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Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo June 27th 2011

27 June – Mostar to Sarajevo – almost an hourly bus so got 11am - very crowded and some people standing half the way who got on later. At about 3pm arrived in Sarajevo after getting the tram from rail which is a bit out and taking a stab at where to get off at the Cathedral (it does a loop thru the old city so not that bad to pick). There are so many churches/temples/mosques here it is called the new Jerusalem. Stayed in the Vienna Annex of the Art Hotel – round the corner from the bigger Art and effectively 6 rooms above the Vienna Café. Then went for walk around - spoke to a Bosnian guy now living in Norway (he had been sent away by his parents) with a couple of his ... read more
the Cathedral
no.3 might win
sunny cafe moment

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » South » Mostar June 26th 2011

26 June – got the bus to Mostar to see the Old Bridge (of course). The iconic 1566 old bridge which was rebuilt after being blown up during the “conflict”. It took 4 1/2 hrs on bus from Split to Mostar - thought it would be 3 hrs only (not). The strangely named Motel (in terms of the motel – God knows where you would park!) Kriva Cuprija (MKC), overlooks the smaller Crooked Bridge (Kriva Cuprija) which was also a victim of the conflict and has also been rebuilt. It is seen as a model for the Old Bridge. The MKC sits right above a small burbling stream which feeds into the main river and my room was right above it (as are most I think) – lovely to have no noise other than the stream ... read more
the baby bridge
Stari Most (the old/renewed) bridge
what else could it be?

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Splitska June 25th 2011

This blog has been more than somewhat delayed – should really have written it on the very long train trip to Banja Luka yesterday, but instead it is a catch up edition – on the same train 24 hrs later – late as usual out of Banja Luka to Zagreb (it was 2 hr late yesterday from Sarajevo to Banja Luka so why not again today (only about 1h30m late today – an improvement!). . I have previously commented on the somewhat tortuous pace of progress, mostly the buses– it is certainly not swift IC trains here. Better speed up getting to Vienna tomorrow though as I have a Richard Thompson concert to get to tomorrow night. We are stopped at the Croatian border while the Bosnia and Croatian authorities do their thing – and I ... read more
dock at Supetar
St Peter at Supetar
chandelier in a church?

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Zadar June 24th 2011

When I say zooming, these things are relative on Croatian buses. Just say 12.30pm bus from Rijeka (ticket bought when I arrived) took 4 ½ hrs to get to Zadar (about 200km?) which is about normal. You cannot exactly race around here too much and the travel-time has to be factored into your planning. Which is almost certainly why my trip down the Croatian coast will end at Split and then head inland into Bosnia-Herzegovina, where there will hopefully also not be the same public holidays! The trip to Dubrovnik from Split is 4 ½ hrs, some of which may have to be repeated coming back due to tortuous ways out of Dubrovnik, mostly involving very long bus trips (like 10hrs) to get reasonably in the direction of Vienna. Travel whinges aside, and they are obviously ... read more
Zadar - the Fosa resto
Zadar sheepdog on boat
Zadar citygate

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Rovinj June 22nd 2011

This was another of those 2 stop hops – local 45 min bus to Pula – then more frequent connections, but 2 hr trip, to the large port city of Rijeka where I was going to be staying. Having checked the bus timetable (first thing you have to do when you get off the bus) I decided on the 2pm – but then had to wait until the 2.30pm bus anyway as unbeknownst to me it was a public holiday in Croatia. Yes folks, 22 June, the commemoration of the start of the Anti-Fascist Uprising in 1941 (why can’t we have holidays like that?). And today 23 June is Corpus Christi also a holiday – and Sunday 25th is National Founding Day or somesuch. Because this has all given people a large reason to have a ... read more
Rovinj fishing boat going out
those slippery limestone cobbles
St Euphemia side altar

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Rivanj June 21st 2011

I did say I was trying to jam it all in. My one and only afternoon bus to Rovinj was not until 4.25pm. Which is part of the reason why bashing around Istria is so tortuous – I have to stop 3 times almost – going from Koper to Rijeka on the highway down the middle only takes 2 ½ hrs I think. Instead I went 2 hrs to Piran (stop the night), then 2 ½ hrs to Rovinj (only 1 bus a day which ends there), then 45 mins to Pula on local, then another 2 hrs to Rijeka). Had a quick look around Piran (stayed here mostly cos of closeness to bus station not the attractions per se – all those old peninsular towns all start to look the same don’t you know!). Saw ... read more
St George himself
Piran St George ceiling
Piran vue de St Georg

Europe » Slovenia » Istria » Piran June 20th 2011

The heading above is of course appropriate for all the right/wrong reasons. This is all about seeing as much as you can, but there comes a point where you cannot – let alone write about it! This is written on the 4 ½ hr bus trip on 23 June to Zadar – so some days on, and in a way this is better as I will not be able to babble on! Cos I can only just remember. Anyway the 10am bus to Piran from Ljub seemed about right when bought form the machine (finally – touch screens can be jumpy) – but I was panicked about getting there in time as walking 10-15mins so got the hotel to call a cab. They said 10 mins which was about the time I had! – but he ... read more
Izola - a house
Izola - Lasko beer
Izola rudie and nudie

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana June 19th 2011

18 June Sat. You get used to the spelling of Ljubjlana, but working out the order of the L and the J is a bit off-putting (apologies to Slovenian readers) – henceforth just Ljub. Got the 11.30a.m. bus out of Bled and had a very interesting chat most of the way with Peter and Alice – who did not sound very Kiwi (tho born there) cos they had been living on the North Coast of NSW for longer than I have been here. He was 62 and she had taken a redundancy from the NSW govt and were both clearly very active – having done the Santiago di Compostela pilgrimage walk in Spain/Portugal and generally seemed to like running around the outdoors. If I had had an extra day in Bled might have been nice to ... read more
cafes + castle
the Parliament
the Natural History Museum

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled June 17th 2011

That’s a medical joke folks! - I am on Warfarin (aka rat poison!) as an anti-blood coagulant for years. I am in fact semi moved off the almost total beer diet of Czech/Austria cos they actually make wine here (Slovenia that is – although they do in Austria, mostly white). However having had a rather nice radler (fruity beer) with lunch in Linz I tried one here with dinner on arrival in Bled. I was somewhat surprised to see it labeled pivo (beer) but also grapefruit, and also only 2.5% alcohol, half normal. As a result it is a bit fruity, but not too much, and also quite light and easy to drink. And yes I did have another as a very late snack at 5pm on top of the castle here in Bled, along with ... read more
the backyard view
view of castle & church
castle view....

Salzburg 14-14 June (ignore the fanciful name above - no idea where it is but under S'burg) No idea what that 'title' means, if anything – just being slightly Germanic. And I am on a train out of Salzburg to Villach, still in Austria to change to a train going from there to Bled in Slovenia for a few days. First stop there is Bled which is on a spectacular perfect small blue lake they tell me. From there hopefully down as far as Dubrovnik in Croatia (trying to avoid the weekend for tourist crush reasons). Then a likely dash from wherever I end up around 29 June to Vienna to be there for a concert by my guitar hero Richard Thompson on 30 June. So that’s the summary – what about the last couple of ... read more
real lederhosen
Schloss Hellbrun
Hellbrun general view

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