Kayaking the Lagoon

Published: December 28th 2014
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Our neighbours offered to let us use their kayak, so we set out to explore the lagoon around Placencia. Basically it's salt water canals, our townhouse for example is on a man made island in it. We head inland towards downtown. Our road looks a little different from the water. I haven't been in a kayak since I was a kid, I am not too nervous because this one's a double and Ian is sitting in the back doing the steering. Sorry I couldn't bring a camera along on the ride but the kayak was way to wet for our iphone, so I've posted a couple of pictures of the lagoon taken from land.

The lagoon is mud bottom and not very deep, in some places only maybe a foot or two, in others we can't see the bottom. On the town side, the shore is built up with a seawall fronting rows of houses and boats parked along the side. On the other side, it's all just mangro, a tree like plant that grows like weeds, their roots exposed well up above the water similar to a banyon tree.

I am not quite getting the paddling part down, my paddle intermittently crashing into Ian's paddle, so I just stop and put my paddle across the kayak, enjoy the ride and let Ian do all the work. It's really sunny and very hot after all, I wish I would have put on more sunscreen before we left.

Anyway, we paddle along maybe half a mile or so towards the heart of town. The lagoon is like a maze, little waterways going in different directions. Some along roads, others just end at nothing and we have to turn around, while others connect up to even more. They all should end up at the ocean, or at least that's our thoughts.

We head back towards home in a different direction around another island, I am convinced we can't get through that way, Ian tells me to relax or he's going to dump me out. I don't like that idea at all, it's not deep but I am pretty sure there are nasty critters in the lagoon and not something I really want to test. We've been together every minute of every day for over a month, I wonder if there is just a very slight possibility that I might be getting on his nerves? Maybe just a little?

At this point I pick up my paddle and start helping again, we paddle over and check out a sunken piece of equipment that's been abandoned which he wants to look at. Then we make our way back through a tiny path in the mangro where I don't really want to go but we end up in the canal right near our road. Yes Honey, you were right... again.


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