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Europe » Switzerland August 1st 2013

The August 1st long weekend in Switzerland we decided to head South, as south as possible, to the border of Switzerland - Italy - France. We did part of Grand Combins tour and TMB. Route - Zurich HB - Brig - Lausanne - Martigny - Fionnay (slightly cheaper and longer than way through Bern) La Fouley - Day 1: The trip started from Fionnay (instead of Mauvoisin due to fear of snow on the way), and day 1 was long train ride from Zurich + gaining 1200m to get to the Panossiere hut. The hut is situated right next to big glacier of Grand Combins. It was almost like the Blue Glacier I had seen before. The view is dominated by 2 huge set of mountains. The hike up is usual grueling straight up climb, ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Cappadocia April 30th 2013

Cappadocia I had read so much about the amazing landscape and its cave houses that we had to go here. The place did not disappoint. We took a overnight bus from Antalya. Even after asking many times that we don't want to change in Nevsehir, we got a bus that only went to Nevsehir and had to get down there, wait for at least 30min before finding another bus to go to Gerome. There we wanted to stay at Gerome campsite, but we were still quite tired from the hike, so decided to stay at Dilek which was closer to city center. There were quite a few other campers there and the owner is great and very helpful. We decided to walk through the Red and Rose Valleys in the morning to reach Cavusin and then ... read more
mini grand canyon
White and Honey valley
Blue mosque

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas April 27th 2013

Day 3 - Bezirgan - Saribelen - Gokceoren Today we decided to get up early and then take a break during afternoon when its really hot. Still we got up around 6:00 and left around 7:00. After a short downhill walk we reached Bezirgan We were hoping to get some breakfast here but the town looked closed. We did not really want to get off the trail, so did not really go into the village. We though we will have food at the next village Serebalen which was about 7km away. Little did we know that its 7km of up and down and up again. After Bezirgan, the there is a steep climb for about 20min, and then it took us to a nice wide slightly uphill road. I thought this is good, we are finally ... read more
home food
Third campsite
14+ to go

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas April 25th 2013

Walking along the Lycia way - part of it - was a sort of last minute decision. We had thought about it when planning our Turkey trip but dismissed it as it would have involved lot of domestic travel and would take days away from other things. But true to our nature - hikers at heart - we curtailed other plans to accomodate the backpacking trip. Overall we hadnt planned much about the trip. We had a broad idea of the route and had picked the Patara to Kas portion of the hike, but didnt know the distances between the campsites or the elevation profile or whether it was well maintained etc. We assumed it would be a easy hike and we have already done a lot of hiking so it was up our alley. Oh ... read more
First campsite
water well
ruined wall

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul April 23rd 2013

A short 3hr flight from Zurich and we were in Istanbul. Taking the visa on entry was easy. If you have a valid US or Schengen visa / resident card, Indians can get it on the spot by paying a $20 fee. When we arrived, the visa lines were mostly empty and it took us under 30 min to complete the process going from one window to other. We exchanged some currency there, not recommended due to high fee and bad rates. As we will find there are much better places to do this outside near Aksaray. From there we went to the metro station where we were suppose to meet our couchsurfing host. He got busy and was not there, so we bought a 32TL phone card of some unknown company, another mistake. We called ... read more
A busy square
Grand Bazar
Patara ruins

Africa » Tanzania April 13th 2013

Because so many people asked me about planning, cost etc. of the trip, I decided to put it all in this page. Planning for a trip to Kilimanjaro takes months. It stats with: Deciding on the time of year you want to go. Which route you want to use for the climb. How many days do you want to spend on the mountain. What, if anything you want to do before / after the climb. I found lot of information about time of year, routes etc. at www.ultimatekilimanjaro.comThese decisions are probably the most difficult parts of planning and you want to take these at least 3 - 4 months in advance, if not more. On an average people start planning 6 months in advance for such trips. The next big thing is deciding on which company ... read more

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Varanasi December 21st 2012

Varanasi or Banaras or Kashi is heart of Indian religious culture and also one of oldest cities in the world, right along with Damascus, Jerusalem, Luxor etc. The city is on banks of Holy river Ganga, and is a unique place where Ganga flows east - west. The city is one of major centers of Hindu religion, and also has one of the major Buddhist centers Sarnath nearby. Day 1 We reached Mughal Sarai station by an overnight train from Kolkata. Surprisingly the train was on time. Its about an hour drive from Varanasi city and Banaras Hindu University where we were staying. First item of day was breakfast. We were there to attend a conference, so the breakfast was arranged there. It was a completely yummy typical Indian breakfast of aalu puri. I loved it! ... read more
Kathak performance

Asia » India » Andaman & Nicobar Islands » Havelock Island December 19th 2012

In the morning, we wanted to have dosa breakfast at the same place again. We were taken to Kayak office "diveindia" in taxi. We were quoted Rs 3500 for both, which seemed a bit steep, but compared to other countries, comparable. Once we reached the office, we discovered that Kayak guide lady has actually advised against going at that time because its too hot and we will be blinded by sun's reflection on water. I can see that, but someone our agent did not communicate that to us. So we agreed to go in the evening, and now we had half day to kill. The guide wanted us to go back to hotel in taxi and bring us back at 2:00, but we did not want to go all the way back. Good decision as it ... read more

Asia » India » Andaman & Nicobar Islands » Havelock Island December 18th 2012

We got up early to get ready for snorkel boat. I thought we should call our agent as afterall we booked everything with him. He proposed the same boat trip for Rs 1000 as he had 3 other folks going to the beach. Fine by us, we wanted to share anyway. Then we had really nice dosa breakfast there. On the way to Elephant beach, we saw some people Kayak, and thought perhaps we should also Kayak. Elephant beach was nice, it was small and we were there early, so there was some peace. We immediately got into water. Both of us were anxious to try our new found swimming skills, and they helped. Then the guide said he will take us snorkel one by one because he was actually going to hold our hand and ... read more

Asia » India » Andaman & Nicobar Islands » Havelock Island December 17th 2012

We started our journey to Andaman at Chennai airport. Flight to Port Blair was normal. On landing itself we could feel that we are on a tropical island, though different from other islands we have been to. The vegetation here seemed sparse and there was the usual disorder of India. We had booked the ferry ticket to other island through an agent and expected him to send someone with the tickets to airport. Someone came, and he knew nothing about the tickets! Ferry terminal was a short ride from airport and this man charged us Rs500 for that, totally outrageous. We were ready to pay that price when the deal came with tickets in hand at airport so that we could relax have lunch etc. Then we had to stand in line in sun for the ... read more

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