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South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima April 29th 2006

We did not get to spend much time in Lima, just a day's layover. So we took a taxi right from airport and went to see a museum, and then just hunted for food before returning to Airport. Finding vegetarian food, while easy in Cusco, was definately a concern in Lima. We were there for just a day, and it was really hard to find vegetarian food. Not even plain rice, apparantly they all make their rice con pollo, chicken. We roamed a lot in the main square, half of the places were closed too. Then spotted a hare-rama hare-krishna group chanting away in middle of the road. I had a very overwhelming urge to go and ask them where can we get vegetarian food! But I did not, I was sure I am going to ... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Inca Trail April 25th 2006

We were going to do the 4-day Inca trail. Day 1: A train takes us to start of the trail. This day is mostly quiet, just walking uphill on the old inca trail which is made up of broken steps now. The altitude was having an effect and our going was already slow. On the way we saw some old ruins, had a nice soup based lunch prepared by the cook. On the way it had started raining a bit, but we were prepared of that. At a high point, we stopped and the guide told us about the trail and ruins etc. It was nice surreal place, covered in clouds on the path of famous Incas. Day 2: Today is the toughest day of hike. We will be climbing 1500ft, then down 1500ft and then ... read more
On the way
Day 2

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco » Cusco April 24th 2006

It was one of the most wonderful trips I have taken so far, the most difficult hike, part of it because I was not in a very good shape. But otherwise also a very fun trip. If I get a chance, I would definately do this again, but its a short life and that is not going to happen. But I am not going to write a lot here. I wrote my diary while on the trip, something new I tried. And memories are fading now, names are slipping. So here are some anecdotes. The hostel where we stayed in Cusco : Samay Wasi I picked this hotel because the name was very Indian, time resident or something like that. The hostel was ok, no complains, nothing special also. Though the bed was really small, ... read more
Ruins nearby

More beaches We drove to north this time to see other beaches. We ate some good food at Mediterranean restaurant. The first beach we hit was Hapuna Beach. Its a very beautiful, full of really soft sandy like valvet. I absolutely loved it. Then we went to Spencer Beach. I bought Rahul a music instrument for his birthday, so we tried playing that on the beach. This was much more quieter and also had a camping place. If we knew, we probably would have camped there, right on the beach. On the way back, we also caught a really nice sunset. Last day - more snorkeling Today was Rahul's birthday and our last day on Hawaii. I could not believe the trip was getting over, it was such a perfect trip. We spent the morning packing ... read more
rental car

Today was day to drive to Volcano National park. The drive was nice, especially with our convertible. On the way we could already see lava from many years in layers. We wanted to camp there, so we thought we should first get a spot and then head into the park. It was a smart move given that we got really delayed at night. After setting camp, we went into the park and took the Crater rim drive. On the way we saw Lava tubes, devastation trail and numerous crater lookouts. Then we went on Chain of Craters drive which is again full of all craters. We also took a short Petroglyph trail which has some patroglyphs carved on the lava rocks. No one has been able to decipher those yet. On the way we saw some ... read more
Fresh lava
Snake head lava

Getting there We started for airport in the afternoon for flight to Kona at 2:55p.m. Flight was on time and totally full. Most of the people got off at Maui our first stop and a more popular holiday destination. We reached Kona airport by 7:00pm. The airport was a big surprise. We were expecting it to be small, but this was, well... lets say very different. First we got off the plane by a ladder, the old fashioned way. The airport was a set of huts, yes, thatch roof huts, no air-conditioning, no sophisticated machinery, a very primitive nice airport. From the airport we headed off to get the car. Getting the car took looong time, waiting outside in warm air, looking at other people arriving. Then when it was our turn, they upgraded us to ... read more
beautiful beach

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