Go Freo!! Shrunk in the Wash

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September 14th 2014
Published: September 15th 2014
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Before he went in to the sea!!
Today we woke up in new surroundings, our 51/2 month house sit had come to a close and we were handing it back to Bob and Shirley who arrived home from their cruise all safe and sound.

The house was cleaned top to bottom and it all seemed to hand over nicely, they were lovely people, farming folk who let us look after their huge house and beautiful gardens for a lovely long spell, so this year, so far all we have done is house sit with a few trips away camping in Gypsy.

Because of Caroline’s very lengthy commute, a few weeks ago we decided to take a holiday chalet in Freemantle, (Freo) as everyone calls it, so with all our stuff packed up we left Bob and Shirley’s in Greenfields around 1.30 and arrived in Freo about 3.00 after a stop for lunch.

We are only just in to spring and the weather is picking up nicely, yesterday (Saturday 13-September was a nice 22 degree’s and today (Sunday was supposed to be 23)

Our plan today was one of familiarisation, we would drive around Freo, and start to get acquainted with the place, we were
Honey! I shrank the dog!!Honey! I shrank the dog!!Honey! I shrank the dog!!

This is what happened when Blister spent too long playing 'fetch' in the sea!
driving down Hampton road, past a cafe/bistro called Ootong and Lincoln, Caroline said that is where we used to get your coffee from when you were in hospital and where we had been to breakfast with Andy and Karen a few months ago, I said we must go there next week with Andy, Karen , Peter and Leigh and just as I said that, the phone went off in the truck, it was Andy Bayley, he said you have just driven past us, didn’t you want to stop for coffee, they were obviously sittng in the Café, what he really said was we don’t want you riff raff in this neighbourhood.

We turned left then left again then parked the truck and wandered over to where Andy, Karen and Olivia were sitting, in that time Andy had ordered us a skinny flat white for both of us at our table 38.

Sitting outside was glorious, watching the world go by was so awesome and the sunshine was lovely, Karen said that she needed to get back and do chores so we all split up at about 11.30 as we were catching up tonight as it was Leigh Walkers
Go Freo!! Shrunk in the WashGo Freo!! Shrunk in the WashGo Freo!! Shrunk in the Wash

Caroline with Bon Scott, a true Rock & Roller, A big voice for a wee man!!
birthday and we were all dining out at Chins in Leeming and Caroline Karen and Liv were also taking their very huge Boarder Collie Blister to South Beach at 3.00pm so they could all have a run around.

Caroline and I parked the truck in South Freemantle at the quay side and got out for a walk, I had never seen the Bon Scott Statue and Caroline wanted me to see it.

Ronald Belford Scott (Bon-Scott) was the lead singer of the rock band AC/DC who died whilst I in the UK whilst on the highway to Hell Tour in 1979, as a fifteen year old boy I saw Bon Scott probably two weeks before his death when they played the Birmingham Odeon.

The weather was fab and everyone was out on the sunshine, so we took some photos of where people have their boats stacked, instead of leaving them in the water, a crane lifts them out of the water and a special Fork lift puts them in a rack, very cool really.

As we were walking around, Caroline said, I do love living in Australia, what do you think the draw card is for the tourists here, I pointed to the big red football in the sky and said that, its virtually guaranteed here.

Down at the harbour side we watched people queue up for jet boat rides, these huge high performance boats take people out in to safe water, with them strapped in they do high G force turns in these boats, I did ask Caroline if she wanted to go but she said not.

It was lunch time, so we sat and had fish and chips, well I did, Caroline just fancied chips at a waters edge Café, the fish was absolutely magnificent, we mooched about after our lunch and took a few more pictures then when back to the chalet as Caroline thought I had had enough excitement for one day and wanted me to rest, it was only an hour before she needed to be at the beach

Caroline had decided to run down to the beach just under a kilometre each way to get her exercise, and appeared at about 4.45 with a big red face panting and out of breath.

Go Freo!! Shrunk in the WashGo Freo!! Shrunk in the WashGo Freo!! Shrunk in the Wash

Go Freo, for the Freemantle Dockers

Amazingly if you look at the first tow photo’s photo’s before and after you can see Blister shrunk when he went in to the sea, honestly its true.

We showered and changed and met everyone at Chins in Leeming as we were there to Celebrate Leigh Walkers birthday as it is her birthday this very day.

We all met at 6.30 and as usual we had plenty of giggles and we just had an easy evening that was full of fun, the food was as good as ever and when it was time to go, we were going to do coffee with the gang but decided as it was late we needed to get ourselves ready for our Monday at work.

My GP has signed me back on to work on the proviso I only go in for two hours a day for the first week just to slowly ease myself in.

So we will keep you updated on our progress.

Additional photos below
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Go Freo!! Shrunk in the WashGo Freo!! Shrunk in the Wash
Go Freo!! Shrunk in the Wash

Boat Stacking, how cool is this
Bon ScottBon Scott
Bon Scott

.....no more to be said really....
Go Freo!! Shrunk in the WashGo Freo!! Shrunk in the Wash
Go Freo!! Shrunk in the Wash

Fishing boats in the Harbour

15th September 2014

Work ... that 4-letter word ......
Hey Andy. Great to hear that you are now officially able to "eeeze" back into work again. Remember though - the word is "EASE", so don't be in too big a hurry to try and break any records. We are all just starting to get used to reading your regular blogs once again so, don't you go doing anything to muck that up, young man! :) Easy does it. As always, love to you both. Jxx
19th September 2014

Thanks for your comments,
Morning J&T Thanks for taking time out to comment, yes back on light duties for about 4 hours a day, that's enough at the moment. Love to you all. Kj
15th September 2014

Gotta go around the corner of Freo's Fisherman's wharf and check out the Duyfken...you won't regret it.
19th September 2014

Thanks for your comments
Hi Dave, thanks for taking time out to comment, will scope it out, I did a search and I believe it to be the wreck of a Dutch boat I think. I will report back. Our best regards Andy
16th September 2014

Back to work...
Well it had to happen I guess. Glad to hear that you are getting better and are officially "fit for work". That's got to be a good thing :)
19th September 2014

Thanks for your comments
Hi Rachael, thanks for taking the time to comments, it is appreciated, yes back to work on light duties, for a while. Andy
16th September 2014

Bon Scott Legend
Wow you got to see Bon Scott! That must have been a cracking gig! AC/DC cracking band and Scott was a legendary front man who lost his life way too young.
19th September 2014

Bon Scott
Hi Jarvi, How's it going, still with Breheghny's then, is Melvin still with them. Bon Scott what a legend, as a 15 year old kid at the Birmingham Odean, Angus Young was on Bon Scott Shoulders and as Angus played a Gibson SG, that had a remote Connection to the Amp, they walked all the way up through the crowd to the back of the Concert hall then all the way back to the stage. I was convinced that this was the greatest thing I had ever seen and I think about two weeks later Bon was dead. Great to hear from you, keep reading the blog. Andy

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