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Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens June 21st 2015

Day to leave! I was quite done with relaxing on the beach, it was time to go back into routine. We packed the tent which unfortunately we have to carry back now :(. The mat I got before was very helpful and packing was smooth. Breakfast was the last remaining Greek yogurt and then we decided to get some fresh bread from the store. I said bye and thanks to the great staff, and they said "see you next year", and I could not help but think - hmm, its possible, though I make it a point not to go to same place again, but if I want to just sit and relax on beach this nice and known beach is as good as any. Anyway, that's for next year who knows where Greece will be ... read more
ancient church

Europe » Greece » South Aegean June 20th 2015

Today was biking day. We decided to rent a bicycle and ride down to one end of the island. It is suppose to be full of beautiful beaches on the way. So that is what we did. Took the bike early morning from the campsite and started down along the beach road. Soon the road ended and we were on the beach. Early morning there was a nice secluded beach where we decided to take the first dip. So off in bathing suits on this sandy beach, we had some fun spotting more fish and just swimming. Then back to biking again. Riding on the beach at edge of the water was interesting. Then we joined the road back which led to the next town. This place was full of people doing water sports like wind ... read more
Rocky beach
lunch spot
Some building at end of island

Europe » Greece » South Aegean June 18th 2015

When I discover a nice, relaxed, less touristy perfect place on my travel, I am always two minded about blogging about it. The blogger in me wants to record every moment of that, but the nature lover wants me to keep it a secret and preserve it from rampant tourism that has destroyed so many other places. So as a compromise, I am going to talk about the place but not actually name it, though most of you will probably recognize the place as though it is not as full of tourists as Santorini, but there are a fair number of them here, probably more packed in July/August. Getting off the boat I had already decided to go for the less jazzy campsite without pool and bar to get some solitude. It was definitely a great ... read more
View for Gods
Campsite cafe

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini June 16th 2015

Today we took the bus from Fira side to other side of the Island to Perissa. The bus route is through a nice vineyard hill with very nice views of the whole island. Wish we knew and had planned that hike, but there was no time. The other side is less built up with buildings and has a beach. We decided to camp at Perissa camping We were prepared to rent a tent, but found out that this place does not rent tents at all. The only option was to either buy a new tent or stay in a cabin. Since we were set on camping, we ended up buying the tent. There were some people on the campsite, and some looked like they have been living there permanently. The campsite is right on the ... read more
Red beach

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini June 15th 2015

Day 1: I landed in Santorini early in the morning flying in from Athens. Finally to the land of picture perfect whitewashed houses. For the first night we stayed at a canvas tent in one of the campsites. The campsite had a nice pool which was perfect for hot afternoon. After settling in to the campsite, it was off to the pool and taste some (touristy) Greek cuisine. Afternoon was reserved for a hike from Fira to Oia. It is a well travelled hiking path which is suppose to end at village of Oia at sunset. So that was the plan. We started off from the town of Fira. The hike starts next to a long line which was for a cable car that goes down to the beach. It was interesting walking past the line, ... read more
Whitewashed pools
Sunset at Oia

Africa » Morocco » Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz December 31st 2014

Here are some tips we learnt about travel to Marrakesh and surrounding areas. The Jamaa El Fna square is nice to roam around and see daily activities presented for the tourists. The activities change from morning to evening to night. The food there is not great at the square though, at least not the vegetarian ones - couscous and tagine. The night stalls are cheap, typically 30 MAD for a entre, but I found them mostly tasteless. The restaurants that line the square are no better either. We found much better tasting and cheaper food in small lanes. In the evening in the lane next to cafe France there are little shops with women making parathas, hot from tava, yummy. We had one paratha stuffed with tomato and onion chutney, one milk shake of dates and ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz December 29th 2014

Day 3: We took our time to get up today. The trek today was mostly down, not many views. There is a small pass to scale but nothing much. We meet some school children on the way. They were very interested in our names, in French, so I practiced the few words of French I know. Then we met a lamb who wanted to follow us home. It was so cute. We had another 1hr+ lunch by the river before heading back to Imlil. Our guide had mostly abandoned us to you to nearby town while we waited for lunch to be cooked. It's OK to go run your errands while we wait for lunch but at least he could have informed us instead of sneaking out and leaving us with mule driver who barely understood ... read more
Mule and Mohommad
Our guide

Africa » Morocco » Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz December 27th 2014

Today morning we started off at 9:00 for Imlil. The tour guide picked us up at the jamaa el fna square and dropped off at the taxi stand. There we met with 3 other Spanish tourists for a shared taxi. We reached Imlil and met with the actual guide. That is when we came to know that the tour operator we had paid money to had not communicated anything. The guide thought that we are there for day trip and will leave next day. Then started the phone calls and communication with language and bad cell reception barriers. Finally the guide said today have to do a day trek but tomorrow can do a 2 day trek. Fine, not exactly what we paid for but close enough. Good thing was that we were staying with the ... read more
Near the mountains
At Mizik pass
Frozen waterfalls

Africa » Morocco » Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz » Marrakech December 26th 2014

The Riad Naya where we are staying is a bit run down. It's an old building, the room has odd smell. The attached bathroom really is just behind a partition in the room, with no door, and I think the smell is partly because of that. The owner does not live here, it's run by 2 guys who are really nice, but it's not the same as family run Riads we heard about. We spent the day walking in Marrakech, site seeing, getting lost in the streets. We saw a mosque and then Bahia palace which is impressive. Then we shopped around a bit for a tour to Imlil. Originally we wanted to walk this on our own but later decided to hire a guide to take care of the logistics. Lunch was at a nice ... read more
The sign next to DO NOT USE agent

Africa » Morocco » Grand Casablanca » Casablanca December 25th 2014

Summary: Casablanca does not have much, just a big mosque which is worth seeing. In Marrakech airport bus is very good to get to city center. Casablanca to Marrakech train or bus are much convenient than taking a flight. We reached here yesterday night, the flight was OK. At airport it took long time to get out of immigration because the person at our counter was really slow. I think that rarely see Indian tourists so he was quite amused at our passport. He flipped through all the visas showing it to person on next counter. Thankfully we had enough time to catch the one an hour train into the city. The way to hotel was long, treason and then tram and then quite a bit of walking. But we finally reached by 9:00pm. 25th December ... read more
Grafiti in Casablanca
The Mosque

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