I have started my around the world journey! First step, AUSTRALIA!!

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Bunbury » Bunbury September 9th 2013

Day 8- Monday, September 9th For our last day of the trip, we decided to go try to see Dolphins. We had planned on going to the Dolphin Discovery Center the morning we went to see the horses but since it was raining we decided not to. Instead of going to the Center, Carla took us to a place called The Cut that apparently is nicer and you have a better chance of seeing dolphins. We did see some in the distance, but only for a second and we just saw their fins, then they swam away somewhere. The Cut was nice though. It was a small little inlet that had nice views and you could see boats in the distance. We stayed there for a bit, none of us wanting to go back to Perth ... read more
The Cut
The Cut
The Cut

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Canal Rocks September 8th 2013

Day 7- Sunday, September 8th We did some more sight-seeing for our last full day. First we went to Castle Rock Beach and hung out there for a bit while Karen too more pictures. Then we drove up the road to a fresh water spring where they decided it would be a good idea to throw my shoes in the middle so I had to go get them, then proceeded to splash me when I did so. My friends are so nice (: Then we drove out to Canal Rocks, which I heard were pretty amazing and I heard correctly. The bridge to the end had been damaged by the storm, but we were able to climb the rocks to a bunch of different points and saw some pretty good views. I climbed to the top ... read more
canal rocks
canal rocks
castle rock

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Bunbury September 7th 2013

Day 6- Saturday, September 7th Saturday morning was another chill morning. I made breakfast for Karen and Carla once again. I made eggs for them almost every day on this trip, even at Carla’s house. They’ve started calling me mom. I finally got a chance to learn to drive a manual. One of my friends has one and took me out for a drive. I didn’t drive that far and it was just on a straight road, but at least I did it and I kind of get the hang of it. And I didn’t stall which is a plus! I still need more practice though, especially if I want to actually drive on a road with other cars and turns and such. Too nervous to do that right off the bat. We went back to ... read more
working at the car wash!

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Dunsborough September 6th 2013

Day 5- Friday, September 6th We got up pretty early again, partly because we went to bed at 9, partly because we had to leave by 10. The plan for the day was to go to as many beaches as possible, which I think we did a pretty good job accomplishing. And it was amazing! The scenery down in this part of WA is simply breathtaking. Every place we went was so beautiful and each had its own feel. We went back to Prevelley first to see it in the day time. I picked up some shells while we were there. Then we went to Yallingup where we saw surfers and Karen almost stepped on a Bob Tail lizard. It was so funny because Carla had just warned us about them and said they bite. Not ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia September 5th 2013

Day 4- Thursday, September 5th Thursday morning we woke up at 7 so we could leave by 8 and get back down to Bussleton by 9 so we could leave there by 10 and be in Margaret River by 10:20. TV, one of our friends, kept asking us what the plan was so Carla made up a strict itinerary to follow so he would stop asking. Of course we didn’t really stick to it and we were late leaving, because of Carla, but it didn’t really matter because we got to where we wanted to be when we needed to be there. My only real goal for this entire trip was to do a wine tour in Margaret River. They have some that you can pay to go on that last either a full day or ... read more
so many cows

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Busselton September 4th 2013

Day 3- Wednesday, September 4th Ollie told me he would take me out to teach me to drive his car in the morning. Most of the cars here are manuals and I have only had one short lesson right before I left for this trip and I wanted to learn how to drive. Plus I wanted to practice driving on the left side before getting on to a road. We never made it that far though. We drove to the back of this industrial park so there wouldn’t be any cars around while I was learning. He saw this path that lead off the road and down toward a lake and he decided to follow it. There was some guy in an SUV driving around in the middle of the lake, which was odd. Literally driving ... read more
who says you're too old to play in the sand?

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Bunbury » Bunbury September 3rd 2013

Day 2- Tuesday, September 3rd The next day was pretty chill. We spent the morning at Carla’s making surfboard key chains. Took a while but they look pretty cool. After that we went to pick up one of Carla’s friends so we could go see her horse. She boards it a few kilometers away from her house with a few other horses, some cows and a cat. The weather wasn’t that great, it rained a bit as it does quite often over here, so the ground was all wet and mucky. Karen and I didn’t have proper boots to wear so instead we tied plastic bags on our feet. Very stylish (: I completely forgot about my allergies to horses. My mom has one that she boards close to our house and we found out when ... read more
surfboard key chain
The backyard
Aussie home

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Bunbury » Bunbury September 2nd 2013

Hello again! Just got back yesterday from a week-long vacation down to the south of Western Australia. It was such an amazing experience and I had a phenomenal time (: Because we did so much and there is so much to write about, I am going to break my entries up by the day so they aren’t too long and overwhelming. Day 1- Monday, September 2nd Classes ended on Friday the 30th but we didn’t leave until Monday. Carla, the one who drove us down, had to work Monday night so we left as soon as she was finished. The idea for the trip was to go down to Bunbury, which is where Carla is from, to stay with her family and she would show us around the rest of the area. A lot of the ... read more
Creeping on Cam

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia August 14th 2013

As I said in my previous post, Karen and I were making a trip to Caversham Wildlife Park on Monday. One of the best days I have had here thus far (: We wanted to try and leave as early as possible since it was a bit of a ways away. 1 1/2 hours by bus and train, but we didn't end up leaving till almost 10. That was okay though because we still had plenty of time to see everything and play with the kangaroos for a solid hour, probably closer to 2. It was such an amazing experience its hard to describe it in words. The park itself has a few different areas with different animals in each. There's the kangaroo walkthrough which is just this huge pen type thing that extends through the ... read more

Oceania August 11th 2013

First week of classes complete! So far they don't seem that much different from classes in the US, just different material and everyone has an accent. I'm rather excited about the classes I am enrolled in, which are Australian Studies, Indigenous Culture and Health, and Doing Social Research. They all seem really interesting and I really like all of my professors. Aside from going to class, my week has been quite exciting. We bought a package deal on paintball and 30 of us are going to play next weekend. Crazy that I have only been here 2 weeks and already know that many people plus some. Then today my friend Karen and I went to the Aussie Rules footy game which was awesome. They had some free tickets for international students so we jumped on that ... read more

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