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Oceania » Australia October 18th 2014

Hey everyone, As you well know, we do our best to record our amazing adventures and as some of you may or may not be aware, back in 2010 Caroline put together a piece of work of around 350 photo's to a sound track of our circumnavigation of Australia, which was just terrific. They were what she considered to be our best pictures that recorded the story of our massive circumnavigation of this awesome country. It was posted up and also given to a few people as a "pictorial torture session", and when it was complete it was awesome, but the YouTube file extension was quite complicated and we could never find the film on line , so fast forward a couple of years and under Caroline's instruction I sat around and put together our second ... read more
Our Citizenship
Leaving Woodstock
Jack and Gypsy

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia October 5th 2014

It was 4.40am and very unusual for me to be awake! I knew the alarm was going to wreck my sleep early this morning and I guess that In my mind I was ready for it. A long weekend was rolling out ahead of us and our weekend was starting early with taking Friday off. Andy was already out of bed when the alarm went off, of course I stayed in bed for a little bit longer, daylight was beckoning outside and my cup of tea appeared as if by magic. We had prepared over the previous few nights, so once dressed we were ready to hit the road, Gypsy wad already hooked up so we were ready to go and With a long drive ahead of us, we needed breakfast and then head to the ... read more
Elachbutting Rocks Long Weekend
Elachbutting Rock long Weekend
Elachbutting Rock long Weekend

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle September 14th 2014

Today we woke up in new surroundings, our 51/2 month house sit had come to a close and we were handing it back to Bob and Shirley who arrived home from their cruise all safe and sound. The house was cleaned top to bottom and it all seemed to hand over nicely, they were lovely people, farming folk who let us look after their huge house and beautiful gardens for a lovely long spell, so this year, so far all we have done is house sit with a few trips away camping in Gypsy. Because of Caroline’s very lengthy commute, a few weeks ago we decided to take a holiday chalet in Freemantle, (Freo) as everyone calls it, so with all our stuff packed up we left Bob and Shirley’s in Greenfields around 1.30 and arrived ... read more
Honey! I shrank the dog!!
Go Freo!! Shrunk in the Wash
Go Freo!! Shrunk in the Wash

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth September 12th 2014

Hey all, My apologies, but I really had been pestering Caroline, to Edit my blog, Gnome and Away, which she hasn’t done yet and whilst waiting I write Camp Ovens and Bush Cocktails as it was fresh in my mind. On Thursday Night, we got in to bed and before settling off to sleep Caroline, Caroline said she would edit, Camp Ovens and Bush Cocktails a all the pictures I thought had been loaded and once she had done her editing I could upload it. Well I missed some pictures and a bit of text, which I accept was my responsibility. So the text would have said. Saturday Morning, in between rain showers, I had got up and wandered over to the toilets and on my way back, walked past Leigh and Peter Walkers Kimberly Karavan ... read more
Breaking Bread
Breaking Bread
Breaking Bread

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth September 7th 2014

This was Kangaroojack’s first official trip, not including the Karakin clean-up, so we were hoping for a good one. We are not the type of people who feel they need to shepherd or mollycoddle individuals, and in the various groups, clubs and societies that we have been part of have always had the same approach, that is we are happy to organise, but not micromanage. We arrived at Lake Brockman, Caravan Park on a very gorgeous Friday afternoon around 3.00pm and set up camp, and we were looking forward to being with our friends and having some fun. With Gypsy, our camper trailer, all set up, we awaited the arrival of our fellow members and it wasn’t long before possibly the clubs newest member Wayne arrived with his kids, soon followed by Mark and Angela Follett ... read more
Bush Cocktails and Camp Ovens
Bush Cocktails and Camp Ovens

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle September 1st 2014

Firstly I am going to apologise to you for this blog as it would be fair to say that it has absolutely nothing to do with travel and as this is a travel blog, I would accept it if you grumbled. But!! Kangaroojack has blogged our adventures for over six years now, telling the story of our new life in Australia so though not a travel related story, this is considered still part of our amazing adventure, and we have always been able to pride ourselves on telling you just how it happened, without any bells and whistles, without exaggeration or ridicule. Equally with regards to the related subject of this blog, I can assure you that I have not taken this lightly or even flippantly, as I’m sure you may have a friend, relative or ... read more
Chow Time
Flattering Photo
View from my bed

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth August 31st 2014

It was Sunday 31stAugust and our four wheel drive club had a little trip, culminating at Karakin for a BBQ lunch and I so wanted to go, Caroline was worried that only just coming out of hospital it would be too much for me. Andy and Karen Bayley were running a short trip heading off from Serpentine leading a group who were going to cross some of the dams in the local area and one of our other members, who I cannot honestly think who it was, was running a short morning wine tour, also leading a group of four wheel drives, doing some wine tasting in the local area. Our buddies Peter and Leigh Walker, who are staying with us at the moment were going on Andy and Karen’s trip and were starting their day ... read more
TLCC Burger
Andy & Karen Bayely
Lunch Time at Karakin

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia August 3rd 2014

Gnome and Away No need for the alarm this morning, the weekend arrived last night, we crammed our weekend chores into one evening and this morning we were both awake as soon as the sun came up. Ok I know you regular readers will know differently, I just thought it sounded good, Andy was up and about long before the sun came up, but I did get up with the sun! A mini adventure was ahead of us and for a change we were not taking Gypsy, I hope she did not mind, but our plans were for an easy weekend drive, not far from home and an overnighter in a nice country tavern, just giving ourselves a different perspective on WA Life. A small overnight bag packed we were soon on our way to the ... read more
Gnome and Away
Gnome and Away
Gnome and Away

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia July 20th 2014

Hi All, Its nice to get back in to blogging as it was this most amazing discipline on our first navigation of Australia, that kept everything so fresh in our minds, This morning I was up early and I sat down with a cup of tea and decided to go and see what the blogs stats were like and so on, something I have not done for possibly a year, The great thing about this, is as I was going down the list of blog entries, the names of the blogs would envoke a memories and with so many blogs to our name it was like a sensory overload. Looking back from the early days and our very first blog ever, (Preparing for the event-21 June 2008) all 269 words and not a single photo, going ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Dowerin July 13th 2014

Hurrah, it’s Friday 11 July and we both had a day off booked from work, Thursday night was a flurry of putting our gear in Gypsy, making sure, batteries were charged, tyres inflated to the correct pressure, diesel tanks full and plenty of warm clothes ready for what we expected to be a pretty cold weekend. We were off into the central wheatbelt this weekend to the little town of Dowerin which is about 220 Kilometres from Perth. Why? Well that’s simple; we were attending the gathering of 28 four wheel drive clubs coming together under the banner of the WA4WD Association. (Western Australia 4 Wheel Drive Association) which I sit on the delegate committee and as a member of our new four wheel drive club, TLCCWA (Toyota Landcruiser Club of Western Australia, we decided we ... read more
Tin Dog Creek
Dowerin Post Office

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