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South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Mendoza November 21st 2008

One afternoon, just to get out of the hostel, I joined a wine tasting tour. I learnt that it was not just wine tasting we were doing but tasting other goodies. I got picked up from my hostel, later than the time they said but I have to remember I am in South America and not the UK, we picked up some more people from other hostels and we then began our tour. First of all, we stopped at Carmine Granata, a traditional bodega. We had a tour round and sampled some wine including Malbec. I bought some Malbec for home. The next bodega, we went to Cerchin where they produced organic wine. We sampled some red and white wine. I preferred the white wine and it reminded me of the homemade elderflower wine back home. ... read more
Our guide at Carmine Granata
At Cecchin Bodgeda
Our guide at Cecchin

South America » Chile » Araucanía » Pucón November 21st 2008

I caught the 9.15 am bus from Pucon to Santiago. I felt sad leaving Pucon after having such a wonderful time and will miss my memories made there. I decided to get a day bus so I can able to spend a minimum time in Santiago and get my connecting overnight bus to Mendoza. The bus journey was uneventful but long!! It took around about eleven hours to reach Santiago and it was a nice opportuity to ride through Chile´s Central Valley, which is beautiful. I was so glad to get off the bus and use the time to use the bathroom, check my emails and get something to eat. Whilst I was eating, I was watching the news on TV and there had been strikes across Chile involving the Civil Servants. I wondered if this ... read more
Through Chile´s Central Valley

South America » Chile » Araucanía » Pucón November 18th 2008

One afternoon, I joined a mini van tour around Trancura and Lincura valley. This, again, was part of my adventure package. There was Ricardo, from Brazil, who joined me and Mauricio, the driver/guide. The three of us began setting off stopping first at Saltos de Marimann and then Ojos de Carbargua. The waterfalls were stunning especially the Ojos de Carbargua. Afterwards, we stopped for a comfort break at Lago Carbargua. The lake was stunning but it is a place where I would not like to visit in the summer with the masses of tourists descending to the resort. After seeing the lake, we made out way to the Termas Quimey-co, which was a wonderful way to relax in the pools by the river and the jacuzzi was my highlight!! We spent around one and a half ... read more
Los Ojos del Carbargua
Volcanic Region, Pucon
Saltos de Mariman

South America » Chile » Araucanía » Pucón November 18th 2008

From Valdivia, I had a very eventful journey. We were making good progress on our journey and suddenly there was a sudden bang and bus sounded unhealthy. At first, the drivers did not know what was happening even if I suspected it was a burst tyre. For a bit, the bus trundled on for a bit in the slow lane and ended up stopping. They explained it would take around an hour and a half for a replacement bus to come and take us to Villarrica and Pucon. There were some unhappy people who let their feelings known to the drivers but there was nothing more we could do except sit and wait. However, not so long after, Auto Ruta Rescue arrived (Chile´s answer to AA and RAC!) and assisted the drivers. It turned out to ... read more
At The Tree House
The vineyards
Volcan Villarrica

South America » Chile » Araucanía » Pucón November 16th 2008

One afternoon, I decided, reluctantly, to do some horse riding, I have not been horse riding for two to three years because of almost from having a serious accident on a horse whilst cantering in North Wales, UK. The experience affected my confidence (especially with cantering) and for a long time I had been put off doing the activity. However, the main reason, for choosing horse riding was to admire the great outdoors Pucon has to offer and I was not disappointed. I was picked up from my hostel and we made our way to the farm, crossing the Rio Trancura, where we did our trek. I rode with a New Zealand couple (Hamish & Norma), an American couple and a South African guy. Alejandra from Antilco, a horse trekking company, was our guide. It was ... read more
On our way!
Scenery from Rio Trancura

South America » Chile » Araucanía » Pucón November 16th 2008

I wanted to do a Spanish course on my trip and to build up the little Spanish I already know. I wanted to be in a location where it is a short walk from my hostel and the lessons to be one-to-one. I remembered from last year how I was not really keen learning in a group and the ridiculous long commute I had to do every day when studying Spanish in Santiago. I chose Pucon because of being in a small town; the school offered one to one lessons and got a good deal with Cactus Languages a language courses company I highly recommend Monday to Saturday mornings (Tuesday was my day off for trekking in Huerquehue National Park) were when I had my lessons. I went through and consolidated what I already learnt from ... read more
Me & Carolina
Carolina & Colleague

South America » Chile » Araucanía » Pucón November 13th 2008

I booked an activity package with the language school in Pucon. This included a day out at Parque Nacional Huerquehue with a guide. My guide, Dominique, met me at my hostel at 8.00am and we made our way to the bus terminal to catch our bus to the National Park. It was a beautiful day and I knew I would be guaranteed seeing stunning views and scenery. It took approximately half an hour by bus to reach the park entrance. We began walking and slowly ascending when we reached the CONAF station, I realised it would be a very steep ascent to the top. I did not appreciate how steep it was so I struggled and had to make frequent stops. Dominique was very patient with me. I think my breathing was more the issue than ... read more
Dawn´s Summit
Cascada Nido de Aguila
View from Mirador 2

South America » Chile » Los Ríos » Valdivia November 12th 2008

My arrival in Valdivia began with another potential accommodation issue. My check in at the hostel was vague. It took a while for someone to answer the door and the guy did not seem to know what he was doing when checking me in. I was not given a key to my room. It was not a confident start to my stay but, hey, it was only one night. I learnt later when returning to the hotel later on that the guy only started the job that day hence the vagueness was explained. The owner, Lio, reissued another invoice as the one previous was written out wrongly. Lio made my stay at the hostel very enjoyable plus I had an empty dorm room to myself, my own breakfast table and meeting Ramona, the hostel´s pet rabbit ... read more
By the river
Mercado Fluvial
Valdivia from the bridge

I felt sad during my stay in Barlioche. I saw these St Bernards dogs being presented for photo taking with tourists. No personal photos were allowed even when Alison insisted that she only wanted a photo of a dog and not with a dog! They did not listen to her plea nor were really interested. From mine, Alison´s and others´experiences, we were not encouraged to befriend the dogs without paying a price and the owners watched us like hawks. I am afraid this is something I feel uncomfortable with as I am a big dogs and cats lover. As this is bothering me, I wanted to share how I feel instead of bottling this up. My heart went out to those poor dogs who sat in the pouring rain and strong winds for hours on end ... read more
Sadness in Bariloche in 2011

I had a very early start for my return to Chile. We set off at 7.30am from Barlioche. I had visions of sleeping in and missing my bus but turned out to be no problems at all. I thought I had the aisle seat to myself but it was not to be as an Argentine chap came and sat in the seat so I did not have that privelege. We had a wonderful ride through Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi via Villa La Angostura and part of the Seven Lakes route. The scenery was stunning with the lakes and mountains. We eventually reached Argentine customs and we got our exit stamps. We were there about an hour and it was thought that my luggage was going to be searched but, thankfully, it was not. The driver seemed ... read more
At Chilean´s Frontier

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