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July 24th 2017
Published: July 24th 2017
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Rainy rainy day today..!

They were calling for thunderstorms in the afternoon so I figured I should get my walking done in the morning when it's only spitting rain. I climbed up to the Slavin Memorial (oh God so many steps) and of course as I got near the top it started to rain a lot harder. Not a thunderstorm though, so still in action. The memorial is for those Soviet soldiers who died helping to liberate Bratislava from the Nazis. It's mostly tombstones of Soviet soldiers. I found the 4 statues in each corner quite interesting - at one end you have two statues with girls dancing/celebrating(?) with banners, at the other end you have 2 soldiers and a boy - one side the boy looks sad, on the other side the boy and one soldier is holding up the other soldier - it's intriguing - I wish there were signs/placards. It's a shame it was raining so hard though - I didn't take my usual time to frame angles or what not because I was trying to keep my camera under the umbrella haha. Oh well.

I headed back into the old town after that - Past the Presidential Palace once more. I went to Flag Ship for lunch - everyone had recommended it but I thought the service was pretty dreadful lol. But thankfully the food was really good. I had "Bryndzove Halusky" which is quite possibly my favourite thing I have ever tried in another country lol. It's heavy and hearty, but so so good. (It's like potato dumplings with sheep cheese and cooked bacon). I mean, while in Slovakia where the beer is cheaper than water, sort of had to have the house brew as well. It was a great meal.

From there I made my way back towards the Cathedral and the statue commemorating the Old Synagogue - this time there were no giant tour groups around so I enjoyed the relative quiet as I took all my photos. It started raining again - full on pouring and a thunderstorm - so really not much else was happening today. I sat under one of the big bridges for a bit to watch and listen to the thunderstorm, but once that died down I just went to a cafe to read for a bit and try to stay dry lol.

I'm off to Germany tomorrow, so I'm excited for that... it's been 3-4 years since I've gone? Something like that? It's time for me to return 😊

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