All the way to Valdivia!

Published: November 10th 2008
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On our way!On our way!On our way!

Seven Lakes Region in Argentina.
I had a very early start for my return to Chile. We set off at 7.30am from Barlioche. I had visions of sleeping in and missing my bus but turned out to be no problems at all. I thought I had the aisle seat to myself but it was not to be as an Argentine chap came and sat in the seat so I did not have that privelege. We had a wonderful ride through Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi via Villa La Angostura and part of the Seven Lakes route. The scenery was stunning with the lakes and mountains. We eventually reached Argentine customs and we got our exit stamps. We were there about an hour and it was thought that my luggage was going to be searched but, thankfully, it was not. The driver seemed to have problem remembering our names on the day. He forgot mine a couple of times and, I had to, for example, explain in Spanish where I was on the list to the Immigration Police and reminding the driver at the same time! We then rode into "No man´s land" reaching Paso Cardenal Samore and to Chilean´s stingy customs post. Surprisingly, we were quicker entering, including customs, than what I thought. Mind you, we had to take everything off the bus even rubbish for the customs´sniffer dog to sniff at along with the hold luggage. Six hours later, via Parque Nacional Puyehue, we arrived in Osorno and I was so glad to get off the bus!! The journey felt really long even if I have travelled further on the trip! I think the time spent at immigration and customs made it longer.

I decided not to check out Osorno. It is a city that not offers much for the traveller and the tourist except for the amazing choice of buses and destinations across Chile and Argentina. If I had more time, I would have made Osorno my base and explored more of Puyehue National Park. At the bus station, I purchased a ticket for Valdivia where I decided to break up my journey between Osorno and Pucon. It took about 1.5 hours to reach Valdivia. I got my bearings with assistance from the tourist information office. She even spoke English to my surprise as I would not expect this. She directed me to the hostel and told me which bus company goes to Pucon afterwhich I booked my ticket for the next day. I am amazed how cheap the bus journeys are. The money I am paying for these journeys are less than what I would pay for a day return on a bus in Leeds!! These journeys I am making here are multiple the distance I would usually cover in Leeds!! So my diversion to Valdivia is cheaper than anticipated even if the cost was a long time!!!


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