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Asia » South Korea » Busan » Gwangalli Beach June 29th 2012

Today is my last day in Busan so I should have made it count. I am not saying that I didn't but rather that things adjust depending on circumstances. I was not necessarily going to run all over the place but I had hoped to get down to the docks area and have a bit of a look down there. But I wandered off and got a bit diverted elsewhere -- such is the erratic nature of travel however (not to mention doing a blog and not getting out of the hotel until lunchtime of course). Perhaps the main reason I have been somewhat down on Busan is probably because of the somewhat jaundiced and negative view that the Lonely Planet generally takes to it. I somewhat belatedly had a look l ate todayat what the ... read more
David LaChappelle in Busan
Gwangan Bridge
Gwangalli Beach lifesavers

Asia » South Korea » Busan » Geumjeongsan June 28th 2012

Better make this quick as laptop power is running out and the stupid power points in this room do not seem to be working. After checking out the wonderful world class beach of Korea Haeundae (agree with the LP that this is bunk) with an awful lot of whities with tatts all over them, which is definitely something I have not been missing, I headed for the mountains. In other words I headed into the city on line 2, which I am near the end of, to then headed north on line 1 towards where I will be going tomorrow, the bus terminal. However fortunately I took a break at Seomyeon where I had to change and went in search of some food. Just as well actually given my privations later when I needed the energy. ... read more
Haeundae tatts & whities
check the suits on left
Haeundae Beach 119

Asia » South Korea » Busan » Haeundae-gu June 28th 2012

This is done the next day and it is actually sunny outdoors so I should be out there. However my devotion to a hopefully short blog continues. Got a taxi to the airport in the fine rain (again). Checked in with no difficulty but Jeju airport is a fairly busy place -- compared to arrival at Busan anyway where not as much seemed to be happening. The flight is only about 50 minutes which was mostly over the cloud. On arrival, as it was early to check in at a hotel anyway, I did some thinking and reading at the airport. Fatefully (now it seems) decided that I would stay at Haeundae Beach as much because metro line 2 goes there from a connection point off the airport light rail. This is an overground system which ... read more
Gwaebeop etc sign
Busan subway danger doors
view from Lord Beach Hotel

Asia » South Korea » Jeju » Seongsan June 26th 2012

Well I am still listing this location as Seongsan (had to get the blog people to list it so better use it twice) and did spend only the evening in Jeju after all. Having wisely headed off backwards towards Jeju to the lava tube yesterday (it would have been impossible to park my bag back there etc ) today it was a relatively simple matter of leaving it at my hotel while I headed up Ilchulbong, which is the rather abruptly rearing green mountain outside my window . Regardless of the hour the path is always crawling with tourists and the car park full of tour buses. The ticket office actually opens at 4:30 AM because for Koreans it is a rite of passage to climb it and see the sun rise -- it's English subtitle ... read more
Ilchulbong viewing terraces
Ilchulbong vue of Seongsan
Ilchulbong coast vue

Asia » South Korea » Jeju » Seongsan June 25th 2012

Why am I "off the air"? some might say that happens frequently. In this case of course I simply refer to the fact that I am blissfully (well it does make a change) without an Internet connection. All the better to blog you with my dears, because I simply write this now and then post it later. The Toobs we will come to shortly as that was definitely the highlight of the day and almost possibly one of the highs of this entire trip in Korea. Well as David Byrne says in one of those Talking Heads songs, "how did I get here?". Well stoopid, on a bus from Jeju of course. The place is called Seongsan-ri - I think the "ri" bit is simply "town" in Korean. Anyway as I was only really going to ... read more
Jeonmang hotel2
Seongsan Ilchulbong
Manjanggul lava tube

Asia » South Korea » Jeju » Jeju-si June 24th 2012

for a change this is a morning blog, perhaps because I am trying to make a record for brevity and get out of this hotel. However the main thing was that yesterday was sort of a washout so to speak in terms of the weather. I awoke in Wando somewhat surprised to see that the floor under the window was wet -- there had obviously been sufficient rain to penetrate through the screen on the open window. It was indeed fine but still heavy rain as I raced to the ferry terminal (because I was running late). However got on with only few minutes to spare on to the fast boat to Jeju = the Blue Nara which should be pictured here somewhere. That only took just under two hours so I was able to change ... read more
Blue Narae ferry
Jeju black pork st
Jeju Englishi street sign

Asia » South Korea » Jeollanam-do » Cheongsando June 23rd 2012

As I have been rather slow of late, particularly yesterday, it is with some interest that I am able to report to you that today was officially a "slow day" on Cheongsando, an island about 50 minutes on the ferry from Wando. It has been certified as the first Cittaslow (slow city) in Asia so you are told to slow down and just cruise! It is a little peculiar to see all these signs with snails on them and Cittaslow, which is a really weird combination of the Italian word for city and the English word which is not Italian for "slow". I was somewhat surprised to see that there is actually also a Cittaslow in Australia - any nominations? maybe Warrnambool or somewhere?? it was really only because I roused myself from the hotel at ... read more
Wando ferry lady parker
Cheongsando blue house
Cheongsando roof tiles

Asia » South Korea » Jeollanam-do » Wando June 22nd 2012

What could be more Seinfeld than a blog about nothing? Especially given the, er, "relaxed" day I have had today in Wando. And this blog is being hand-typed too to make sure it's short (they breathe sighs of relief). Although I got outa bed at 9.30am, thinking I might be doing something/anything local this turned into an all day digital housekeeping/web-research kinda day to sort of plan the days ahead - which is necessary sometimes, despite my semi-chaotic travel "plans". Wjich need to be adjusted to fit realities, such as not going to Jeju Island on Friday/Sat., cos the hotels will be chocka with weekenders (remember Daejeon and finding a room at 8pm on a Sat. night and how much easier it was on Sunday - the same principle should apply here). This does mean 3 ... read more
the semi-mythical 50,000Krw note
and the ubiquitous 1,000Krw
Wando stainless steel whats?

Asia » South Korea » Jeollanam-do » Wando June 21st 2012

Getting from Mokpo to Haenam was the original plan. Had a very late start from room 701 down there at the ferry terminal (blame that blog, folks). Got a taxi to the inter-city bus terminal which was about 5-6 km away, getting there at about 12:45 PM, confidently expecting seven buses a day or something. However either the schedule is nothing like that any more (LP, pls explain?), or six had already gone, but the next one was not until 6 PM! (exclamation mark indeed). Although I had been considering going to Haenam, which is only an hour away, simply to fill in the time until the ferry from Wando to Jeju Island, as it is on the same bus route decided I might as well go all the way to Wando (2 hrs) then. So ... read more
Mokpo Yudalsan vue
Mokpo Yudalsan nite vue
another nite vue fr.Yudalsan

Asia » South Korea » Jeollanam-do » Mokpo June 20th 2012

Getting off the train from Jeonju in Mokpo on 19 June. Once again I curse the Lonely Planet maps for their lack of street names! I have a good sense of direction, and always carry a compass, but as they only labelled two or three street names on the map I virtually only found a hotel that they recommended almost by accident after effectively becoming "lost" as there was nothing to get my bearings from. It's the Good Day hotel - a very narrow distinction between that and the Good Morning hotel I would think! And the supposed interesting restaurant which was supposedly virtually behind the hotel was nowhere to be seen or has gone out of business - the LP does not generally name restaurants in Korean script, which is also a problem as most ... read more
Mokpo nite fishing boats
another Mokpo nite fishing boat
Mokpo drying fish

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