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Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo July 10th 2013

Lovely day today! Caught an early train from Mostar to Sarajevo - ah, trains. I do quite enjoy them, it's a whole different experience and atmosphere than a bus. Unfortunately, here the trains are still all about old men smoking everywhere haha. Not quite an addition to the atmosphere. The view from the train was spectacular though - well - what I saw of it lol. Between the haze of cigarette smoke and the heat, I slept for most of the journey, waking up whenever the train would pull into a station only to doze right back off. I had been dreading trying to find my hostel here in Sarajevo - in Mostar it was on a main street so easy to decipher on a map. This one is in the Old Town... so on a ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » South » Mostar July 9th 2013

Set off for the bus station at a perky 7am... so happy to be going down stairs without knowing I have to walk up 10 flights at the end of the night. (Oh Dubrovnik, you're on par with San Francisco...) The bounce in my step quickly disappeared as the strap on my bag snapped clear in half haha. I was like DEAR GOD NO. At least it was the one that I can hug (my duffle), so I did that the rest of the day. I think I'll have to buy a small suitcase in Sarajevo. Oh well. Bus ride to Mostar was beautiful - first hour or so was along the coast - you can never go wrong with that! Seeing all the small coastal villages and the islands down below. Wonderful. The drive through ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Kolocep July 8th 2013

Day 7: Group adventure to Lokrum We had a lazy morning - before heading off, me and one of the girls decided to check out the roof of the hostel - it's a bit of a sketch staircase... I mean it's concrete, but it's narrow. The view from the roof is great - it's overlooking the port and the other side of Dubrovnik (Lapad). The climb back down, my buddy fell down the last four steps on her butt I was like OMG DON'T DIE ON ME. hahahaha. Anywho. We headed off to Lokrum as a group - oh yes, we have a group: an Aussie, a Brit, two Fins and me reppin' the Canucks. We had an absolute blast! First off, we saw a boat in the harbour that looked like a pirate ship, so ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik July 6th 2013

Spent Friday night in Gatwick... tried to sleep, was very much unsuccessful in my endeavour. First it took me forever to find two seats together. Once I finally got all comfortable rearranging my bags and getting a make-shift bed going, have my ear plugs in, eye mask on, am totally comfortable... and this lady comes over, starts poking my shoulder and asks to sit. Now, airport sleeping etiquette: you do not ask someone who is clearly either asleep or almost asleep to move their bags. There are other seats. It’s a damn airport. Also, you, under no circumstances, POKE SOMEONE WHO MAY BE ASLEEP. Seriously. I told her I was trying to sleep, to which she snarkily replied: “I think that’s what most people are trying to do.” Whatever. You want to break the code, you ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London July 5th 2013

Day 5: Last day in London... for now. Pretty short ordeal for today. Ok so... I may have found a flat? *happy dance of liiiiiiiiife* Not 100% sure yet, but looking promising for one of them - close to work, easy bus schedule, clean, etc. All good. It's a nicer part of town... which is good too haha. Of course, difficult to get things organized when I'm now about to leave town again... but we'll see what happens. Trying to figure some things out and need to talk to the parentals... but here's hoping this works out in my favour. Rest of my day was spent getting things in order for my trip. I put a few more things I storage (ha, all my Primark bags!) and wandered around the town centre a bit. Uhm... no ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London July 4th 2013

Hiya. So, you guessed it, more wandering today! But first I had to get work stuff in order! Met with the agency today to go over final paperwork and contract stuff - oh this is real, this is exciting!!! (Sidenote: I will be doing a different blog for my teaching adventures. Details to follow by email once I get organized.) Since I was around Clampton, I roamed the little shops - found a cute stationary store so scored some goodies for penpal buddies :) I can't wait to start writing letters back home - I love me a good letter. Again, had a picnic for lunch - God I love the green space in this city. I actually went to St. Paul's Cathedral and ate in the garden area. I even managed to beat the lunch ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London July 3rd 2013

Alright, apologies ladies and gents it took so long for me to get back into this - I suppose it’s because London doesn’t feel like a “travel spot” anymore. God I’ve missed this city. I just feel at home wandering around its many little streets, hunting for a non-existent litter bins, stuck in non-moving traffic on a bus, or saying “ta”. (Is that even how you spell it?) Day 1: First day wasn’t eventful - got some life-stuff done in Luton before heading on down here. Plan was to stay all night for the Canada Day concert but it was too crowded by the time I got there and truth be told I was exhausted. I did stick around for a bit of it though - it was nice to see so many Canadians out and ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona July 29th 2012

(Recap back for the 27th. I'm just slow) Ok, I’m starting to get bad at updating now... tends to happen towards the end of my trips haha. We went on one of the free tours today – different company this time since our usual doesn’t run here. (Runner Beans today! It was good!) We started in Plaça Reial and heard about the pipe smoking championships and all the pipe smoking that goes on in one of the pipe smoking bars. How quaint. From there we headed off into the Gothic Quarter (great architecture), but we kind of weaved in and out of areas. We also did the Jewish Quarter (neat seeing the Hebrew inscriptions on some of the old stones). Other than that, it was really the main tourist area/the old town that we walked around. ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona July 28th 2012

(Ok, I skipped yesterday because it's really long and I was going to type it all up today but it's past midnight and I'm exhausted. Should be up tomorrow instead) Today was a split day – we spent the morning/early afternoon shopping (Primark isn’t nearly as good here as in the UK, just sayin’) We came back to the hostel for lunch then headed off toward the port/beach area. The port was ok, nothing overly special. The beach was packed but we knew to expect as much at least. We weren’t going on the beach today, we just wanted to have a look for when we come back and try to scope out our spot ;). I think we did... or at least, we found the less busy looking areas, and really the beach is the ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona July 26th 2012

Considering it’s my birthday, not much happening today... we took the bus all day from Madrid to Barcelona – an 8 hour bus ride. At least we had air-conditioning on this one. Spain’s interesting to drive through – a lot of giant bull outlines/placards along the highway, and a lot of varying landscapes – great big fields followed by deep valleys and tons of sandy brown... parts kind of look like driving through Nevada...? There was one point it looked like the wind turbines had just invaded – there was honestly over 100 in a small area... I have never seen that many in one spot. It was kind of mesmerizing/horrifying haha. Our hostel in Barcelona is a little... odd? Thankfully we got there the same time as two guys who were picking up their luggage ... read more

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