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Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana August 10th 2011

I had a very touristy day today - but it was lovely. I decided to go to the zoo, which is a little bit out of the city... but I figured, why not? It's at the foot-hill of a mountain, in a park - looked pretty. Now, there's a shuttle to get there... but that's too easy! I decided to walk. So walk I did. Didn't think it would take 35min, but hey, that's cool. The zoo itself was nice - nothing spectacular though. The "cages" for the most part are large and appropriately sized for the animals which is always nice to see. Now, when saying it was in the "foot-hill" - it's kind of misleading haha. To see half the animals you have to hike up into the mountain - I felt bad for ... read more
Sleepy bear
Sleepy tiger

Europe » Austria » Vienna August 9th 2011

I wrote this last night, on the 9th... but the internet at the hostel was down. No love. It's unedited from them Ok, I've been in Slovenia all of 5 hours and I already love it. Good thing too considering I'll be here for a week. But back to Vienna for a second - this morning I went to Stephansplatz, to the big church - very spiffy indeed. I liked their construction cover - usually there's just scaffolding everywhere, but the canvas for this one was basically a screenprint of what the church normally looks like! Love it. I also love that in front of the church there are like, 10 people dressed up in "Old Vienna"-style, with the wigs to boot, trying to sell tours. Classy lol. Anyway, the church was stunning on the ... read more
Inside the church
Candles xo

Europe » Austria » Vienna August 8th 2011

Update from my drunken Italian boys last night... right after I posted this, they came back... but not in my room, in the common room - screaming and yelling for a solid 10-15min. Great. I assume they were quiet enough when they got back this morning, because I only woke-up enough to realise they were there, and then I fell back asleep. Mind you I had earplugs... but still. Then this morning, I woke up early enough to catch my bus. Come back to my room after I shower and stuff... one guy is awake, leaning one shoulder and says hi. I say hi back as I finish packing. He then went on to inform me that he spent the last day, uhm, "screwing" girls. (My word choice to clean it up haha). I'm like... good... ... read more
Town Hall
Town Hall

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague August 7th 2011

Rainy, rainy day in Prague. When I left the hostel, I could see the rain clouds... but I figured I'd be ok without my umbrella... every day I bring it, and it hasn't rained all that much. Sigh. The rain gods caught up to me haha. I managed to get to the Royal Gardens by the Castle, and then the rain started... at first, for about 10-15min a light drizzle. No big deal. I kept walking, taking my photos. As I walked into the Castle itself - I wasn't fully paying attention as I fumbled around with my camera - and nearly got ran over by a group of guards haha. They were doing some kind of march and whatever tourists were in their way, so beat it, they were getting where they had to go. ... read more
Statues on bridge
Looking over at the Castle
Statues on bridge

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague August 6th 2011

Really not much to say about today because I was on a bus all day - from Krakow to Prague. Only interesting tidbit about the bus - they showed Polish movies with no subtitles, but they were dubbed so you'd hear the occasional english word. I def sat and watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Mad Money because I figured... why not? Sadly, both have plots where language isn't overly important. It was fun though. But really, this post is more a word of warning to fellow travellers - if you are ever stuck in Prague, do not think for a SECOND that the people at the bus station will hep you. Yes. Including the information desk people. This is the second time I've come to Prague, and it's the second time I've basically been ... read more

Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Auschwitz August 5th 2011

This morning I was up relatively early, so I wandered around the rest of Old Town before heading back to Auschwitz. I think one of my favourite (if not my favourite) things about Europe, is their Old Towns and the cafes/restaurants with outdoor patios everywhere you go. It's such a perfect way to pass an hour. Or two. Or five. Anyway. I wandered around, took some more photos of the churches and other buildings, the Gate at Florienska and the Barbican. I walked past a statue that had the word Grunewald on it... I couldn't help but think of Grindelwald and Harry Potter. Yes. Nerdom coming through, right there. Ahem. From there I bussed back to Auschwitz to actually see the camp this time. Well worth the trip back. Unlike Birkenau, or Dachau to a lesser ... read more
Florianska Gate
"Work makes you free"

Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Kraków August 4th 2011

I actually stayed in town today! I figured it was about time, considering how beautiful the Old Town and surrounding areas are. I spent most of the day in Kazimiriez - the Jewish Quarter of Krakow. I started by just roaming the streets, enjoying the old architecture and the numerous graffiti - I love taking pictures of interesting graffiti. I happened upon the "Old Synagogue", and then upon my lunch at Bagelmama haha. Honestly, best bagel of my life: sesame seed, with chicken/celery/mayo/curry powder. So. Good. I then kept wandering, coming upon a few more synagogues - I wasn't really properly dressed to enter them, and some you had to pay, so I was content to observe from afar. I crossed the river and headed towards the real aim for today: Schindler's Factory. The factory is ... read more
Nazi propaganda hall
Death poking HItler?
Room of Choices

Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Wieliczka August 3rd 2011

I went to the Salt Mines today! Very cool. I had to walk to the train station to catch a bus to Wieliczka; from there it was about 45min to town I believe. The bus was packed - mostly tourists, none of which seemed to really know where we were going haha. Usually the bus stops right in front of the Mine, but because of construction, we had to get off elsewhere in town and find out way down. Nice touch though, they had a guy sitting at the bus stop in Wielickzka with little maps to tell us how to get there. The group of us set down, unsure where exactly to go haha. I befriended an American family from California, and a German family along the way. Both very nice. The tour starts with ... read more
Undergound chapel
Love chandeliers!
Underground chapel

Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Auschwitz August 2nd 2011

Right, well I misjudged my time today... but I still had a good day. (photos will be added tomorrow. I'm tired) I got up relatively late, but lounged around in the morning anyway. The hostel makes you breakky whenever you get up, so there's no rushing whatsoever. After planning and looking over a few things on my laptop, I headed out to the bus station. Plan was to visit Auschwitz-Birkenau today. Didn't exactly work out as planned...? I took the bus there without a problem - I got there at 2:30pm thinking I'd have plenty of time. Everything I read said you only need 90min per site (Auschwitz, Birkenau), so I figured I'd have no problem making the last bus back at 6:20pm. Or notttttt. Apparently I take my time at these things... which I do. ... read more
The front Gate
The infamous railroad track
The road to certain death

Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Kraków August 1st 2011

Ok - really quick entry right now because I'm on the computer in the lobby of my hostel... the wireless is crap, so I'm going to hunt for a real connection tomorrow so that I can properly update. (ie. hello McDonald's and free wi-fi! oh the joys) Not much to say about today anyway - I was on a train all day from Gdansk to Krakow. There are some details to be said, but I'll add them into tomorrow's update. I'm going to go organize photos now since I have nothing else to do without internet haha. I spent the entire day reading on the train, so I'd like a break from that. Talk to you all tomorrow! ------- Alright, of course right after I send this and check my laptop, the connection is fine. Go ... read more

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