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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany September 7th 2013

Cape Le Grand to Albany After a leisurely start to our day we left Cape Le Grand National Park, the sun is shining on another beautifully warm day. Going back out the way we came, we pass "Stonehenge", not really sure what that was all about, but it was a very fake looking stonehenge, there are no stopping signs along the road and there is a barrier which obscures vision to the stones, so it looks like no stopping for photo's either. We didn't want to stop for coffee either as it was too early in our journey so we decided to push on. Eventually we are back out on the main road, but just as we make the turn the fuel warning light appears on the dashboard, and the only thing we can do is ... read more
Bleak Weather Today

Wednesday 4 September Waking up to little droplets of rain on the roof was not pleasing, it has been a long while since we last saw rain and that would have been when we pulled out of the Flinders Ranges in South Australia when it was hurling down so heavily the creeks were flooded and where we managed to get Gypsy wet inside. It was certainly not heavy rain, but enough to dampen enthusiasm, but it is moving day so we need to rally ourselves. By the time I was out of bed the rain had stopped, but the day was overcast and very cool, which made it easy for packing up. I cannot remember what time we left Kalgoorlie and the cloud behind, we fuelled up on the way out there is a large BP ... read more
Lucky Bay
Rossiter Bay
Hellfire Bay

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kalgoorlie September 3rd 2013

Monday 2 September An early wake up again, but this time I was not tempted to get out of bed early, it was a day for a lie in, we have chores to do today but they can wait for a short while. Eventually getting into the day, we manage to get out for a while, so we head up to the Superpit Shop, this used to be in Boulder but since we were here last time it has now moved up to a location on the Goldfields Highway, where there is an old mine that is now a museum and the Mining and Engineering Training facility for KCGM. Paying our $2 each to have a look around we head outside, there are a couple of huge pieces of equipment here, a wheeled front end loader ... read more
Big Cat Loader

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Leonora August 31st 2013

Saturday 31 August Day 4 Great Central Road Probably our last day on the Great Central Road today, providing all is well with our journey. It was 6am when I opened my eyes to the morning, the sun was not quite up in the distance, I peeled back my curtain and watched as the sun slowly lit up the Breakaways on the Southern side revealing it's striking colours. I lay there for a while until the urge to take a photograph took me out of my comfortable bed. I know most of our readers will be shocked by the very fact that I am out of bed so early 2 mornings in a row, I really am not a morning person. It was cool outside and I was thankful that I had put my fleece on, ... read more
Sculpture on Lake Ballard
Giles Breakaway
Lake Ballard

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia August 30th 2013

Great Central Road Day 3 Friday 30 August 3 months today since we started our road trip and already we feel like we have been having more intrepid adventures than our previous trip around Australia, we have definitely been more remote, spending more time bush camping and doing more challenging tracks. I opened my eyes to the new day, my body clock is still on Central Standard Time, although we drove through the time zone yesterday which puts us 1 1/2 hours behind the Northern Territory, my watch says 7am yet it should really be 5.30am, I jump out of bed and grab my camera to go for a wander, I was still curious as to what was over the ridge that we were camping near, Andy shouts to me "watch out for snakes!" I always ... read more
Wildflowers Winduldarra
Wildflowers Winduldarra
Early Rise

6 Oscar Foxtrot Giles Weather Station Thursday 29 August I wonder sometimes where I am waking up in the morning, some mornings it is quicker for me to remember than others, this morning took a while for me to connect that we were in Warakurna at the roadhouse on the Great Central Road. If you thought for one minute this would be remote, you are right, but one thing was a fact this is not that busy road, well if you consider 30 Vehicles in 4 days, I would guess its not that busy, no wonder there is a campaign to have bitumen laid down, there were 6 campers here last night and people in the cabins, including a Senator for Western Australia and her team who are in town to talk to the local indigenous ... read more
Giles Weather Station
Len Beadell's Cartoon's
Len Beadell's Cartoon's

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Warakurna August 28th 2013

Australia’s Longest Shortcut Wednesday 28 August I was already up by the time Caroline woke up this morning, it was a cool morning but the sun would soon be up over the dune and it would be getting warm quite quickly. As soon as I realised Caroline was stirring I thrust a morning cuppa in to in her hands. We wanted to get a good jump on the day, our Uluru parks pass had expired yesterday and today we were leaving Uluru heading to the Western Australian border. Sitting outside we ate toast and jam for breakfast, and then got onto the packing up, it was quick and easy this morning, before 9am it was already getting warm the temperature expecting to get to 33 degrees today. I have to say Uluru (Aryes Rock) was nothing ... read more
Go This way
the Great Central Road
Lasseter's Cave, information

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Kata Tjuta August 27th 2013

Tuesday 27 August Kata Tjuta - Many Heads Today we are up reasonably early as we plan to head over to Kata Tjuta, it is approximately 50k's from where we are camped at Yulara, we had wondered if to do this on the way out as we would be passing "the front door" so to speak when we head to the WA border. However the day we plan to leave, our parks passes will have expired so we would not be entitled to access any of the park areas. I have made our lunch, we have plenty of drinking water on board and off we set toward the kiosk where we show our passes and head toward Uluru before turning off to the right for the Kata Tjuta's. Kata Tjuta is a Pitjantjatjara word and means ... read more
Kata Tjuta
Kata Tjuta
Kata Tjuta

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru August 26th 2013

Curtin Springs to Uluru Sunday 25 August Definitely a cold morning, we didn't get up until 7.30, Andy got the kettle on and I started to prepare the inside of Gypsy for our departure. We had a quick bacon and egg sandwich and finished packing up. It looks like Emu had some fun in the night, we think she must have walked into the poles of our awning, they had moved and the guide ropes had gone saggy, poor thing must have wondered what was in her path. She looks old but quite content hanging around the campers. We were on the road at 8.52, we seem to be much improved on our start times, I remember our last trip, most often we were not on the road until nearly 10am with all the packing up ... read more
Rosy Docks at Uluru's Base
Welcome Shelter on the Base Walk

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru August 26th 2013

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