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April 29th 2006
Published: January 6th 2013
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We did not get to spend much time in Lima, just a day's layover. So we took a taxi right from airport and went to see a museum, and then just hunted for food before returning to Airport.

Finding vegetarian food, while easy in Cusco, was definately a concern in Lima. We were there for just a day, and it was really hard to find vegetarian food. Not even plain rice, apparantly they all make their rice con pollo, chicken. We roamed a lot in the main square, half of the places were closed too. Then spotted a hare-rama hare-krishna group chanting away in middle of the road. I had a very overwhelming urge to go and ask them where can we get vegetarian food! But I did not, I was sure I am going to find at least a sandwich. So we went from restaurant to retaurant asking, no vege food. Then someone told, there is a vege restaurant at some corner of the block. So we walked, we asked and we walked. That's one good thing about being in a non-'Developed' country, people are still nice, people are still willing to take few seconds to give you directions. So finally we found this really small place, which looked more like a store and it served vege food. I wanted to just eat everything in the menu. But ended up with a tortilla or something, a very familiar name. When it came, guess what it was! It was a rich omelet with rice!! oh, well, Peruvian food. It was good.

After our stomachs were full and heart was also once again full of hopes for vegetarians everywhere, we took a local tampo (yes dears, a tampo, shared van, very Indian style). Feeling like a total local, chatting away in Spanish, it was a really good day in the end. We reached airport soon, walked around a very Indian looking airport, entered like a local and took our plane back.


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