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Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Cardiff May 25th 2012

Right, so another brilliant day – honestly, Wales is running neck and neck with Iceland for my favourite destination. Full day today – started off by going to Caerphilly Castle, about 20min north of Cardiff. (I do love their transit system here – it’s crazy easy to get everywhere) The castle is over 700 years old and is one of the best restored ones I’ve seen... and it’s huge!! The castle is surrounded by a moat, so I walked around the edge of that first and then into the castle itself. One of the towers has becoming a “leaning tower” so to speak – it looks quite sharp. Other than that, it was just nice to walk around the different empty rooms and climb up the tower for a nice view of the land. They also ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales May 24th 2012

Good day again today! Only pitfall was my discovery that wearing a 40lb backpack on your sunburned shoulders/neck is an unfortunate experience. Ah well, it’s my own wrong doing. Took a morning train back to Cardiff, where I’ll be spending the next few days. Ride was less than 2 hours, so I just read most of the way. Once in Cardiff, I was pleasantly surprised to see the city is quite charming for its size – certainly not a concrete jungle. There seems to be a garden around every other corner, and I love the houses covered in vines and such... it’s a fairytale-feel. I wandered around the City Centre for a bit – took note of some stores I’ll come back for. I then came across a group of about 12 older ladies... they were ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Pembrokeshire May 23rd 2012

Yeah, so, I love Wales. It’s official. I took the train to Pembrokeshire for the entire reason I chose Wales in the first place – hello hours spent walking along the coastline! You did not disappoint. Train to Pembroke was easy enough. It was crazy foggy for the first half of the ride... I was worried it would stick around, but thankfully things started to clear up the closer we got. I had a good laugh at one point because I thought we were passing through a swamp - I was then surprised to see a bunch of cows seemingly standing where they should be sinking... cow swamp? I decided it was so. Once in Pembroke, I caught the “Coastal Cruiser” - the bus driver was really nice and funny. After I bought my ticket, we ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Carmarthenshire May 22nd 2012

I had quite the wakeup call this morning!! I was catching the train at 6h30, so I set my iPod alarm to go off at 5h15... but I forgot to check my volume. Sure enough, at 5h15 Born this Way started blasting into my ear, and I mean blasting. I literally jumped out of the bed and maniacally tried to turn the volume down. It was so loud I had my hands clenched around the earbuds and I could still hear it. That’s one way to ensure you get up on the first try ;) I got a coffee at the train station and just puttered around while waiting for the train – I do love how punctual all the transit is over here – 6h30 on the dot, good to go. The coffee didn’t do ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater Manchester May 21st 2012

(Two notes for the trip: 1) I forgot my camera cable at home, so no photos until I return. Boo. And 2) I hope to have wifi the rest of the way... but if I don't, I'll post my blogs a day or two late.) Ok, on with the show! We got to Reykavik Monday morning; I completely forgot about the extra security upon arrival, so that was a bummer. Basically since we’re not coming from Europe we get to go through security again – goodbye any drinks you bought in Toronto, sigh. People were freaking out because of connecting flights, but they held all the planes since most of our flight was continuing on to continental Europe. You would think Icelandair would take that into consideration when planning its schedule... ahem. Anyway, once through security ... read more

Right, so Greyhound sucks the big one in the US... as an intro, I booked a local bus from LA to Oakland because it would give me more time to sleep and the local runs usually aren’t as busy. The trip was supposed to be 10 1/2 hours – plenty of time to sleep – instead of the 6 hour express. Needless to say Greyhound screwed me over which I’ll explain in a minute, but before I get to that, a few moments from last night. While waiting for the metro, a bunch of college kids were trying to get signatures for a petition. When one of them came over to me, he asked me to sign for better health care... I think a smug grin crossed my face haha. I shook my head – sorry, ... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Burbank March 16th 2012

Ok, so today just plain rocked my socks. Morning was spent puttering around Hollywood... I had to check out by 10am but I didn’t need to bus to Burbank until noon, so I just wandered in and out of shops and such. It was easy enough to get to NBC. On the ticket it says be there by 2:45pm, but everything I read online said to get there earlier if you want to make sure you get in. So. I got there at 12:45pm haha. There was already a small line – but I was 34th so I figured that was pretty good! I brought a book so I read for a bit, then the guy sitting beside me kept trying to talk to me... but he was a little odd. He was a dump-truck driver ... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Burbank March 15th 2012

Today was the Warner Bros Tour – it was actually well worth the money – I had a ball. I made sure to get there early – I just puttered around the gift shop wishing I had the money to pay $25 for a bunch of shirts haha. Or better yet a Harry Potter Wizards Chess set for $295 ;) But seriously, the Big Bang Theory shirts were all great – Soft Kitty, Bazinga, Friendship algorithm, various other design with the guys’ silhouettes and/or clothes. All very cool. Harry Potter had a lot of cool stuff too, but I’d seen most of it already at Universal in Florida. And of course there was “Live Laugh Dance” Ellen stuff :) They start the tour off with a short video that’s basically a clip-reel over the past 75 ... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles March 14th 2012

I hoped to sleep in this morning since I was at a hotel... but apparently my body clock was like NO. So try as I might, 9am was the latest I could do. Fine. I spent the morning planning some stuff before taking the train back into LA. This time I’m staying in Hollywood (aw yeh) instead of Santa Monica so at least I can get places in under an hour instead of taking 1.5-2hrs lol. Small victories. The hostel is nice and the staff’s great. I had a nice long chat with one of the owners, just about what I think of the hostel so far, and the city. We talked about the traffic and transit system and all that jazz... he was nice and informative too! Bonus. I then went out to Beverly Hills ... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Anaheim March 13th 2012

Disneyyyyyyyyyy Day! Disney day started very, very early. I had to catch a bus into LA at 5:55am... plus do check-out and walk to the stop, so I got up at 5am. Le sigh. I decided to change hostels for the rest of the trip so that I’m not destroying sleep time every morning. The drive into LA was interesting – I took a different bus since I was going to Union Station; it took the highway and traffic was heavier going west/south out of LA than it was going in... I found that odd, but then again I have no idea where people work and how those logistics work. It was also 6am, so that might change during real rush hour. Anywho, I took the Amtrak to Anaheim... totally fell asleep, but they announce the ... read more

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