country for 72 hours and then come back in to renew my visa. Therefore, I had to suffer through spending 72 hours on the southern Belizean beaches of Placencia. It was amazing! It was a long journey from the mountainous highlands of Coban to the Placencia Peninsula. Two buses, a boat, another bus, another boat, a short hike, a hitched ride, and a day and a half later I arrived on the pristine white sand, palm lined beach. I wandered around the small town, population 900, and it was readily apparent that this was their off season. Several restaurants and bars were closed for the season or to complete renovations while ... read more
More amazing beach

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