Sadness in Bariloche

Published: November 12th 2008
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Sadness in Bariloche in 2011Sadness in Bariloche in 2011Sadness in Bariloche in 2011

I feel for the dogs being exploited this way!
I felt sad during my stay in Barlioche. I saw these St Bernards dogs being presented for photo taking with tourists. No personal photos were allowed even when Alison insisted that she only wanted a photo of a dog and not with a dog! They did not listen to her plea nor were really interested. From mine, Alison´s and others´experiences, we were not encouraged to befriend the dogs without paying a price and the owners watched us like hawks. I am afraid this is something I feel uncomfortable with as I am a big dogs and cats lover. As this is bothering me, I wanted to share how I feel instead of bottling this up. My heart went out to those poor dogs who sat in the pouring rain and strong winds for hours on end for a commercial gain. If the owners cared about the animals, they would not be so inflexible. Some of the dogs looked neglected and even the strays on the street looked more well looked after and healthier. I thought of how other animals, especially bears and donkeys in some countries, are used this way, maybe not necessary for photos, and sadly, in a lot of cases, are not treated the way they should be. I, for principle purposes, deliberately kept away from this and alternatively pictured better places where these dogs could be themselves. I think, some of my fellow travellers shared how I felt as they did not pose with the dogs. I could go on a lot further with the issue but for peace´s sake especially mine, I best stopping.


12th September 2009

that is so sad and I feel exactly as you do

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