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July 23rd 2017
Published: July 23rd 2017
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Lovely day today.

It was spitting rain and cool in the morning, so I headed up to Devin Castle figuring it would clear up a bit without being too toasty. I was in luck!

I headed up the hill (said hello to a donkey and some very noisy sheep on the way) and up into the ruins of Devin. I don't quite know why I'm so blah about actual castle (I feel they all look the same on the inside), and yet I enjoy a good ruin... and they really all look the same haha. I like finding the nooks and crannies - what's framed by the "windows" in the walls, the plants that poke through the rocks, all those little details.

Anyway, Devin is divided into the Lower and Upper part of the "Castle" - both give a superb view down the Danube and of the countryside all around (hi Austria!) There were quite a few boats puttering along the Danube - Viking Cruise and a whole bunch of other Senior Cruises lol. After that I just wandered around the grounds for a bit - back down at the base of the hill. They had a few benches, so I read a bit before heading back into the city.

Back in the centre, I retraced some of my steps from yesterday. I also went to find the other train station so that I don't have to hunt for it while wearing my bag Tuesday morning... my hostel is near one station, but of course I leave via the far one. Oh well. In my travels I came upon another ingenious idea that I've not seen in other cities - cheese machined. Vending machines with cheese. And milk. Brilliant. They really love their cheese here in Slovakia lol.

Another thing they seem to love is corn on pizza. It... is surprisingly better than you would expect. Better than a surprise egg being cracked on it at least lol. While I'm on about food, I also tried "Kofola" today which was explained to me as Communist Coke lol. Basically during the Communist years you couldn't exactly have the population drinking Coca-Cola, so Kofola is their home-grown version. I can't really drink dark pop anymore, so I only had a few sips, but it was decent.

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23rd July 2017

Kofola or Covfefe
I wonder if "Covfefe" is the Americanized version of the word "Kofola"? Points to ponder...
24th July 2017

I def thought about Covfefe too haha

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