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Europe » Slovakia August 17th 2017

-SP- A las 8 en marcha de este camping funesto. El paso que tomo va al este del Tatra y tiene algo de desnivel. Como el desayuno ha estado bien (y he mendigado café a unos lituanos) he ido bien de fuerzas y he hecho las subidas y bajadas con rapidez y alegría. A las 12 aun no había llegado a Propad y he hecho parada en una gasolinera. Muchísimo calor en la llanura eslovaca. Lo he ido llevando lo mejor posible. Y a ultima hora de la tarde un poco de lluvia para refrescar. Y durante todo el día a mi derecha la cordillera del Tatra, con un buen tormenton encima, pobres domingueros polacos... He llegado al camping Mara que esta junto al lago. Mata de marabunta. Hay mucha gente y es muy ruidoso, me ... read more

Europe » Slovakia August 11th 2017

-SP- El sábado salgo de excursión. El plan es ir a Praga en tren (ya he ido dos veces en bici allí y da por saco tres días...). De ahí hacia el este, cruzar la frontera polaca y hasta Cracovia. De ahí al sur, cruzar la frontera eslovaca. Cruzar las montañas del Tatra y de ahí bajar a la capital mas fea de Europa, Bratislava... Y si me sobra tiempo apretar las nalgas y hasta Viena (70km). Vuelta en tren o bus desde alli La ruta esta en torno a los 1000km en total. Para hacer en 8 días. Dos cadenas montañosas muy pequeñas de por medio, el resto muy plano. Y el el Tatra por lo que dice el húngaro de mi curro hay osos hambrientos (aunque ahora en verano con el calor estarán todo ... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Bratislava Region » Bratislava » Old Town August 1st 2017

I woke up early to get various metro links to ‘Schwedenplatz', where the boat leaves to Bratislava. I got on the boat and we started cruising down the (actually quite murky brown) Danube. As we got a bit further out of Vienna and the clouds started to clear, the river surface did start to reflect the blue skies……so I suppose I can let Strauss off! It only took about an hour and a half to get to Bratislava as the catamaran boat was pretty speedy…..and we were going DOWNSTREAM! (Well remembered all my avid readers! 😉 ) I walked to my hostel (named Hostel Blues, hopefully for the music not the emotions) and left TP there while they were preparing the room to allow check in. I hate myself a little bit for this – but ... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Zilina Region July 30th 2017

Afscheid nemen is nooit leuk, toch moest het er ooit van komen. Bompa en nana bleven nog een dagje langer in Krakau, terwijl wij ons richting het Tatra gebergte begaven. Ook Wendy, Maarten en de vier kinderen die we enkele dagen ervoor op de camping hadden ontmoet zochten dezelfde bestemming op. Het klikte al enkele dagen tussen onze beide kindjes, ideaal om er nog een vervolg aan te breien. De rit over een afstand van slechts 100km zou memorabel worden. Niet zo zeer omwille van de pracht (het landschap werd wel mooier en mooier) wel omwille van de verschrikkelijke files die we moesten trotseren. Een ritje van 100km afleggen tegen een gemiddelde snelheid van 25km/h het is eens iets anders. In de winter doe je er over die afstand nog eens dubbel zo lang over werd ... read more
De vrouwen op de Dunjanec
De vriendinnen
uitzicht over de vallei

Europe » Slovakia » Bratislava Region » Bratislava July 24th 2017

Rainy rainy day today..! They were calling for thunderstorms in the afternoon so I figured I should get my walking done in the morning when it's only spitting rain. I climbed up to the Slavin Memorial (oh God so many steps) and of course as I got near the top it started to rain a lot harder. Not a thunderstorm though, so still in action. The memorial is for those Soviet soldiers who died helping to liberate Bratislava from the Nazis. It's mostly tombstones of Soviet soldiers. I found the 4 statues in each corner quite interesting - at one end you have two statues with girls dancing/celebrating(?) with banners, at the other end you have 2 soldiers and a boy - one side the boy looks sad, on the other side the boy and one ... read more
Slavin Memorial
Slavin Memorial
Slavin Memorial Cemetary

Europe » Slovakia July 23rd 2017

Lovely day today. It was spitting rain and cool in the morning, so I headed up to Devin Castle figuring it would clear up a bit without being too toasty. I was in luck! I headed up the hill (said hello to a donkey and some very noisy sheep on the way) and up into the ruins of Devin. I don't quite know why I'm so blah about actual castle (I feel they all look the same on the inside), and yet I enjoy a good ruin... and they really all look the same haha. I like finding the nooks and crannies - what's framed by the "windows" in the walls, the plants that poke through the rocks, all those little details. Anyway, Devin is divided into the Lower and Upper part of the "Castle" - ... read more
View of the Upper Castle
Wandering around the Lower Castle
All the nooks and crannies

Europe » Slovakia » Bratislava Region July 22nd 2017

I had a very all over the place day today..! But it was all based in history. I headed down into the Old Town to get things started this morning - hit up Billa (grocery store) for my yogurt drink and breakfast croissant and off I went lol. I did the "Be Free" Walking Tour - I always enjoy these - doesn't matter what city I'm in, if they have a free walking tour I'm there. We started in Hviezdoslavovo square (they taught us how to say it... I already forget) and walked for a bit more than an hour. My God it was hot and humid though... at least the tour guide tried to keep us in the shade the most she could. We saw the usual spots, but I was honestly so hot that ... read more
Fountain in front of Slovak Opera House
Fountain in front of Slovak Opera House
Hviezdoslavovo square

Europe » Slovakia » Bratislava Region » Bratislava July 21st 2017

I said goodbye to sleepy Presov this morning and headed off to the hustle and bustle of Bratislava - I took an earlier train to Kysak to make absolute sure I made my connection to the InterCity train. I had an hour to kill at Kysak, so I just read, my usual stopover activity. I'm reading "Quiet" by Susan Cain and it's really fascinating - it's basically about introverts. I'm about halfway through it and it's given me quite the insight into my own life and in to how I go about as a teacher. Over the past 2 years I've had 3 or 4 people recommend the book to me - took me awhile to get there haha, but sure glad I did. Train ride to Bratislava was luxury by comparison to my other rail ... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Presov Region » Presov July 20th 2017

Short and sweet entry today - super lazy day because I wanted to give my throat flare up a bit of a rest... also I just didn't have the heart to deal with rural Slovakian trains again haha. I planned some things for Bratislava and then headed off to the mall in town just to have a look-see - it's interesting to see the different stores and different styles in different countries. After that I was back in the pedestrian/main area where I got a beer and set up shop on one of the patios to do a bit of reading and people watching once more. It's a great way to spend a few hours. On my way back to the hostel I got an ice cream... halfway through my eating it, a wasp landed in ... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Presov Region » Tatranská Lomnica July 19th 2017

Ok I don't generally stress out while travelling but this morning sucked. I didn't sleep much last night (my throat flared up) and then there was some huge issue on the train track and everything north of us was delayed 20-50(!!!!) minutes. I had to make a connection to get to the Tatras in time for my prime ticket so I was getting pretty worried. I decided to go up to the tracks just in case and one of the conductors kept saying 'autobussi', but everyone was huddled there so I stayed with the crowd to be safe. They ended up just letting us get on an extra train in the station to head south which is exactly what I needed. Poprad to Tatranska Lomnica was a pain in the ass too lol. I thought the ... read more
Skalnate pleso (lake)
View from Skalnate pleso down below
Hello tiny cable car

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