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Europe » Slovakia » Bratislava Region » Bratislava July 21st 2017

I said goodbye to sleepy Presov this morning and headed off to the hustle and bustle of Bratislava - I took an earlier train to Kysak to make absolute sure I made my connection to the InterCity train. I had an hour to kill at Kysak, so I just read, my usual stopover activity. I'm reading "Quiet" by Susan Cain and it's really fascinating - it's basically about introverts. I'm about halfway through it and it's given me quite the insight into my own life and in to how I go about as a teacher. Over the past 2 years I've had 3 or 4 people recommend the book to me - took me awhile to get there haha, but sure glad I did. Train ride to Bratislava was luxury by comparison to my other rail ... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Bratislava Region » Bratislava » Old Town July 8th 2017

It was another checkout day today (they seem to come round so quick) so after brekkie we packed up, paid our debts and said goodbye to Steph and our Korean roomies (first and last words as they kept to themselves). Today we are leaving Vienna heading across to Bratislava for the day and then finally on to Budapest. With only a little bit of stress, (the journey took longer than expected) we tubed across to Wien HBF and caught the 1h train to Bratislava. Once we had struggled to dump our bags in the automated storage lockers at Bratislava station, due to the machines only taking coins and requiring a specific coinage, next up was struggling to get a city map, transport map, ticket for the correct zones and duration and most importantly, correct bus. This ... read more
Castle Gardens
Castle Selfie
 Ashley Court Yard

Europe » Slovakia » Bratislava Region » Bratislava May 1st 2017

Tazke prebudzanie o 4/00, likvidacia dalsej suciastky. Zbavujem sa tricka, v ktorom som spaval. Na ranajky dojedam este pukance a hor sa na letisko. Pred ubytkom ma uz caka zrejme manzel domacej. Nabera ma do auta a ide sa. Cuduje sa, ze som sa v tuzle zdrzal az 2 noci. A este vo vacsom soku je,ze ma fukare zobrali na futbal a pekne ma hostili. On je tez fanusikom slobody. Vyhadzuje ma neakych 20m pred vstupom na letisko, zrejme by musel platit vstup do arealu. Vravel ale,ze o chvilu ide na letisko zasa, bo vezie mojich susedov, ti letia trochu neskorsie do danska. Vchadzam do haly, tu uz dobra rada, za 30.min zatvaraju gate. Pochvile po bosansky krici kontrolorka leteniek aby sli dnu iba ludia co letia do bratislavy. Security kontrola v pohode, ziadna buzeracia. Colnici ... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Bratislava Region » Bratislava May 1st 2017

Tak ako pred dvoma rokmi aj teraz musim pochvalit Bosnu. Jedlo stale lacne resp rovnake ceny ako u nas len vacsie porcie, ubytka v pohodicke, super ludia,pekne baby. MHD fungovala i ked zo 4 jazd, dva krat meskala viac ako 10.min. Taxi po meste maju byt udajne lacne (do 5KM), neskusal som. Taxi na/z letiska by mal stat max 10€ Zvlast musim vyzdvihnut chalanov zo Slanej Gardy resp komplet celu grupu Fukarov. Dostalo sa mi vreleho prijatia, i ked starsia generacia mala z opodialia blbe pripomienky ako jebat spartak. Fakt super chalani, hadam dojdu kuknut aj na nas spartak, teda ak sa situacia znormalizuje resp isto este niekedy musim navstivit ich dalsi zapas proti zrinsky mostar alebo pickam z horda zla. Z ubytka jednoznacne odporucam v Dubrave Dedic apartmans . Som sa tam citil ako doma, ... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Bratislava Region » Bratislava » Old Town August 26th 2016

Today we woke up in Bratislava. We had breakfast and then met our local guide, Martin, a young man who had us laughing right away. He knew his history well as did all of our local guides so far. We have really been impressed. The sun was shining as it has been all week with nary a cloud in the sky. We can tell that it is getting warmer the closer we get to Budapest, but there is no humidity and today there was a nice breeze. Bratislava is a mix of modern and Baroque architecture. The capital city is among the youngest in Europe, yet retains a rich history dating back more than 2000 years. We walked along the cobblestone lanes of this historic town center, viewed St. Martin's Cathedral, coronation site of he Kings ... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Bratislava Region » Bratislava » Old Town August 20th 2016

