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September 7th 2013
Published: September 11th 2013
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Day 6- Saturday, September 7th

Saturday morning was another chill morning. I made breakfast for Karen and Carla once again. I made eggs for them almost every day on this trip, even at Carla’s house. They’ve started calling me mom.

I finally got a chance to learn to drive a manual. One of my friends has one and took me out for a drive. I didn’t drive that far and it was just on a straight road, but at least I did it and I kind of get the hang of it. And I didn’t stall which is a plus! I still need more practice though, especially if I want to actually drive on a road with other cars and turns and such. Too nervous to do that right off the bat.

We went back to Carla’s in the afternoon, or arvo as they say here in OZ. When we got back we decided to clean Carla's car. We pretty much had our own little beach in the car from how much sand we tracked in with us after each stop. Her cat even helped too. Every time we opened the doors to get in the car he would always jump in, like he wanted to come on our adventures with us. It was quite cute. I was surprised he stayed in the car when Karen was vacuuming though, but it didn't seem to bother him in the least.

Carla's parents were having a dinner party so all the guys could come over and watch the rugby game while the girls chatted and drank wine. It was quite fun actually. They were all very nice and pleasant I we had delicious food. Australia doesn’t really have any particular dish that is native to the culture. They have a lot of Asian food since they are so close to Asia and a lot of people have emigrated from there. Her mom made curry, which is a fairly common dish here, and it was actually quite good. I have never had it before and am usually not a fan of spicy foods but it wasn’t too bad. They had this cucumber and Greek yogurt dip stuff to go with it and bananas with lemon that made it less hot. Quite delicious I’d say.

We went over to one of Carla’s friend’s houses as well to meet them and
say hello, then we just chilled for the night and enjoyed a night in after our many adventurous days we had just had.

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