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September 2nd 2013
Published: September 10th 2013
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Hello again! Just got back yesterday from a week-long vacation down to the south of Western Australia. It was such an amazing experience and I had a phenomenal time (: Because we did so much and there is so much to write about, I am going to break my entries up by the day so they aren’t too long and overwhelming.

Day 1- Monday, September 2nd

Classes ended on Friday the 30th but we didn’t leave until Monday. Carla, the one who drove us down, had to work Monday night so we left as soon as she was finished. The idea for the trip was to go down to Bunbury, which is where Carla is from, to stay with her family and she would show us around the rest of the area. A lot of the other international students went to Bali for the break because it is so cheap and close, and that’s where heaps of Aussies go on vacation as well. Karen and I thought about going but decided we would rather explore Australia seeing as though this is where we both chose to come study. Karen was the third one of our trio going south for the week. She is on exchange from England and is here for a whole year rather than just a semester. She is studying photography and takes excellent photos. It's nice having her along because it's like having your own personal photographer hah. Some of the ones I put in the blog are ones she has taken.

We didn’t do too much the first night. Bunbury is about a 2 hour drive from Perth and since we didn’t leave till almost 7:30 we didn’t get there till about 9:30. Carla did take us to a few places before heading to her house. First we went to the beach by our friend’s house. He didn’t know we were coming so I sat next to his mailbox in his driveway then Karen took a picture and sent it to him. Unfortunately he wasn’t home but it was still pretty funny. After that she took us to a few lookout places. The first was a tower but it's locked at night. The other was just up a road but it looked out over the whole city and it was really gorgeous. We stopped and took a few
pictures with some of the statues we passed as well. Carla thought we were ridiculous but Karen and I were having loads of fun! That was about it for the evening. Although it was only a few hours into the trip, we were all having a blast and really looking forward to the week to come.

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