I take an early train from Munich to Bratislava via Vienna. I have not ever been to Bratislava, and I was excited about the opportunity to explore somewhere new. When I arrive at the train station, I had to find the bus stop for bus 93 which would take me very near my hostel. After walking a few minutes, I realize I am on the wrong side of the road, so I hurry to the other side, purchase my bus ticket, and await for the bus to come. I was pretty excited when I saw the correct number of the bus coming my way. I enter the bus, validate my ticket, and off we go. As I only had to go to the second stop, the ride was very quick. I am glad, for I certainly ... read more
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Europe » Slovakia » Bratislava Region » Bratislava » Old Town August 19th 2016

­­We woke up late, so packing wasn’t as stress free as I would’ve hoped for, however we discovered that we actually can organise ourselves in a little bit over an hour, that is with all three of us taking shower, Millie having a full breakfast and packing. Not too bad at all I guess, still next time a slightly earlier wake up call for sure! When we got to the station we even had 20 minutes to spare! Just about enough time to say good-bye to the High Tatras... Who would’ve thought? You could actually see them in their full glory that morning, better late than never I guess! As I suspected, just like in Poland, the train we were taking had carriages within the carriages... Fortunately there were 6 seats in the cabin rather than ... read more
Lonely tower at the Devin Castle
Lovely streets of Bratislava
Devin Castle

Europe » Slovakia » Bratislava Region » Bratislava April 8th 2016

Par dni pred odjazdom mi vola zelo, ci suhlasim s listkom za branu. Nemam s tym ziadny problem. Neskor si uvedomujem, ze za mnou na podlazi budu hostujuci fans Juve. No nic, bude aspon veselo :) Je to tu, z roboty odchadzam o hodinku skor, doma chystam lepenaky + neaky sladky proviant. Pivo planujem nakupit az v tescu na lamaci, odkial mame planovany odchod o 22/00. V rychlosti kupujem cez net listok na bus do ba. Vyuzivam spolocnost arrivaexpres (predtym veolia,nitravel a ktovie ake nazvy to este malo). On line nakup (lacnejsie nez nakup u vodica) v pohode len ta ich stranka mi moc nepasuje, je to tam trochu zmatocne. Rozmyslam som nad nakupom spiatocneho listka ale ktovie kedy sa vlastne vratime. Jednosmerna cesta zo serede do ba cez net stoji 2€, obojsmerna 3€. Nasadam do ... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Bratislava Region » Bratislava August 18th 2015

It’s still raining! The temperatures have plummeted and we set off today in steady rain with raincoats and hoods on which is such a change from last week. We headed out early to see the Heidentor monument which is a large ruin of a triumphal arch in honour of the Emperor Constantius the 2nd. Only two columns are now standing and the central column which had a statue on the top. After leaving Petronell we called in at a small amphitheature at Bad Deutsch-Altenburg but didn’t spend time there as we had seen these structures before in bigger and better form. Work is still going on to reconstruct the site. We were very impressed with what these two towns have done to bring the Roman history alive in the area and it is well worth the ... read more
The Heidentor monument
The Bratislava Castle and church spire seen from the Danube

Europe » Slovakia » Bratislava Region » Bratislava August 11th 2015

An early start today as I had to make it to catch the ferry to Bratislava. What a great way to begin the day. The boat ride took around an hour speeding down the Danube. It was amazing seeing all of the residences along the river. What it must be like to live by the river away from everyone. The weather, as it has been for the majority of this trip, is swelteringly hot. When I arrived I didn’t really have much of a plan. I had booked my bus back to Vienna at 8:30pm but the rest of the day was mine to enjoy. Outside the port there was a lady advertising for a castle and town tour for 10euros. The castle was at the top of a hill so I decided that in this ... read more

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