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November 21st 2008
Published: November 21st 2008
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One afternoon, just to get out of the hostel, I joined a wine tasting tour. I learnt that it was not just wine tasting we were doing but tasting other goodies.

I got picked up from my hostel, later than the time they said but I have to remember I am in South America and not the UK, we picked up some more people from other hostels and we then began our tour.

First of all, we stopped at Carmine Granata, a traditional bodega. We had a tour round and sampled some wine including Malbec. I bought some Malbec for home. The next bodega, we went to Cerchin where they produced organic wine. We sampled some red and white wine. I preferred the white wine and it reminded me of the homemade elderflower wine back home.

Next, we went to an olive oil factory (Laur). Again, we had a mini tour (I noticed that the tours were getting shorter and emphasis placed on the shops at the end). We tried some olive oil with bread and other tried the olives (I do not like the olives). Finally, we went to a place (A la Antigua) where we had another mini tour of what they did and sampled chocolate liquors, dulce de leche, jams and chocolates. The samples were yummy and I bought some dulce de leche flavoured chocolate. I am enjoying the dulce de leche while I am in Argentina! Along with the ice cream and media lunes. Unfortunately, I have not been in the mood for steak and red wine.

After the visits, we returned to our hostels.

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At Cecchin BodgedaAt Cecchin Bodgeda
At Cecchin Bodgeda

An organic winery.
Our guide at LaurOur guide at Laur
Our guide at Laur

An Olive factory.
At A La AntiguaAt A La Antigua
At A La Antigua

Where we sampled chocolate liquors, dulce de leche, jams and chocolates.

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