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Europe » Slovakia » Bratislava Region » Bratislava » Old Town May 30th 2019

After the night on the bus; leaving wet Krakow at midnight we arrived in Bratislava to sun at 7 am. Our airbnb was a short walk from the bus station and we were invited to check in before our host went out at 8.30 am, eventhough her official checkin time was 4pm. This allowed us to recover from the overnight before going out to explore. She was 60 and lived in a huge, very stylish apartment with high ceilings. We later found that she had many stories to tell and we learnt how it was for her to live here under Soviet occupation. Her brother had escaped 2 years before independence and it resulted in her father getting a demotion and losing his and the rest of the family's travel privelages that had come with his ... read more
View towards the UFO tower from the Palace.
Royal Palace

Europe » Slovakia » Presov Region » Zdiar May 19th 2019

Today we have a 5 hour drive to Slovakia for no particular reason other than so the old man can check Slovakia off his list of countries visited. It’s actually only 200 miles, but involves crossing the Tatra Mountains. We plan to stop en route at Oswiecim to visit the concentration camps of Auschwitz. A visit to a concentration camp turns out to be surprisingly expensive. By the time you’ve added parking, entry fees and a trip to the toilet, it’s over £30. In any event, you’re not allowed in without a guide and the next English tour is in 3 hours time. So we depart for Slovakia instead. We stop for brunch in a pizzeria too far off the tourist trail for English menus to be an option, so it’s a case of pizza Russian ... read more
Slovakian border
Slovakian border

Europe » Slovakia » Trnava Region » Sered February 11th 2019

Po navrate domov bolo vsetko fajn, dokonca sa aj nieco zacalo rysovat ale to skor skoncilo ako zacalo.No i tak dobre sprijemnenie dni pred vianocami s blaznivou matkou (23). Potesil aj vylet s korejkou (35) (budapest - dolna streda - praha) co som stretol v soule (cul studuje vo finsku). Po tomto vylete vsak musim dat za pravdu jednemu korejcanovy co som s nim pil v neakom korejskom meste. Ten mi povedal - korejky su nahovno, japonky moc kricia, filipinky su best :) V januari som bol prakticky cely mesiac sam doma (rodinna dovolenka na sri lanke). Nuz ale aspon som hostil cez cs jednu taiwanku (35), co povodne mala pracovat v budapesti rok, lenze biznis nevysiel tak ju firma stiahla nazad domov, s tym, ze moze este 2 mesiace cestovat po europe. Opat som trosku ... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Trnava Region » Sered December 4th 2018

Sem budem postupne dopisovat stratene, opotrebovane, najdene, kupene veci Mimo hygienickych potrieb. Update 13.11.2018 FIILIPINY 18.2.2018 Bantanay island Kratke tricko, tielko - strata pri prani Plachta (sari) - zabudnute na izbe INDONEZIA 1.3.2018 Padangbai Plachta (sari) - kupa Vymena knihy v ok divers - Bohatier od juraja cervenaka za sara od dominika dana 10.3.2018 Bajawa Handricka na fotak - strata 16.3.2018 Lena house Surfoam sim karta - nemam sajnu kde ale niekde som ju vytratil, kredit tam bol cca 11€ 19.3.2018 Lena house Vymena knihy v ankermi happy dive(out) lena house (in) - sara od dominika dana za trikrat bez detektiva od patrick quentin (kniha je po cesky) 22.3.2018 Kupang Prasknutie nadoby na tekute mydlo - vyhodenie VYCHODNY TIMOR 09.04.2018 Dili Prederavenie maleho batohu ac milano - vyhodenie Kniha trikrat bez dete... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Trnava Region December 4th 2018

Sem budem postupne pridavat odkazy na stranky podla, ktorych som si robil itinerar. Vsetkym za ne vopred dakujem, bo mi dost ulahcili cestovanie. Update 03.12.2018 DUBAJ - Velmi fajn blog kamosa z trnavy, nielen o dubaji FILIPINY - Velmi fajn blog kamosa z trnavy, nielen o dubaji - slovaci na ceste po azii a oceanii, skoda, ze skoncili s aktualizaciami vo vietname (vraj im to ubera vela volneho casu) - nielen filipiny Este som mal jeden super zabavny s kopu info, nuz ale neviem ho najst. INDONEZIA - FLORES - velmi dobra stranka s cenami a fajn tipmy - fajn tipy od slovacky - turistika VYCHODNY TIMOR read more

