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Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Alicante September 6th 2009

With my end of course assessment looming for my beginners' Spanish course, I wanted to consolidate what I learnt so far. This gave me an opportunity to travel to Alicante where Spanish Intensives run one week courses at different levels for students during the summer. I signed up for a beginners course (starting on the 29th August 2009) and hoped this would give me the confidence for the assessment. We had 4.5 hours of Spanish classes each day. There were 15 of us and we were split into two groups. I was in the "advanced" class and some others joined us from the other group during the week. We did a variety of activities in class which was good for developing confidence in speaking and writing skills. The classes were an interesting experience and I learnt ... read more
At the Residencia
Before my 1st Class
Those in my class

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris August 1st 2009

Giverny As far as I can remember, I always wanted to visit Monet's house. I am a big Monet fan and love his landscape paintings. One of my favourite paintings is of the waterlilies pond in the Japanese gardens of his home. I was very excited seeing the spot where he painted this! I decided to join a tour one afternoon. There were six of us in the minibus and we made our way to Giverny. I got chatting to Gisele, from Brazil, and Francie, from New Zealand, on the tour. It took us around an hour to reach the village. We received our VIP entry tickets and it was great that we did not have to queue! Makes a nice change! We had around two hours to look around the house and gardens. I walked ... read more
Monet's House

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris August 1st 2009

It has been eight months since travelling abroad and a trip was well overdue. So after an hour and a half flight delay and bumping into two old friends, Suzette and Wanda, we eventually got into Paris late. I travelled with Suzette and Wanda on the RER train to Gare du Nord where I got off and walked to my hostel. Fortunately, the hostel is open 24/7 and had no problems checking in. I booked myself in a dorm to save costs and shared the room with two friendly Korean girls, Soo-yeon and Yu-na. Despite not sleeping well throughout the trip and also being noisy outside, the hostel was conveniently located for the amenities and attractions. I spent just under a week in Paris. I did some cool and interesting things and the highlights shared over ... read more
Notre Dame
Notre Dame
Notre Dame

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Leeds June 28th 2009

Yesterday, I got my new travel money card to use on my forthcoming Paris and Alicante trips (and also for future trips). It is just under a month that I am off to Paris. Lately, I have been thinking where I would love to travel on future trips. The list is so long!!! I come to a realisation that it would not be possible to see everywhere and do everything in my life so I have to prioritise. I know where I do not want to go but the list is too short with just three countries! I have been doing some further research on my Paris and Alicante trips. I now have got some ideas of what I would like to do and, in the case of Alicante, expect to see. I have finally paid ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Leeds May 27th 2009

Today, I purchased my annual travel insurance with The Post Office. Originally, I was going to purchase it just for Europe but because of my travel plans for Europe and beyond over the next couple of years, I decided to extend it worldwide (except North America and the Caribbean where I do not intend to travel to). I got a good deal with The Post Office and it works out a lot cheaper than purchasing insurance for each single trip I plan to make. Their policy is very good and is more generous in comparison to other insurances policies I looked at when shopping around. I have almost paid off my Spanish course which I am doing in Alicante at the end of August and the next month or so, I plan to get my spending ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Leeds March 29th 2009

It has been a while since I last made an entry to my blog. Finally, I have got round to booking flights and making travel plans for this year. I have decided to stay in Europe and explore more of the continent. At the end of July, I have booked a trip returning to Paris coinciding with my birthday and having opportunities to explore more of the city. I would like to revisit some of my favourite sights, visit some art museums and check out some sights I have not yet seen. I had an amazing time in Paris last year where I attended French language classes for which was part of my GCSE French exam revision (I am happy to say that I passed!). Later on in the year, there are also plans to visit ... read more
The Eiffel Tower
Monet Painting at the Orangerie

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Leeds November 23rd 2008

After a very long, uncomfortable and uneventful flight including a change of plane in Paris, I finally made it to Manchester Airport where my parents met me and took me home. The hero returns scene. I was looking forward to my home comforts in the days to come. Looking back, this has probably been the best trip I made up to date. There has been a lot of highlights and a lot more than I anticipated. The big highlights were seeing Volcans Osorno and Villarrica in Chile and Cerro Aconcagua in Argentina. There has been some challenges especially with myself and concerning my stay in Mendoza. I do not expect an incident free or challenge free trip but I can say I got through those trials and look back at those as an achievement. I had ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago November 22nd 2008

After uncertainty and definitely anxiety of a strike threat involving Chilean immigration and customs staff, the day came when I would get the bus back to Santiago for my flight home the following day. I was very concerned because if the strike happened the consequences I would face would obviously seriously affect my plans returning home such as missing my flight! The threat did not help my issues I had in Mendoza. However it turned out not to be any problems at all. I got the bus OK and the bus was half empty. I think many travellers have deterred travelling to Chile because of the strike threat. The only bother I had were companies hassling me to buy tickets for Chile! I explained to them that I already prebooked my ticket. Obviously, the sales would ... read more
Approaching Chile
Chile´s Two Welcomes!
Chile´s Two Welcomes!

South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Mendoza November 22nd 2008

I remember the wonderful time we had in Mendoza last year and I was hoping to replicate this. However, my mood on this occasion was low. It all started with the Argentine Border Police not fully completing my entry formalities (so I need to explain that to them when I leave Argentina). On settling into the hostel, I lost my personal keys. I think I threw them away by accident. So I am getting copies organised for when I return home. The main issue was the hostel I stayed in. The Mendoza Inn is the worst hostel, in my opinion, I stayed in on my trip. I think I was spoilt at my previous hostel stays in Chile. At the Mendoza Inn, the staff, although friendly, did not really listen to me nor they were really ... read more
Plaza Independencia, Mendoza

South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Aconcagua November 21st 2008

I got picked up around about 7.30 am and we picked some more people from another hostel. We began out journey on the Ruta 40 (nothing special, just the suburbs of Mendoza) then we joined the Ruta 7 towards Chile. Our first stop, for a comfort break, was Uspallata, a village famed for Seven Years in Tibet movie and this was the village and the surrounding areas where the movie was made. We drove further into Alta Montaña stopping at some lakes after Uspallata then onto Fortin Puchueta. This colonial bridge has some significant history as the bridge was crossed by the San Martin forces during the campaign for independence from Spain in the 18th Century. We then began riding up to some amazing scenery until we reached Parque Provincial Aconcagua. We stopped at the entrance ... read more
First stop on our tour.
Fortin Pichueta
At Fortin Pichueta

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