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July 14th 2017
Published: July 14th 2017
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Alright so I did nothing these past 3 days - when I say there's nothing to do in Revfulop, there is truly nothing but a beach and a path along the lake, so, that was my 3 days plan. Tough life, I'm aware 😉

I put the 3 days together for the blog - it's just easier. I gave up on the hostel wifi the first night. Since I'm in the 'do nothing' frame of mind here is a bunch of random thoughts rather than paragraphs. I'm writing this on the last night while a concert is going on... so I might throw random liveblogging in too. I'll add pictures when I have proper wifi - I'm finally loading this while on a train.

• train ride was lovely; non-smoking train which is all I can ask for; nice views of the lake, sunflower fields and vineyards
• every time I went to the bathroom at the hostel I had a new friend - I think they're breeding spiders because it was a different kind each time, swear to God...
• I have never felt so safe anywhere...? like it's such a small town vibe and people leave their shit everywhere and it's just glorious
• the hostel does your laundry for you??? there are no words for happy this made me
• at a restaurant I ordered a pizza for the equivalent $8 and it was def enough for 3 meals
• I was adventurous at their town store and bought what I thought was potato salad. It was... potato something
• their peaches made up for it though - best damn peach I ever ate
• after all these years I still have no mastered buying still/mineral water despite shaking the bottle beforehand. I think I bought every brand of sparkling water in the country before I happened upon regular water (hint: look for a baby on it - baby = mineral water)
• GIANT random school group at the hostel... like ~40 Gr 7/8 age. Not Hungarian, but don't speak English but man can they sing in English lol. Every night from 8-10pm they blared English hits (Bruno Mars, Adele, Spice Girls, One Direction, Lukas Graham, Taylor Swift, to name a few) and oh God did they sing a long. Like full blown drowning out the loud original versions. (the aforementioned concert) It was hilarious. My favourites were def "Someone like you" "Wannabe" and "Wonder Wall". I just about died.
• the ONLY English I heard those kids speak was them randomly yelling FRIENDSHIP GOALS every so often
• the Gr 7/8s are now singing "Sexy and I Know it"... I have never heard any group yell "passion in my pants" with such vigour
• the pier was the best spot because it had benches in the shade = best reading spot and people watching spot. There are ferries throughout the day, so new batches of people arriving and going all the time, and there are a lot of people with dogs 😊
• you can buy duck feed for 40 cents so I fed a lot of ducks and swans. There were 2 baby swans that were all fuzzy. Adorable
• Now it's "Jitterbug". How do they even know this song?
• the pier was also great because you got the breeze off the water and when there was no ferry all you could hear was the water lapping up against the rocks and the occasional bird
• I took an hour long boat ride which was nice and relaxing. I could have taken the ferry somewhere but I was worried about making sure I'd get back on the right one afterwards haha
• you don't realize how big the mountain behind Revfulop is until you're out in the middle of the lake
• LIVING LA VIDA LOCA. What is their music playlist??? lol
• German girl in my room giving me the rundown of places to visit while in Frankfurt; she's studying political science and starts gushing about Trudeau lol... some things never change
• you pay the equivalent of $2 to access the beach here but it's like... the world's dinkiest beach haha. I'm happier along the pier/waterfront
• $2 also gets you the world's largest watermelons... they are ginormous
• I've read 2 of my 3 books while I've been here. That's a good problem to have I suppose. (And no Mom, I'm not throwing one out. And no I'm not buying one that I can throw out.)
• climbed the aforementioned big mountain behind town and got lost in the forest... not like totally lost... but their paths aren't exactly clear let's just say.
• I sunburned one knee while on the beach... how only one... I do not know
• German guy in my room went bike riding today and he is the lobster of all lobsters... I took pity on him and let him use my aloe vera
• they have mosquitoes. no. I need to go find one of the spiders to help me out
• I think it's fitting that the last song tonight was Gangham Style. They weren't singing along, but I poked my head out the window and yes... they were doing the dance. What a world.
• so ends my liveblog of the current music scene and my 3 days here in Revfulop on Lake Balaton

I'm now off to Eger - another little town but on the eastern side of the country. It's not as remote (they have a Tesco! Praise be!) and I'm in an actual hotel so here's hoping the wifi cooperates a bit more especially considering I don't know how to get to my next hotel lol.

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