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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Midlothian July 3rd 2012

Busy, busy day today! This morning we got to sleep in a bit which the first time so far – which was nice. At 11am we went to do the Free Tour through Edinburgh which was great as always – I love the free tours! First stop was Parliament! Our guide gave us a super long overview of Scottish history which was really interesting. (PS our guide was Canadian, wahoo!). Next up was Mercat Cross – this cross like structure where people used to get nailed to the wail by the ear for stealing things and such. Yeah, that would suck. There’s a giant statue of David Hume near the Cathedral – with a big shiny toe. Apparently the locals rub his toe for good luck – that’s neat. We also walked around some of the ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Midlothian July 2nd 2012

(Sidenote: wi-fi in Edinburgh only works in the very cold lounge area – I will post my blogs, but no photos for the time being) Nice and calm day today – we took the 9am bus from Inverness to Edinburgh. I wanted to nap most of the way – I’ve picked up some nasty cold of some sort and want to sleep it out of my system haha. However, I only managed to sleep for about 30min or so. Oh bother. At least I got to eat a bunch of like the freshest grapes ever. Don’t know of those help my cold, but so nummy. The ride was nice, once again. Half the drive seemed to be the same as when we came up from Glasgow – it’s fun seeing the different towns and their names; ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire July 1st 2012

First things first, HAPPY CANADA DAAAAAAY!! (Sidenote from early this morning – our amazing co-roomies (4 other girls) decided that setting an alarm to blast this morning to some One Direction song would be totally ok... it just kept looping and looping and looping. I was *THIS* close to sitting up in bed and freaking out at them but I didn’t move out of spite. Way to have horrible hostel etiquette guys... geez) Anyway, this morning we bussed up to Urquhart Castle – about 35min south of here. The ride was lovely (as they all seem to be in Scotland) as we drove down along Loch Ness. Didn’t see Nessie, but did see a lot of boats and cute little houses that have amazing views of the Loch. Urquhart Castle is a strange little castle... it’s ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire June 30th 2012

We had a lovely Scottish day today! Took the bus up to Inverness – a 4 hour drive through the countryside and highlands!! It was absolutely gorgeous! We saw tons of sheep and lochs and hills and sheep. So many sheep. The sky was really lovely too – the clouds were low and just the contrast was nice. We also napped half the way which was nice haha. Passing through some of the small towns, I definitely want to come back to Scotland some time to do some more trekking... I just won’t fly back in through Glasgow lol. Anyway, we arrived in Inverness and found our hostel without too much trouble. The city really isn’t that large, so just walking across the Old Town only took us about 15min. The hostel is really cute – ... read more
Lots of sheep
Welcome to the Highlands
Inverness Castle

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Lanarkshire June 29th 2012

We had a lovely Scottish day today! Took the train up to Balloch – that in itself was fun as we slightly miscalculated our timing and ended up running for the train haha. But we got it! The best was the guy behind us who launched himself into the train and loudly exclaimed: HA! DAMN RIGHT! and then just calmly walked over to a seat. Train ride was pretty – lots of small towns and cows. In Balloch we strolled over to the bus station (speed limit signs said: “20: Twenty’s Plenty", which we found cute). The driver was nice – when we asked about our stop he added that he doesn’t really go further anyway because the roads become too small for the bus to pass. Welcome to the Highlands area haha. So, off we ... read more
Forest area starting climb
The real climb begins
Our view at lunch time

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Lanarkshire June 28th 2012

(Note: I will try and put photos up this time, just not today since I haven't slept in almost two days and I'm a wee bit tired!) Alrighty, we made it safe and sound! Almost didn’t make it through customs because I apparently have the travelling habits of a drug lord or something, but more on that later ;) We got to the Toronto airport no problem – plenty of time to laze around and take our time which is always a good mood to be in at an airport. We said goodbye to our lemon (the lemon shenanigans will be explained tomorrow, too tired to get into it now.) I got my last Timmy’s run for 5 weeks and off we went! Em managed to sleep on the plane (lucky bum), but I was happy ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London May 29th 2012

I put yesterday and today together because I was too tired to type it up yesterday and just easier to do them together now since it’s the end of the trip: Yesterday was a theatre day I suppose. I knew that this time I wanted to be sure to go to the theatre – it is London after all! In the morning I went to National Theatre Archives and watched “After the Dance”, a play from 2010 where Benedict (yes, go ahead and laugh haha) was the lead. It was pretty good – interesting story and great acting all around. After that I headed off to the Tower of London, my one “touristy” item that I didn’t get to last time I was in town. I was a little apprehensive because there are so many free ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London May 27th 2012

Ok part two of Sunday! I had a very early morning... Saturday night I had a sudden change of heart - I decided to try and go to the BAFTAs (British TV awards). Now, I only know one show that's nominated for anything, and only a handful of actors, but I figured when else would I be in London for an award show? Or anywhere for an award show for that matter. So, I headed down to Southbank Centre for 6h45... yawn. Wristbands for the red carpet were available as of 8am, but I knew there'd be a queue of course. It wasn't that bad though... maybe 30 people in front of me? Kind of a dumb system though because the bands weren't numbered, so like the first 50 people (or idk how many) got pink ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London May 27th 2012

Broke this into two entries – one the main part of the day, and one just the red carpet because it’s long. This is the red carpet one, the other one I’ll post tomorrow I think: I’ll explain how I got to the BAFTA red carpet in my next entry – I just wanted to type this up while I remembered everything. (BAFTAs by the way are the British TV awards). And warning, there is some fangirling ahead... ahem. The red carpet is an odd experience – I don't know maybe it’s just me, but constantly screaming people’s first names to get them to come over seems rude..? Like I understand if you don’t yell out, they won’t come, but some people were screaming the same name over and over and over. They heard you – ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London May 26th 2012

(Sidenote: 116 views in 24 hours for the Cardiff entry where I met Susan Boyle. Uhm. Who are these people and how did they find my blog? It wasn’t even in the title ahaha.) Very slow paced day today, but that’s ok. London is the time to be busy, Cardiff is not. I woke up much earlier than I planned... my roomies were... less than quiet. I lazed in bed for a good hour though, I honestly couldn’t be bothered to move haha. Once I did get up, I packed all my stuff up and headed out to the City Centre again. I walked around Cardiff Castle and Bute Park, or at least around the parts that were free. After than I spent a good hour and a bit just sitting in Alexandria Gardens reading my ... read more

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