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12th November 2010

Wed are confused also
We have only published this once but it is not showing on the general website so unsure what is happening. Next blog hopefully coming shortly......
11th November 2010

Travel blog duplicates
Hello there you two Dont know whats gone wrong but have received the latest one ie 3 Nov 2010, three times now, it is good but having read it once I would prefer the next instalment. You are living the dream for all of us, keep going and keep enjoying. Love to you both
9th November 2010

Seems as though SWitzerland was a good warm up for this one xxx
8th November 2010

Hi Sheila, I always said you were fit! Sounds like you are enjoying a wonderful trip. I'm off to work! Love. John + Jan
7th November 2010

Boiling Mud
Hi Guys Don't think I like the look of the Boiling Mud think I will give that a miss thanks. Will email later for a catch up. Take care xx
From Blog: Volcanic Plateau
5th November 2010

we are so jealous!
Thank for mail and most recent blog. You are having such wonderful experiences!! Will mail again soon. Keep safe xxx
From Blog: Volcanic Plateau
4th November 2010

Mount Doom
Keep your eyes out for hobbits!
From Blog: Volcanic Plateau
4th November 2010

Hi - We are both fine and have just arrived in Wellington to catch to ferry to South Island on Saturday - cannot believe that we have completed North Island already - had some wonderful adventures which you can catch up with on our blog. Love to you both from us two XXXXXXXX
4th November 2010

Hi Andy, Just picked up your comment, although now and again don't have mobile broadband reception. The van is very comfortable, large fridge with freezer box, microwave, TV/DVD (currently showing Emmerdale!), plus loo and shower. Sheila and I are really enjoying this up market camping lark. Weather has been a bit variable, but it is early Spring here. Regards Paul
29th October 2010

?Full breakfast?
... is that the full breakfast without tomatoes, beans etc Sheila? We are not at all jealous of the experiences we read about (I'm such a liar). The hot water beach sounds blissful, shame you can't do that anywhere in England!
27th October 2010

Hi U2 Really finding your adventures very interesting, be safe and look after each other. Love Lx
22nd October 2010

Paul u naughty boy, arranging for a TV & DVD!!!!! Glad all is good with u both, so far! Am enjoying reading your blog... keep it up! We had a good time last w'end celebrating Stacy's 30th Birthday.... she had a party at home with all her friends & another one with us & all our friends in Weymouth! Another piece of news, Ben passed his driving test this morning... 1st time! Malcolm sends you both his love. Love from me too. Sue xx
21st October 2010

Paul, Be so careul with the camper van and lookout for those railway lines!! Cheers John + Jan
20th October 2010

You lucky people!
Its great to have all your news and we are green with envy! Did you do the "bungee" or was the fear of abuse of your poor joints too much of a concern? Quite understandable if not. Will write a bit more later but just wanted to let you know that we are receiving your blog and following your progress. Your house is still standing just about - only kidding. Your tenants are exceptionally well-behaved and the cooking smells from their (well yours really) kitchen is making us wish they'd invite us round for a meal!! You're not missing anything here although weather hasn't been too cold until today. Actually sat in the garden the last 2 Sundays but perhaps not quite BBQ time. Anyway will write again soon. Continue having fun.
17th October 2010

Your travels
Hello you two, well you are certainly taking retirement by the horns, trust you to do it in style. Sounds and looks great, keep enjoying and keep us informed. Love to you both
From Blog: TEN TEN TEN
16th October 2010

Latest Blog
Wow, I'm really jealous. Make sure you don't tire yourselves out too much with all the sightseeing. xxx
From Blog: TEN TEN TEN
9th October 2010

Bon Voyage xxxxx
9th October 2010

Well Done Sheila!
Congratulations Sheila on achieving such a lot in crossing the bridge at Tintagel & climbing up to rescue the little boy, how exhilarated you must feel on accomplishing these things-not to mention the recue itself!! Enjoy your time away, we are travelling with you albeit from the comfort of the armchair, but have promised ourselves a drink every time you blog (keep it coming)!! Love from us both

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