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November 22nd 2008
Published: November 22nd 2008
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Plaza Independencia, MendozaPlaza Independencia, MendozaPlaza Independencia, Mendoza

I love the trees and the green there.
I remember the wonderful time we had in Mendoza last year and I was hoping to replicate this. However, my mood on this occasion was low. It all started with the Argentine Border Police not fully completing my entry formalities (so I need to explain that to them when I leave Argentina). On settling into the hostel, I lost my personal keys. I think I threw them away by accident. So I am getting copies organised for when I return home. The main issue was the hostel I stayed in. The Mendoza Inn is the worst hostel, in my opinion, I stayed in on my trip. I think I was spoilt at my previous hostel stays in Chile. At the Mendoza Inn, the staff, although friendly, did not really listen to me nor they were really interested in helping me with my cares and concerns. Also, I have seen better rooms on my travels. I was thankful to have my own room not a dorm bed. When my room was being prepared, I had to temporarily leave my luggage in a dorm. I was put off by the cramped beds, lack of space, the smells and the lack of security. The
Plaza Independencia, MendozaPlaza Independencia, MendozaPlaza Independencia, Mendoza

One of the few fountains in the plaza.
hostel dampened my spirits and, as for myself, I personally felt that travel fatigue was beginning to creep in. I felt very lonely in Mendoza and this was the time I wish I had a partner or a travelling companion but usually this is not an issue. The loneliness reminded me of some very lonely times I had when I was in Santiago last year. I met some travellers and an Argentine writer who I met at the Plaza Independencia and who gave me a poem, but I was on my own all the time. What did not help matters was the heat. This is the hottest weather I came across on my trip so far and I had trouble sleeping and dealing with the heat.

The only positive thing I can say about my stay in Mendoza were the trips I made to the bodegas (See Not just Wine Tasting!) and going up into the Alta MontaƱa (High Andes) (See High Up in the Andes!!!). Both tours were fantastic and they lifted my spirits a bit. Anyhow, I was keen to return to Chile to catch my flight home.

I did not take many photos of Mendoza as I was there last year (See the photos from my early blogs) and, besides, I was not in the mood.

Mendoza is an amazing place but I, personally, do not recommend staying in the Mendoza Inn and I know I will not return there. I look forward to returning to Mendoza some day and replicate the great time I had on my first visit there.


23rd November 2008

Chin Up!
Sounds like you've had a bad day or so. Hope it hasn't spoiled things too much for you. You'll need some warm clothes when you get home by the sounds of it!!
23rd November 2008

Just a blip!
Got over it and now back home. Now reflecting what an amazing trip I had! LOL Dawn

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