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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Mandurah December 15th 2013

Hi Everyone, We thought we would firstly send our Christmas felicitations to you all where ever you are in the world and hope you all have a great and safe time. It is appreciated that Kangaroojack’s blog factory has not been that busy of late, but we find it really difficult to write when we are not travelling, it just seems there is no visual stimulation, to record, but we are going to do a bit of a round up, in this blog and give you an update of what has been going on. We left Canberra on the 18th May and went and stayed on the farm, helping Helen recoup after being run over, by one of the Landcruisers, in between doing minor chores on the farm, it gave us time to prepare Jack and ... read more
Caroline Shearing
Shearing Shed

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Mandurah December 5th 2013

Hi all, Before you read to much further, please ask yourself this question. (A) Have I just eaten, if you have then don’t read any further until you food has settled. (B) Do I have a cast Iron stomach, (Then read on immediately). Let’s go back about 10 months to start with, Caroline and I were on our favourite farm, Woodstock, beetling around as usual and bam, I have a fly, fly in to my ear and its intermittently buzzing and flapping its wings. It’s a horrible feeling, it makes you feel completely disoriented. I ask Caroline to have a look and she peers in to the darkness, I was going to write that she could hear it buzzing, but I honestly cannot remember, I tell Helen who is always completely non-fazed, totally calm and able ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Mandurah November 29th 2013

Hi All, We know that we have just uploaded a blog Point to Point and I was just running through how the blog was going. It is amazing that High Five has had 121 reads in about 24 hours which is amazing, and I think this was a special blog celebrating our fives years in Australia, BUT and its a big BUT, blogs like rock of ages- (804165) has only had 84 reads, and this blog was when we were at Uluru with some amazing pictures , Dance, of 1000 Flies-803842, 84 reads, Goodbuy Alice-(803844) 84 reads and Six Oscar Foxtrot-(804467) has had 112 reads and I honestly think this is an exceptional piece of work, How many of you readers have launched a weather Balloon and a remote outback Weather station, yes I thought so, ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Mandurah November 26th 2013

Five years In Summary The Idea was to present our 5 years in Australia, with a Kick Ass sort of montage of our original trip and our recent trip, giving you all some of the best pictures that we have taken of this awesome country, from the amazing wildlife, to the remote outback locations that we love. Well there is sort of a problem here, I have uploaded some images (32) to be exact and it has taken me a couple of hours and it has only really covered the first 8 moths and as we have been in Australia over 60 months, I guess you can see the problems we are faced with So wanting you to see the best of this amazing country its going to have to be work in progress. Caroline wrote ... read more
Hooked Up
Andy & Nala
Andy & Nala

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia November 24th 2013

Point to Point Well as you are aware we upped sticks and left Canberra in mid may, looking for adventure, a new job and a new home, and because of this we left the close family of our 4 wheel drive club which gave us huge amounts of fun, back in the East. The ACT 4 wheel drive club is a most excellent club to be in and in some ways it had spoilt us, as we were now were faced with finding a likeminded club, who in my mind had to be able to at least compare to the high standards we have been afforded with in Canberra or even bettered. We set about trawling through the internet and locating three clubs that appeared to be able to offer what we were looking for, in ... read more
Caroline at Point Peron
Caroline at Point peron

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Mandurah September 11th 2013

It's the Pigs! Fernhook Camp to Margaret River It started with a raindrop on the roof, I don't know what time it was, I reached up to close the skylight in the roof and in his sleepy state Andy said "Don't worry it's just possum's on the roof" I replied "That's just wishful thinking" and I recalled that we have not seen possum's for a long time and perhaps none at all on this trip. Eventually the rain stopped and I opened my eyes to see blue sky, but that quickly left as a raincloud came over. It would appear very showery this morning, it was forecast but disappointing (for us) nonetheless. In between showers we managed to get the kettle on and have a quick cereal breakfast, we did not unhook last night so all ... read more
Arum Lilies
Arum Lilies

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Walpole September 9th 2013

Albany - Granite Peaks State Forest The sun was streaming through the windows this morning, what a lovely lovely start to the day, I think I must have slept through all night and woke up feeling refreshed it was 7am. Although there is much more here in Albany to explore, we decided to move on, today is going to be nice but we think there are storms coming, that said, we will get them anyway as we are still travelling along this coastline, one of the locals has told me that they don't normally get the rain like this at this time of year, it is usually a month or so later. It was a slow start to the day, Andy disappeared for a shower whilst I got Gypsy ready, I left all the shutters open ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany September 8th 2013

Albany Sunday 8 September Well this morning I awoke to rain thundering on the roof, which upon looking through the skylight it appears to be hailstones, no wonder it woke me up! I drifted back to sleep again and fortunately at around 6.45am when I woke up again I could see blue sky and what bliss there was no rain pelting the roof. We needed to decide if we were going to stay or not, as yesterday was so bad weather wise and we hunkered down for the afternoon we decided that perhaps we should stay another night and have a mooch around Albany, it would be a shame not to look around while we are here and this town seems so lovely. Andy passed me my chai latte which always seems to do wonders at ... read more
The Harpoon, Barbs
The Harpoon

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany September 7th 2013

Cape Le Grand to Albany After a leisurely start to our day we left Cape Le Grand National Park, the sun is shining on another beautifully warm day. Going back out the way we came, we pass "Stonehenge", not really sure what that was all about, but it was a very fake looking stonehenge, there are no stopping signs along the road and there is a barrier which obscures vision to the stones, so it looks like no stopping for photo's either. We didn't want to stop for coffee either as it was too early in our journey so we decided to push on. Eventually we are back out on the main road, but just as we make the turn the fuel warning light appears on the dashboard, and the only thing we can do is ... read more
Bleak Weather Today

Wednesday 4 September Waking up to little droplets of rain on the roof was not pleasing, it has been a long while since we last saw rain and that would have been when we pulled out of the Flinders Ranges in South Australia when it was hurling down so heavily the creeks were flooded and where we managed to get Gypsy wet inside. It was certainly not heavy rain, but enough to dampen enthusiasm, but it is moving day so we need to rally ourselves. By the time I was out of bed the rain had stopped, but the day was overcast and very cool, which made it easy for packing up. I cannot remember what time we left Kalgoorlie and the cloud behind, we fuelled up on the way out there is a large BP ... read more
Lucky Bay
Rossiter Bay
Hellfire Bay

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