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July 20th 2014
Published: July 20th 2014
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Hi All,

Its nice to get back in to blogging as it was this most amazing discipline on our first navigation of Australia, that kept everything so fresh in our minds,

This morning I was up early and I sat down with a cup of tea and decided to go and see what the blogs stats were like and so on, something I have not done for possibly a year,

The great thing about this, is as I was going down the list of blog entries, the names of the blogs would envoke a memories and with so many blogs to our name it was like a sensory overload.

Looking back from the early days and our very first blog ever, (Preparing for the event-21 June 2008) all 269 words and not a single photo, going down the list was amazing as they were written with absolute honesty and being such newbies to exeperincing living in a new country it was the best way to document our adventures and considering we are nearly six hears from when we left, gosh we have packed some amazing things in to this time.

This blog or notelet is about stats, so just have a look at these.

Stats so far. As of 20/07/2014

Blog Entries to date 747

Blogs been prepared at present 3

Total word count 1068553 ( 0ne Million, Sixty Eight Thousand, Five Hundred and Fifty Three)

Hits on our Website 142536

Number of Photo's published 7953

Biggest blog we have ever presented as far as the number of hits

1/ Day 3 - Little India 931 1 2008-11-11 2008 4167 Hits

2/ Beautiful Ute's,4x4's and great four wheel drives 2009-05-17 3098 Hits

3/ Ned Kelly's Last Stand 2009-05-16 2410 Hit

Astonishingly some of our blogs such as “5 weddings and no funeral” published on the 04/05/2009 has had only 84 hits and was published with 20 photo’s, it just makes me wonder why we had such a low count on some of these

When you look over some of these pieces of work, I think they are amazing, we put our heart and soul in to these, but at the time they were easy to write as we had such a fantastic amount of amazing things to write about and such simple things like trying to find places to shop and even wash our cloths were still part of this amazing adventure.

So finally what’s next, well we are going to plug away with the blog and provided we have some good subject matter then we will obviously keep going, next year is a huge year for us and there will be plenty to blog about and we are looking forwards to it, so the adventure rolls on.



22nd July 2014

I hate to tell you the stats for our 3 month journey in 2008, because they pale in comparison to yours. 28 entries, 12356 words, 414 photos, 3076 views, (including 57 last month and 17 this month, not bad for a 6 year old blog). Your blogs are so much more informative. Sounds like a major trip is coming up.
23rd July 2014

Can't remember
Hi Gary and Linda, thank god you sent us a message, we fell very isolated when you don't message us, we honestly use you guys as a barometer on our blog. Hey you had a blog, small yes but perfectly formed, ours ( we created a monster) I guess that became uncontrolable, we have had a bit of a sabatical as we both just sort of ran out of things to say, when we aren't travelling nobobody wants to know about our daily mundane life and I don' to blame them. We have been in a 5 month house sit and have just knuckled down the the work thing, with a little bit of adventure on the side, which has given us time to gather some blogs together and now is the time to publish. I SUPPOSE WHAT I WOULD LIKE IS TO BE FIRST TO A 1000 blogs and 10,000!pictures published as I would guess we were first to get to a million words. Honestly without people like you and a few others we would have given up a long time ago, it's because of you we honestly keep going, we just love the interaction and comments. I was saddened to hear you had been stung by a bee and felt crap, take it easy buddy. I can see Kangaroojack coming over to Canada as I really want to see some of the Iditarod, it's always been on my bucket list and I follow the race, wow now that would be a great adventure or go back and canoe the Bowron lake circuit. More comments please, our love to you guys. Andy
25th July 2014

Awake at silly o'clock
Gotta love my ipad. What else do you do at silly o'clock.,so with time on my hands I have just read your blogs for this year.! Looking forward to a real chat soon, maybe a Skype?
25th August 2014

So nice to catch up
Welcome back to blogging! I eagerly look forward to what you have in store for the future.

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