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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Arkaroola July 8th 2013

Monday 8 July As promised I never wrote a thing yesterday and today was going to come pretty close, but I do need to get one or two things down. We had a great day yesterday, getting reorganised, lounging around in the sunshine and having an afternoon nana, well Andy did that, I spent the afternoon downloading photos and reorganising files, please don't send messages of hate when we say it was about 25 degree's. It was a great day and Andy got the donkey working so that we could have a nice hot shower and with the camp fire on the go we had beef stew for our dinner, oh yes the only real problem of the day were the flies, there were hundreds of the dam things around and they would not leave us ... read more
Ochre Cliffs
Relaxing at Arkaroola
Sturt Desert Peas

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Marree July 6th 2013

Saturday 6 July Marree Yes, Andy is wearing long trousers again. This morning he emerged from the trailer wearing long trousers, it really must have been cold. Well it was cold, the morning started very cloudy and kept the sun from warming us up. Last night was the coldest night we have experienced for a while, I was so cold at one point I was shivering, so had to rely on the warmth from the camp fire and Andy made us both a hot chocolate before bedtime to help keep us warm. We did not go to bed late as it was so cold and we even pulled the roof down to reduce the cabin area and thus hopefully keep the space around us warmer. All around us we could hear the sound of people packing ... read more
The servo in Marree
Fueling up

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Farina July 5th 2013

Witchelina We must have slept for a solid 11 hours! I struggled to open my eyes, I felt really sleepy still and trying to come out of a heavy slumber. It had been a fairly warm night and this morning was not too cold, but of course by the time we got out of bed the sun was up and warming the day. Once I had a chai on the go, Andy cooked our breakfast of Wombat Eggy Bread and Bacon, with a side of HP sauce. What a great way to start the day, although by the time we started our day it was really brunch. The last 2 days had been long and pretty full on, but any hope of a quiet day today was out of the window. When we stopped for coffee ... read more
Witchelina Gorge
Witchelina Gorge
Three Landcruisers

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Woomera July 4th 2013

Bush Basher - the Late Len Beadell Roxby Downs - Woomera We woke up fortunately at Roxy Downs, where we expected to be and thankfully it was a fairly warm night, I raced out of bed to get in the shower whilst Andy concentrated on our morning cuppa. As soon as we were showered and breakfasted we then concentrated on getting Jack and Gypsy ready to hit the road to Woomera, being careful to make sure the pizza from from last nights dinner was secure in the fridge, no way were we going to lose that on today's journey. We were all hooked up ready to go and out of there by 9am and driving toward Woomera, a place that seemed so small and insignificant on our original journey around Australia just over 4 years ago. ... read more
Len Beadell
Len Beadell
Woomera Shop

Oceania » Australia » South Australia July 3rd 2013

Farina to Roxby Downs Trails of the Unexpected Wednesday 3 July 2013 Andy was out of bed early, I am not sure if perhaps I had guilt tripped him into it, but he seemed to be on the ball today, my chai was made and brought to me in bed and before I knew it, the awning was down along with the annexe and both put away before I had even opened the door. I was up at around 7.30 and started prepping the inside of Gypsy for departure, it was porridge for breakfast, quick chat with the neighbours and we slid off to the town of Farina (ruins) where we could get 2 bars of internet and at 9.05 we hit the dirt track toward Witchelina Station and ultimately Roxby Downs. We had considered leaving ... read more
Out back Australia
Goyders Base Line

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Farina July 2nd 2013

Leigh Creek to Farina Thanks everyone for your messages, all good with Andy, we went to hospital as a precaution really and all turned out well, even though it could have been construed as a ploy to get a ride in a big RFDS plane (thanks Ted!) Anyway, we stocked up with provisions, diesel and comforted on health matters we headed north towards Maree, I wanted to stop and look at the ruins at Farina, there was also camping there which had been highly recommended to us by a number of people so it was going to be worth a look. First though we were heading into a town called Lyndhurst, if you blink you would miss it, this is most unlike the Lyndhurst in the New Forest near where we used to live in England. ... read more
Stocking up on provisions
Road Works

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Leigh Creek June 30th 2013

Last night I said that sometimes decisions are made for us and today was probably one of those days. Although we knew we wanted to head to Leigh Creek to stock up on provisions, I was thinking to myself that staying another day might be nice and we could pootle down toward Leigh Creek tomorrow and overnight camp somewhere along the way in the Gammon Ranges. It was about 7.30am when Andy told me he had a pain just below his ribcage and he had been awake since 5am. I was concerned as this is where the pain started for me 4 days before I ended up having emergency surgery for acute appendicitis. We went through the possibilities of what it could be, even thinking that perhaps it was a chill from the night before when ... read more
Leigh Creek
The Coal Fields in detail
Reception at Arkaroola

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Arkaroola June 27th 2013

Thursday 27 June 2013 There's Nowhere Cooler than Arkaroola Waking up in a new place is always a great experience, partly because the view from the window in Gypsy changes and partly because there are new things to go out and explore. I played my cards well last night by leaving the washing on the line, it turned out to be a warm night and when I checked the washing just after breakfast it was almost dry, though I left it anyway as the sun was up, no clouds in the sky I knew it would benefit from staying on the line for the rest of the day. Once we were ready for the day ahead, flask of hot water and some lunch packed, we headed up to reception to pay our dues for another night ... read more
Emu's on the run
On of Jack at Arkaroola

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Arkaroola June 26th 2013

Awaking from blissful slumber, I felt pretty lousy, my throat was sore and I felt generally rubbish. Luckily for me, Andy did the decent thing and got out of bed to put the kettle on, except that it wasn’t the kettle he boiled up some milk and made us both a hot chocolate. That was enough to coax me out of bed, but that’s as far as I got for a while. Andy was on a roll, he also made some pancakes with golden syrup for our breakfast, it felt like a lavish outback breakfast but one that went down well with the onset of a cold. As I was not up to much I sat just on the edge of the awning and slightly out of the sun and read a magazine, I also did ... read more
So real
At mount chambers
Gypsy and Jack

Monday 24/06/2013 Chambers Gorge (South Australia) Waking up to a gorgeous morning at our bush camp at Mount Chambers Gorge, the sun was coming through and we had both slept really well and over stayed in bed for that matter. Caroline was complaining of a lumpy throat which is usually a prelude to a cold in her case and was badgering me to get my lazy arse out of bed and get the kettle on, but because I was so lovely and snug I kept putting her off. She had peeled back the curtain from her side of the bed so she could look out on the day, a few minutes later, I had realised she had nodded back off to sleep as there was a very low frequency noise. Now, Kangaroojack has always had some ... read more
Wet Inside
Wet inside
Drying our bedding

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