Europe » Slovakia December 3rd 2018

Moj novy rekord, na ceste bez prestavky 309 dni sa bude asi velmi tazko prekonavat. Hej mohol som potiahnut viacej, financie su ale pravdu povedat bol som uz unaveny, uz mi chybala rodina. To, ze spartak postupil do skupinovej fazy uefa, bola len zamienka pre navrat do europy. Zvacsa som zazil len same pozitivne veci. Z negativnych zrejme len zranenia (zubar, pady z motorky, sracka). No a este mrzi, ze sa nepodarila navsteva ostrova jeju, kvoli tajfunu. Postretal som kopu pozitivne naladenych ludi, kopa mi ich pomohla, za co som im velmi vdacny. Niektory ma dost ovplyvnili a dufam, ze vela ludi som ovplivnil i ja (v dobrom). Taky zlom v zmyslani pocas mojej cesty nastal po stretnuti s honzom v kl. Odvtedy som prestal pozerat na kazdy cent a zacal si viac dopriavat, i ked ... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Bratislava Region » Bratislava » Old Town September 4th 2018

We started our journey, taking the bus from Belfast to Dublin, bikes all packed up and sealed in large plastic covers. Ryanair charged €60 each for return flights, €120 for each return for our bikes! It would have been cheaper to book a seat for the bikes. On a long trip we knew we'd be happier with our own, and to hire on arrival would have cost around €450. We took the 9.10 flight to Bratislava, Monday 3rd Sept. €70 each return. The plan is to spend two days here, then get on the road to Budapest. Good to have own bikes even though there was 1 broken spoke in transit. We’ll get it fixed tomorrow. Bratislava is a fascinating city, dominated by a fortress, fine architecture, lots of old trams, great local restaurants and lots ... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Bratislava Region » Bratislava » Old Town September 4th 2018

We hunted for a bike shop to fix the wheel and found a shop not far from the old town on Odchodna but since the wheel could not be repaired here, we thought it better to buy a new wheel for €25! It can be fixed at home and our hotel agreed to hold it for us until our return in 2 weeks. It was a good warm dry day in spite of the forecasts, so we went off exploring on the bikes, to Bratislava Castle towering above the town. Beautiful building and landscaped gardens, and spectacular views of the Danube. We used Most SNP to cross the river. An exclusive pedestrian and cycling lane hung below the main bridge, means that you don’t have to compete with traffic, and can enjoy a quiet crossing, well ... read more
Bratislava - Old City Hotel

Europe » Slovakia » Bratislava Region July 19th 2018

We woke up and packed then went down for breakfast. Ah champagne was on the buffet. Of course, I had to make a mimosa. Susan had some too. I checked email and sure enough we got a message back from the hotel in Berlin. It stated Dear Claire, thank you very much for your kind email, after your check out, we just needed to paint the room. It is a normal maintenance handling in our hotel. We want that all of our guests are satisfied with our rooms. Ha, so we didn’t destroy the room like the family thought. We checked out, left our suitcases at the hotel desk and took a taxi (nice town car) into town. This was one the hotel set up for us (we thought it was going ... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Bratislava Region July 18th 2018

Neither Susan or I slept well. My legs didn’t like yesterday and cramped bad all night. Susan had back and shoulder issues. We did not want to get up but we knew we had to take the train this morning and we had to catch it. We got ready then headed down to eat breakfast in the hotel and checked out and they called us a taxi. It was only slightly more than the subway and got us there directly with no more damage to the knees. Also, on the way we got the added benefit of going thru the park and seeing the Victory Column. We arrived early, but not knowing what the traffic would be like, that was ok. We found our coke light and settled in for the wait. About 30 minutes before ... read more

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