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Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Leeds July 16th 2008

I learnt today that the Three Lakes Crossing (Puerto Varas to Barlioche (vice versa) is not operating at present. So I may have to change my plans travelling to Pucon. My alternative route maybe via San Martin de los Andes (the seven lakes region). However, I will probably decide when I get there what route I will take, and if the crossing is in operation. Final payment for the trip is due a week on Friday and now began saving up for my big trip out! yay! Another update later.... read more
Con amigos y amigas
Con amigos y amigas
Con amigos y amigas

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Leeds June 29th 2008

Just paid off my Spanish course, accommodation and Recreational package (including 1 day excursions and 2 half day excursions) for when I am in Pucon with Cactus Languages. I plan to stay there a week to learn Spanish at a local language school and partake activities in their great outdoors with a possibility of climbing up a volcano. I haven't book the volcano excursion yet as I decided to play this by ear and the weather there is known to be I hope for good weather during my stay so I can book to climb it as well as doing many other activities. Should be a great week! Four months (sixteen weeks) before I go! More update later, Dawn.... read more
A vina at Cajon del Maipo
A Lagoon at Vina Del Mar

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Leeds June 25th 2008

Just reserved my hostel accommodation for Barlioche and Mendoza. I booked rooms as I want my privacy and the rates were reasonable. The total cost of my hostel accommodation on this trip is how much I would pay for 3 nights for a room in a UK hostel! Half the cost! I am wating to receive information about booking the lakes crossing from Barlioche to Puerto Varas and when I can, I will be booking this along with odd nights' accommodation here and there! I wish the 4 months wait for this trip arrives now:) Another update later......... read more
Delights of Mendoza
Bodega La Rural

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Leeds June 22nd 2008

I have open a travelBlog account of my travels. My next blog is for the trip I am taking in October/November where I will be going to Chile and Argentina for 3.5 weeks. I wish it was a lot longer but with work commitments this is not possible at present but I intend to do a big trip in the near future so watch this space!... read more
Plaza de Armas
View from Cerro San Cristobel
Concha y Torro

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