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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire October 14th 2008

Well, the house is getting emptier, every couple of days Andy and I take a few boxes to the storage unit. So far so good the items that I have packed I have not needed - but that probably tells a story in itself about how much material objects we surround ourselves with and how much of that we don't really need, nice to have though :-) I have been through my wardrobe, the clothes that I am taking with me are currently in a pile on the bed in one of the bedrooms, I have packed a load of clothes to go into storage, all carefully wrapped in Tissue paper and packed into a shallow box - I hope that is enough to keep them in good condition. There is a massive pile of clothes ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire October 5th 2008

Sunday. Both of us are feeling crappy, me with MAN flu, and caroline with a back twinge. As we have to leave our house 0f 18 years on 24th, which I am sure will be emotional, we have taken a room at Pauncefoot house in Romsey, 0n Lord and Lady Romey's estate. Spookily enough this beautiful house is where I used to stay when I first moved down south, and where we spent our wedding night. Len and Sarah Dupont have a special place in our heart. it seems fitting that we left their home to start our married life and we will start our Australian adventure leaving Pauncefoot house agan Until next time. Andy ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire September 24th 2008

Just thought I would update the blog, as of today the house has been Let (AT LAST) so we are just awaiting to see when/if we have to move out, before our leaving date. We have had to revise our departure date until 07 November for various reasons which I won't bore you with. Caroline beloved SLK has been sold to a Homocide detecive and will be collected on Wednesday 1st October, Caroline is gutted. My Car has been bid on, but I am just trying to hang it out until closer to the end of the month. Tired, ready for bed. Andy ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire August 16th 2008

Well, The party's over, as they say, and what a party It was, Yes Denzil we are talking to you !!. You are fantastic people, we did a count this morning and you raised £1131.25, Caroline and I will make it up to £1250.00 and intend on getting the money over to Wessex Heartbeat this week. We thank you for your cards, and gifts, and for joining us at our doo ! you guys are the jam within our bread, and make our lives what they are. Love you all. A & C PS .since the original entry of this blog we have now raised £1270.00 thanks to everyone for being so generous... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire August 3rd 2008

8 Weeks to go now, it will be 7 weeks before I finish work. This weekend we have finished with getting the cars ready for sale, both fully mot'd and taxed can now be sold. We went to Battle Proms at HighClere Castle last night with Mike & Jo, we had a great time. Carolyn Grace flew her Spitfire overhead to the classical music. We were so lucky with the weather; it had rained earlier in the day, yet the evening finished with brilliant sunshine and a beautiful sunset. The fireworks were amazing. Today I have been tidying up the computer and getting rid of unwanted files. I have also copied both Andy's and my itunes folders to the laptop to ensure that we have our music when we are on the move. We are both ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire June 27th 2008

More organising today, awoke early and started tidying the study in preperation for decortaing. (The last room to be done Yippee) Had our first set of people around yesterday looking at the house, to rent it, I feel good about these guys as they are local at the moment. Sold more stuff on e-bay, that is swelling the trip coffers. And today we purchased the trip laptop, so we can keep in touch with home. Saw mum in hospital yesterday, she looked happy, but frustrated, about 31 weeks, she has been in. Only 15 weeks to go, and counting. Andy ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire June 21st 2008

The weather today is the usual British summer weather - wet. But under our umbrella of excitement the weather is fine really - in our minds we are already in Australia on our adventure. With so much to do around the house still - two landmark events have taken place this week. I resigned from the gym and Andy sold the barbecue (sob!!). I came across the conclusion this week that it is easier to resign from a job than it is from the gym - I gave 3 months notice - well a little over 3 months, but of course then comes the persuasion and gimmicks to stay at the gym and not give up entirely - well! I have to say I cannot really get to the gym from Australia and I am hoping ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire June 19th 2008

Just another update with 10 1/2 weeks to go. The last room of the house has been decorated, at long last it is all done except for some minor touching up. We have had a few prospective viewers to rent the house, but no luck as yet. Ebay has been steadily getting shot of our bits and pieces and the BBQ went the other week, which was a real focal point of our summer social life. I have 51 working days before I leave work which isn't so bad. Caroline has just set our Skype account up with voice mail, for a small fee, which is good. Enough. Andy ... read more

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