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18th November 2021
Sri Ayyappa Swamy Temple in Tumpoly

Ayyappatelugu-Lord ayyappa swamy·Sabarimala ayyappa·Ayyappa sannidanam
You wrote this article very well. Very knowledgeable. Thanks for sharing this article Visit ayyappatelugu.com!
21st August 2020
Lord Murugan in front of the Batu Caves

I saw a religious festival 25 years ago
25 years ago I visited Batu Caves during a religous festival. Many of those who took part in the ceremonies walked to the caves while having fish hooks inserted in their skin. It was one of the weirdest things I've ever seen. /Åke
23rd August 2020
Lord Murugan in front of the Batu Caves

Wow - that must have been really impressive!
21st August 2020

Entry fee?
I visited Komodo Island almost 20 years ago. I liked it there and would like to go back. However, I've heard that they now have a high entry fee for anyone who wants to go there. Is there also a high entry fee to see the Komodo dragons in Flores. /Ake
23rd August 2020

expensive dragons
To what we found out and experienced, all areas where the dragons live (Rinca Island, Komödie Island, Radar Island) are now part of the Komodo National Park. And wherever there is access to one of these places there is an office of the government charging the entrance fee. On Flores itself there are no dragons, only on the nearby islands. You can go there only with a private boat or a tour. Many choose private boats. These are slow boats. If you just want to go to Rinca Island, that is the cheapest option. But if you want to adventure more in this wonderful world of islands and see mantas and just stunning nature, you should consider either a multiple day sail or a speedboat. But either option, the entrance fee to the park will be charged. :-(
19th July 2020

Kuala Lumpur
How lovely to find a place you really enjoy, can keep coming back to, and still find places to visit and things to do. I'm glad your journey ended nicely in one of your favourite places. Hopefully we'll all be able to travel again soon, and continue to explore and discover the truly amazing places out there in the world.
3rd May 2020

Paradise Island
Wow! It seems like you found the perfect paradise island to relax on and unwind towards the end of your wonderful time in Indonesia. I have really enjoyed reading your blogs on your travels in Indonesia, and I'm very happy to read that you had a wonderful time there. May such lovely memories stay in your mind until the next time you are able to travel again.
23rd April 2020
view from our appartment at night

Second home
KL is one of those hubs that is easily embraced. So much to see and do. Plus you got a lot of business done.
24th April 2020
pool at our accomodation

KL stay
Yes, we can recommend the Ramada Complex (although we had a private appartment - but both use the same pool and other facilities). Well located in the middle of the action, yet nice, quiet and relaxing. The pool is not on the top floor but still really attractive :-)
19th April 2020

Wow, it certainly does look like paradise! It sounds good to be able to plan in some down time towards the end of your trip, and Lombok seems like a perfect place for that 😊
19th April 2020

Yes, it is. Lombok is really perfect: it is kind of off the beaten path but without the problems that come when a place is too remote and it has a good infrastructure. And most important lovely people and amazing nature.
12th April 2020

Beach Time
Good for meditation.
8th April 2020

Lovely Flores, thank you for taking me on a trip to this special-looking island. Your journey is becoming more off-the-beaten track, and I look forward to finding out which island will be your next 😊
5th April 2020

Komodo Dragons!
Wow, Komodo Dragons! I'm so pleased you were able to see them! And indeed, what an amazing day of snorkelling and wildlife! A lovely read, and wonderful travel escapism - thank you 😃
3rd April 2020

Good decision not to spend too much time there during the rainy season but you saw a lot in your short time.
4th April 2020

Short time
Yes, this is true. Thanks to the great tour we did with so many spots included, we could make the most of our short stay. Flores has also a lot to offer, a big variety of things to do.
1st April 2020

Chasing Komodo
I enjoyed the book.... last chance to see. Glad you saw these creatures. They are still on our bucket list.
1st April 2020
enjoying our welcome drink at the Frangipani Inn in Seraya

You really planned well and have introduced us to some beautiful parts of Bali. I love the lack of commercialism. Proving you can find serenity every where if you make the effort.
1st April 2020
enjoying our welcome drink at the Frangipani Inn in Seraya

good planing
Oh yes, it was a lot of planning and research needed and a bit of good luck also. But when you think out of the box and look where no tourists go in Bali you can find the quiet spots. And these are still wonderful. Anyway, in the meantime I think other regions in Indonesia are more attractive - but, as always, it depends on what you are looking for :-)
30th March 2020

Thank you for the inspiration that there are still some calm and off-the-beaten track places left in Bali. Seraya looks just that, and what a wonderful find of an accommodation, the Frangipani Inn. The owner also sounds delightful. I look forward to finding out where your next destination will be 😊
30th March 2020

new destinations
Oh yes, we can highly recommend Seraya. For the last part of our travels, we have some hilghights left. :-) Happy you enjoyed following our trip so far. Stay safe and healthy!
29th March 2020
Ujung Waterpalace in Amlapura

I would have liked this place
I would have loved to see the Ujung Waterpalace. A pity I missed it. I guess I have to put it up on my wish-list of places I'd love to visit. One of my favorite places in Java was actually Gunung Batur, the huge volcano. Mostly because of its sheer size. /Ake

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