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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Bunbury » Bunbury August 1st 2018

Day 0: Bunno to Burra. Well we’re finally off! Starting our trek to a spot on the map, which as the crow flies, is just about the furthest point-point path on continental Australia you can do - SW WA to NW QLD. First stop, the thriving metropolis of Burracoppin, to pick up friends Chris & Norelle (hereinafter referred to as C&N) who will be making the trip with us. The day started out as it would continue all day, nothing really went to schedule. The plan was to get away to Perth in the morning, pick up our off-road camper hired from West Coast Campers around midday, then make our way to Burra, hopefully arriving some time around 4pm. Well..... we got away a bit later than expected, ran into ice cold winds, rain and hail ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Bunbury » Bunbury September 19th 2017

We had a wonderful four weeks in Darwin catching up with our daughter, old friends and making lots of new ones but are now heading south to finish our circumnavigation of Australia after 5 years on the road. We explored, for the first time the Barkley Highway and have now left the Northern Territory after over three years and have crossed the border into Queensland. We stopped at Mt Isa where the mines there produce lead, zinc, silver and copper. The town is very much an outback town in the middle of nowhere but has lots going for it due to the mining boom and tourists passing through. The route to the East Coast takes several days and we have spent the whole of the last two days traveling over the Mitchell Down plains which are ... read more
Bird on a lily pad - Billabong Darwin
Sculpture - mining for gold
Abandoned gold mine

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Bunbury » Bunbury May 6th 2017

Since arriving in Bunbury in September 2016 we have been kept incredibly busy so much that I have even neglected to keep up my travel blog. We spent three very tiring but satisfying months painting our daughter’s house inside and out and even though it now looks fantastic we are not in a great hurry to repeat the exercise any time soon! We did have a wonderful time in Bunbury, spending time with Kylie, exploring the surrounding areas such as the wineries, beaches, cheese factories and breweries etc. Also, we made time to take up Rock and Roll dancing and surprised ourselves in that we can now actually string a few moves together! I even completed a course in French revision and hopefully will be more confident conversing when Pete and I tour France on 19th ... read more
Cheeky Black Robin
City of Auckland from the water.
Kerikeri, New Zealand's oldest stong cottage

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Bunbury » Bunbury September 15th 2016

Leaving Darwin and the good friends we have made there was so sad and especially saying farewell to our daughter Tessa. Working at the Northern Territory Wildlife Park, I know that she loves her job so that did make it a little easier for Pete and me. Our first stop was at some hot springs in the middle of the bush and it was not only relaxing but amazing to just soak in this warm water in the middle of a river, chatting to other campers there. We were so lucky to spot a Jabaroo stork flying above us and not too lucky to spot a black snake exiting the water and up the bank only metres away from us! We have been on the road five days now and slowly making our way south to ... read more
Ruby the Rufus Owl - On the glove experience - Darwin
Tawny Frogmouth bird

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Bunbury » Bunbury December 20th 2014

I woke up early this morning, my head was pounding, nothing to do with sleeping in the new trailer, we were both dog tired as it had been a busy week getting Roobie prepared for her inaugural journey, ideally we would have preferred to have had a short weekend trip to help shake things down but time was not on our side, so we loaded the best way we could and the shake down will happen, one way or another. Andy had the day off from work as he finished up on Thursday night and dropped me off at a colleagues house at 06.30 in the morning, she was taking me to work early so that I could leave early and thus she could drop me at home so I did not have to worry about ... read more
Driving The Getaway Vehicle
Driving The Getaway Vehicle
Driving The Getaway Vehicle

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Bunbury » Bunbury September 11th 2013

This was my first week that felt like I was in Australia, driving out on the country roads and not being in the city! It was indeed an adventure. Our first stop was in Bunbury, where I stayed with my flat mate and her family. Absolutely gorgeous house by the beach, waking up to an ocean view was incredible. Day 1 - Tuesday For our first day we went around Bunbury and met a few off Carla’s (My flat mate) Friends, where we went to see their horse and spend some time on the paddocks. On the way we got to see the first lot of my wild kangaroo’s which I found really exciting, as I still hadn’t seen any considering I have been In Australia for nearly 7 weeks! That night we explored Bunbury some ... read more
My First Wild Kangaroo
The horse Elke
Another Horse

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Bunbury » Bunbury September 9th 2013

Day 8- Monday, September 9th For our last day of the trip, we decided to go try to see Dolphins. We had planned on going to the Dolphin Discovery Center the morning we went to see the horses but since it was raining we decided not to. Instead of going to the Center, Carla took us to a place called The Cut that apparently is nicer and you have a better chance of seeing dolphins. We did see some in the distance, but only for a second and we just saw their fins, then they swam away somewhere. The Cut was nice though. It was a small little inlet that had nice views and you could see boats in the distance. We stayed there for a bit, none of us wanting to go back to Perth ... read more
The Cut
The Cut
The Cut

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Bunbury » Bunbury September 3rd 2013

Day 2- Tuesday, September 3rd The next day was pretty chill. We spent the morning at Carla’s making surfboard key chains. Took a while but they look pretty cool. After that we went to pick up one of Carla’s friends so we could go see her horse. She boards it a few kilometers away from her house with a few other horses, some cows and a cat. The weather wasn’t that great, it rained a bit as it does quite often over here, so the ground was all wet and mucky. Karen and I didn’t have proper boots to wear so instead we tied plastic bags on our feet. Very stylish (: I completely forgot about my allergies to horses. My mom has one that she boards close to our house and we found out when ... read more
surfboard key chain
The backyard
Aussie home

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Bunbury » Bunbury September 2nd 2013

Hello again! Just got back yesterday from a week-long vacation down to the south of Western Australia. It was such an amazing experience and I had a phenomenal time (: Because we did so much and there is so much to write about, I am going to break my entries up by the day so they aren’t too long and overwhelming. Day 1- Monday, September 2nd Classes ended on Friday the 30th but we didn’t leave until Monday. Carla, the one who drove us down, had to work Monday night so we left as soon as she was finished. The idea for the trip was to go down to Bunbury, which is where Carla is from, to stay with her family and she would show us around the rest of the area. A lot of the ... read more
Creeping on Cam

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Bunbury » Bunbury December 12th 2011

I warn you, I just wrote 400 words and then managed to loose it, so the next 400 words will probably have a bored brain dead undertone. Firstly, It seems only right I start our Western Australian adventure with the long journey to it. We decided to stay on the Gold Coast longer instead of moving on to Sydney as planned as we're going to Sydney later anyway. So we had an annoyingly long journey from Surfers Paradise to Sydney. 17 hours. On a bus. I think I can leave it to your imaginations to wonder what a delight that was. It left at 8 in the morning and got to Sydney at 1 the next morning. Our flight to Perth left at 8 that morning. It seemed like a brilliant idea. We would have to ... read more
Australian Food
Perth at night

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